Metaverse | top 6 great careers you can build with metaverse

As the world warms up to the buzz around metaverse even in its developing stage, its pertinent we begin to acknowledge the immense opportunity present within this workspace. This virtual world of digital transformation promises more innovative experience than what the physical space can provide.

Metaverse in simpler terms can be described as a virtual simulation of real-life scenarios or sceneries, a 3D social network of augmented reality. It is the new big thing in the digital space and as the world gradually transits from physical workspace to virtual ones, the impact of the metaverse is becoming increasingly evident.

Pursuing a career in this space of intricate network can be quite a task as the requirements for working in this space is highly intellectual. Job roles are aligned and coordinated with the respective job description. For intending enthusiasts, it’s an adventure worth taking because the gravitation towards an online workspace has witnessed an increase with the COVID pandemic, this has launched an assemblage of opportunities and opened doors to new horizons.

Since it is a tech-driven space, jobs or career in this field is suitable for individuals who have carved a niche for themselves in this field, this is not to discourage people whose course of study or area of inclination is not in tandem with structures embedded in networks or digital graphics.

Here are the top 6 careers you can build with metaverse

6. Ecosystem developer

Ecosystem is a community of distinctive specie or group of organisms, here interaction with their environment is fostered and enabled by structures present in the ecosystem which aids adaptability and integration.

In a metaverse ecosystem, developers create environments for users to interact with others such as friends and family by exploring a virtual immersive experience. Virtual reality systems such as HTC VIVE and OCULUS GUEST enables the development and functionality of the metaverse.

Fortnite and Roblox are virtual worlds that are providing its teeming users with a fun-filled adventure of overwhelming entertainments where they can imagine, create, and play with millions of individuals who are spread across an infinite variety of immersive user generated 3D worlds.

People seeking a career path as a metaverse ecosystem developer must have an inventive mind, innovative intuition, and a keen instinct for adapting to technological trends.

5. Metaverse research scientist

Exploring the metaverse space requires a VR headset which provides the user with hands-on-experience of the environment and its technologies. So, a metaverse research scientist provides insights and information that will enhance the virtual space. The scientist is also expected to develop prototypes and build capabilities by leveraging on metaverse technologies. It is a world of codes strung on a digital foresight to produce an educative, engaging, and interactive platform.

4. Fashion stylist

Yes! You heard right, a fashion stylist in the metaverse, avatars are used in the metaverse to represent various users. The fashion stylist is responsible for creating outfits for avatars to match their diverse personalities, from outfits made for the video game avatars to individual styling preference, all is stitched to reflect an identity.

These avatars being a virtual representation of the users on the platform helps with their unique profiling. Digital and virtual styling has been around for a while and many fashion entrepreneurs have tapped into this space to increase their business scope thus providing an enabling environment for virtual businesses of these nature to thrive and develop.

A lot of people have taken advantage of these virtual sales channels to drive productivity. A fashion stylist in the metaverse is a lucrative venture as several brands and organizations will need to invest in their branding and corporate identity.

3. Tour guide

Tour guides are seen in the tourism and travelling industry, providing resourceful guide to visitors or group of tourists who are new to a specific destination with little or no information about their place of visit. These guides help make the trips easy for the tourists by giving tips and information that will help make their journey and visit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Tour guides in the metaverse provide users with background information on the environment. Let us pause for a minute and try to imagine what a trip to a new destination would be without a tour guide, it would be one laced with great distress, such that brings discomfort. In this virtual world, tour guides give users first-hand experience and help them navigate this digital space of exciting adventures.

2. Actors/producers/writers

These are a blend of creative individuals imbued with notable talent and skills for performance. The metaverse is brimming with games and we all know that these games are wrapped around character representation. The characters in the games require someone with the ability to perform so the idea behind the story can be related to the user. Writers are also in high demand as literary skills would pave the way for more creativity to be explored and harnessed. Every form of creative expression tailored towards performance is a great catch in this field.

1. Cyber security     

The need for security cannot be over emphasized as the internet space is daily besieged with cyber stalkers, crawlers, and thieves with nefarious intentions. Today, our cyberspace is often attacked by these individuals causing huge financial loss to individuals and organizations. The metaverse is not immune from such attacks hence the need for cyber securities because these will help secure user’s data and information, guard against intellectual and identity theft.

On this virtual space, there are also career opportunities for cloud engineers, blockchain engineers, metaverse platform engineers, asset advisors, hardware builders and several others. Now that this digital space of virtual network is gaining grounds and acceptance, it is feasible to work towards a career path that will be in sync with this future workspace.