Fired | Top 10 amazing ways to avoid getting fired from your job

Getting fired from your job can be heartbreaking, and also cause mental health issues, especially if that is only the source of income you have. In the world we live in today, securing a good-paying job can be very difficult. So, in this article, we will be discussing ways to avoid getting fired from your job.

Jobs are tasks or piece of work that is often accompanied by payment, and for the support of our physical needs and extension of our emotional needs, jobs are often sought to provide the financial enablement to take care of these needs.

Daily, we are confronted with the task of providing for shelter, food, and clothing which of course are the basic needs of man, and spurred by the desire for comfort and convenience, man seeks out paid employment to make ends meet but then a lot get fired in the process. There are ways to avoid getting fired from your job.

Getting a job is one thing and staying in that job is another, several organizations have different templates for measuring worker’s efficiency and productivity. It is therefore important that a worker puts in the expected work to avoid getting fired. Below are steps a worker might take to avoid being shown the door.

10. Optimal performance

Every organization thrives on a performing workforce, a team of dogged individuals driven by the objectives of the firm, working with vigor to meet set targets. A performing staff or worker is an asset to a firm because that person adds value to the firm. From making efforts in meeting the company’s expectations to being productive in a certain career path, all these are harped on a simple act of optimal performance for the realization of results and positive output.

9. Measurable productivity

The second ways to avoid getting fired from your job is by measurable productivity. Performance is putting in the work and getting the much-needed results, but productivity is a measurable level of performance over a period of time. 

When a worker’s performance becomes obvious to the organization because of a history of proven productive level, it enhances the brand’s identity and sets the pace for other workers to follow. A worker should be objective with regards to job roles, pursuing assigned task with fervency and result-based approach. A productive member of a staff is an organization’s treasure, one they would not want to lose.

8. Resourcefulness

A worker who is resourceful is adept at critical thinking skills, bringing innovative ideas and clever ways on how to approach daunting situations at work. 

Resourcefulness involves taking extra steps to get equipped with problem solving skills that will enhance your productivity at work, a worker takes special courses to acquire more knowledge to boost optimal performance, engages in special trainings and pays attention to even the smallest detail at work. Armed with a resourceful mind, productivity is sure to be top notch.

7. Align goals with company’s objectives

A footwear brand like ADIDAS has one objective in mind, to make sporting footwears with durability and convenience and a worker in this organization must align personal goals with the company’s objectives to achieve the desired result.

If the goal of a worker is not in tandem with the core objectives of the firm, the two entities will work in opposite direction with one putting in all the hard work to achieve success while the other just will not see the reason for all the efforts. The worker must share the company’s interests and understand their value proposition, this will cause a friction and hinder anticipated results.

6. Respect workplace ethics

This is one of the best ways to avoid getting fired from your job. Workplace ethics are principles or stipulated rules governing the moral conduct of workers in an establishment. These varies from one firm to the other, the ethics required for a tobacco making company will be quite different from the one obtained in a hospital.

In some organizations, workers are not allowed to have sexual relationships with other workers of the same organization while in some, smoking within and around the work environment is not allowed in the work premise. A worker should have a clear understanding of these ethics and be guided in his or her conduct.

5. Possess great interpersonal skills

Having great interpersonal skills curtails the level of friction amongst staff at work. Here, workers forge good working relationships and foster partnerships that enhances their performance and productivity. Interpersonal skills such as effective communication, cultural integration, professionalism are skills that will enable workers enjoy a coordinated and more accommodating workspace. 

A worker who possesses these skills will not contribute to the rate of conflict within the work environment and the level of strife amongst workers will be reduced to its barest minimum. In a place where there’s great cooperation, results are guaranteed. 

4. Flexibility with schedules

No organization wants a staff who is so rigid with schedules, who will not show a measure of consideration during emergency. A doctor is always prepared for emergency even in the face of personal obligations and a worker’s experience might be required in the face of a daunting situation.

So, showing a level of flexibility with your work schedules helps you score point with the head of department or boss. Every organization needs individuals who are willing to put in the extra work and go the extra mile to achieve set targets and goals.

3. Be a team player 

Another great ways to avoid getting fired from your job is by being a team player. Team spiritedness and collaboration are key factors for achieving results within a workspace. Workers should run with the objectives of the firm, sharing values and interests.

They must collaborate to push the frontiers of their brand by bringing ideas that will drive productivity. A worker must not work in isolation as this will cause a distortion to the efficiency being brought to the table.

2. Represent the brand with pride

Represent the company with pride anywhere and anytime, promoting the objectives of the firm with delight. Every organization is happier when their workforce understands their value propositions and then helps the firm in sharing these values with respective customers or users.

1. Be efficient

When a worker gets a job done and the outcome of the task is pleasant and efficient, it is a work that is bound to produce result. Being efficient requires paying attention to every detail required to conduct a task, bringing all your resourcefulness to play by ensuring an optimal performance for a productive outcome. A worker with these skills will not be getting fired any time soon.