Biology degree|6 best careers you can do

Things you can do with a biology degree

Our ecosystem thrives on diversity, a unifying blend of nature’s wild array of organisms. Across the oceans to the stretched-out land mass, all paying obeisance to the dichotomy etched in their ecological terrain yet absorbed in the complimentary characteristic shared across each flora and fauna.

The splurge of color that adorns each foliage and the distinct feature shared by various mammals lays credence to the wonders of nature and in a bid to understand this complex composition of the biological community, ecologists have sought ways to forge a continuous interaction within the ecosystem by providing a study approach that will enhance a better co-existence in these ecological environments.  

A biologist unravels most of the mysteries locked behind the behavior of these organisms, whether it is that of an individual cell, multicellular organism, or a community of interacting population, this team of educationists makes the adventure into this cocktail of ecological treat worthwhile.

Biologists have continued to amaze the world with their discoveries and as a career that is constantly evolving, it has never lacked job opportunities. Think you got the knack for ecosystem exploration? Astonished at the plethora of ecological architecture present within our environment and you feel spurred to pursue a career in this field?

Earning a degree in biology bestows on its holders the ability to have a better grasp of the adaptive, supportive, and collaborative features of the ecosystem.  A degree in biology is divided into the following


This is a degree that is earned after two years of foundational classes in biology, chemistry, and its related disciplines. Other courses such as mathematics, English, and communication are also learned as well.

An associate degree in biology confers on its graduate’s useful insights into research skills and laboratory practices and protocols.


For an associate degree in biology, it takes about four years to earn a degree in this field of study. The degree can either be a Bachelor of Arts (BA) which entails a more liberal arts coursework without any inclination towards mathematics or laboratory work while a Bachelor of Science in biology places more emphasis on research-based programs, especially for individuals to pursue a medical degree in the future.

Since the significant roles of biologists have been established within the purview of this context, we can take a plunge at the amazing benefits of acquiring a biology degree. I guess you are wondering about the benefits that come with acquiring a biology degree.

What are those things that can be done with a biology degree? A pertinent question that might unsettle individuals saddled with this career choice. But, not to worry, this article will provide salient points that target the impressive benefits a biology degree presents.



Professionals in this career field drive the wheel of innovation in medicine and health care systems. Biomedical engineers are a combination of two great fields; engineering and biology and this composition have enabled the designing and creation of medical equipment such as artificial limbs, pacemakers, medical treatments, implantable medical devices, and other instruments required in the medical field.

Biomedical engineers have been able to develop technologically engineered equipment to enhance the scientific approach toward a more defined clinical aid in the health system. The average salary for a medical engineer is USD 64,391 per annum and as long as the medical field continues to thrive, this career field will continue to expand its opportunity borders.


The people in these career fields work toward the preservation of ecological artifacts. They work in laboratories, museums, and universities across the globe. The average earning for an environmental conservationist is about USD 63,800 per year, a statistic that has endeared a lot of enthusiastic environmentalists to its field. These professionals are predominantly found in laboratories, museums, and universities across the globe. They also work in universities as professors, tutoring and imparting knowledge.


Genetic counselors provide support and counseling to families by helping them evaluate the risk of inherited medical conditions. Offering guidance and counseling to individuals, they offer options to assist families with making decisions that border on genetic issues.

 They can be found in hospitals, insurance companies, and doctor’s offices and they earn an average salary of USD 77,480 per year


The role of tutors in our world cannot be discarded with a wave of the hand as they have continued to educate and promote the acquisition of knowledge across several careers. Teachers with a biology degree can be employed in high schools and tertiary institutions as well, but they need to obtain a teaching certificate to enhance their teaching skills.

Although to teach biology in tertiary institutions, a master’s degree or Ph.D. is required for a more efficient teaching experience. The job description of a biology teacher entails working with students of various ages and enlightening them about science topics in biology-related courses. High school teachers earn an average salary of USD 45,708 per year.


Medical researchers are the brain behind many medical discoveries, pushing innovations that drive clinical inventions for the medical field. These professionals or individuals in this field of career study human health through the utilization of clinical trials and research.

These clinical trials help in unraveling scientific postulates in medicine through the analysis of diseases and health disorders in a bid to develop cures and treatments for the prevention and the spread of diseases. These teams of medical personnel work in laboratories and clinical offices. The average salary of a medical researcher is USD 99,809 per annum.


People pursuing a career as physicians are certified after they have earned a degree in biology. Their job descriptions are enshrined in their clinical roles such as the examination of patients, diagnosis of ailments, prescription of medicines, and the management of diagnostic tests.                      

They collaborate with doctors, pharmacists, and clinicians to offer medical help to ailing patients. Physicians earn quite a good pay and with a mouth-watering average salary of USD 200,448 per year, it is a career field for those who are enthusiastic about saving lives and promoting the development of the health care systems.

The things you can do with a biology degree extend beyond offering teaching lessons in colleges and conducting research in laboratories. It is a subject that forms the basis of many life science subjects and is essential in tackling many issues that pertain to the ecosystem