6 Best ways to choose a career when you are confused

Best ways to choose a career when you are confused

Career pursuits are like the cart of innovations, driving an assemblage of business ideas that promote economic development and national stability. It is no news that a more defined career path enhances clarity and objectivity.

Are you at a crossroads, torn between two career choices? Worried that your decisions might not reflect your intent and desires?

Sometimes, the path to the journey of life might seem sketchy and rugged, riddled with doubt and uneven odds but a man on a path of purpose seeks out ways to handle the situations regardless of how daunting it seems.

Choosing a career when you are confused can come with some intricate moments, an aftermath that leaves you physically exhausted and emotionally drained. Working within a field that is totally out of sync with your career choice might lead to inefficiency and of course, a situation that can result in redundancy.

There are many sides to the ills associated with working in the wrong career field. A survey has shown the lack of fulfillment that sets in within the first few months of work, a statistic that is predominantly found within the millennial workforce.

Although the disadvantages encountered when a person works within a wrong career field are numerous, there are outstanding ones, and this article will be considering a few of these problems. 

Disadvantages of working in a wrong career field


A progressive decline in enthusiasm for a job will certainly reflect in the work output. From a gross display of incompetency to sheer disregard for workplace ethics, an outward disposition that undoubtedly snowballs into a gradual inclination towards failure.

It is arguably correct that fitting a square peg in a round hole will produce an uneven result. In the same vein, a worker in the wrong career field will be imbued with a heightened sense of dissatisfaction, a feeling which disrupts productivity and objectivity.

Stunted career growth

A push for career growth stems from a place of appreciable intention toward personal development and a desire for career advancement. For someone who is in the wrong career field, a drive for career growth in that field is already on a decline and with a continuous stay in that job, the possibility of experiencing a nosedive in the career is imminent.

Reoccurring Monday morning blues

The alarm that goes off every morning for work becomes a nuisance as the passion for the job wanes. This is a scenario that is consistent with a person working in the wrong career field because the lack of motivation for the job is significantly pronounced.


A cumulative period of low productivity is sure to produce an impression on the emotional state of a person. Lack of enthusiasm and passion for a job causes a decline in productivity, a result which could distort the mind, and if unchecked, can lead to depression.

 Taking all these factors into account, it is obvious that working in the wrong career field can present unfavorable options hence the need to gravitate towards the right career path.

Then, what are the best ways to choose a career when you are confused? This is an interesting question that leaves many unsettled with minimal ideas about what to do when faced with career choices.

This article will provide answers to these pertinent questions as we progress further.

Best ways to choose the right career when you are confused

Evaluate your hobbies and passion

One of the best ways to choose a career when you are caught up in an indecisive net is to evaluate your hobbies and passion. What is that thing that comes to you naturally and has you showing amazing skills with great enthusiasm?  Does the mere thought of this hobby spur you into taking actions that produce impressive outcomes to the admiration of all?

Perhaps, this evaluation might just help set things straight as this will provide clarity and direction on the right career pursuit.

Analyze your skills and interests

Are you a tech-savvy person or good with numbers? Do you write amazing content or literary works? A better understanding of your skills will enhance a more defined career pursuit.

Itemize your skills one after the other, then, align them with your hobbies or passion. A good combination of these two will dispel any sense of uncertainty and reinstate a clearer view of an ideal career option.

Understand the scope of your career choice

Every career has its scope of objectivity and positioning your choices to embrace this line will make it easier for you to understand if you are walking the right path. A concise look at your hobbies, skills, and scope of career choice will promote your chances of making the right choice as your decisions will be founded on a well-based personal analysis rather than an impulsive one.

Get a career counselor

These are not just perfunctory career advisors but are seasoned professionals, who have garnered the required knowledge for this role. Feeling trapped in a career field and need some external help with making a career decision?

Getting a career counselor or a career guide to aid the decision process will help you navigate the murky waters of career choices as these professionals provide basic advice that will help you get on track.

Take a personality test

Has it ever occurred to you that a personality trait can have an impact on a career choice? Whether you are assertive, sociable, or adventurous, it has been established that a person’s personality trait can influence major decisions that shape their lives and career.

There are a couple of personality tests that can be taken through any of the following

  • The Meyer- Briggs Type Indicator
  • Disc Assessment
  • The Winslow Personality Profile
  • Process Communication Model
  • The Holtzman Inkblot Technique
  • Hexaco Personality Inventory
  • The Revised Neo Personality Inventory
  • The Personality Assessment System
  • The Birkman Method
  • The Enneagram

An application of these personality tests has proven to be quite beneficial in the identification of personality traits.

Take a course

Education has proven to be the expressway to access knowledge and when it borders on career decisions and options, a course in a specific field indicates a better perspective. Pursuing a course that will help you narrow your options is a way-to-go approach.

Some of these courses can be accessed on

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edx
  • skillshare

The best ways to choose a career when you are confused can be found in a lot of personal evaluations and assessments since the career choice is premised on individualized inclinations such as hobbies, interests, and decisions.