How to best become a Social Worker in the US (all you need to know)

Social work is a high-prospect profession in most developed countries, of which the US is one of the top counties that have a high need for social services. There are so many career opportunities for social workers in the United States.  These are a few; Community Services, hospitals, Family Support Services, Family courts, Counseling Services, etc.   

Social is a regulatory field in the US you must be licensed to practice as a Social worker. You cannot practice as a social worker in the US if you do not follow due process. 

To become a social worker in the US of America you must do the following; 

Get an educational qualification in Social Work or a related; There are two aspects of social education in the US. The academic degree and the professional license. The academic degree is BSc. MSc or a Ph.D. degree recognized and approved by CSWE( Council on Social Work Education). 

Get a post-graduate work experience under a Professional Social Worker

Credential Verification/ Evaluation: You need to submit your academic credentials to CWSE.

Apply for State Social Work Licensure: You can be a Licensed Social Worker(LSW) or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker(LCSW). Licensure varies from state to state. The regulation from every state is listed on the ASWB(  Association of Social Work Boards). 

Choose a Social Work Career. etc. 

How do I become a Social Worker in the USA?

Social r  is a highly skilled profession, a social worker needs to be trained for the job ahead. This is why Social Workers in the USA and other countries are expected to have certain qualifications to be certified. 

A Social Worker in the USA should have the following qualifications:

A degree in Social:  Bachelor’s Degree or Masters’s Degree in Social work is approved by CSWE( Council of Social Work Education). In the US, you need at least an accredited Bachelor’s degree in social to be a certified Social Worker.  

A Certification from the  Association of Social Work Boards( ASWB) under the National Association of Social Workers(NASW). This is the regulatory authority in charge of Social Workers for the whole world the US included. Although, each state has there regulatory authorities listed on the NASW website. In the US you can be active Social after a minimum of fa an aa ur years of Bachelor’s Degree program yeara mum -the year of internship training.

Can a Foreigner be a Social Worker in the USA?

The United States is a high prospect when it comes to foreign immigration. There is high demand for labor in the US. many opportunities are also open to graduates from other parts of the world. You can become a Social Worker in the US with a foreign degree if you have a bachelor’s in social from any university outside the US. You can still practice provided your degree aligns with the American Education subsystems will mean certificate evaluation under CSWE’s International Social Work Degree Recognition and Evaluation Service.

You can also apply for a license to be licensed as either a Licensed Social Worker or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  

How much is a Social Worker paid in the USA?

Social Worker in America earns an average salary of  36.00 USD per hour. Although, other factors like work experience, qualification, skills, location, etc. distinguish the income of one social worker from another. 

The estimated salaries of social workers in the US range from 35,000 USD to 85,000 USD per 

Year, including accommodation allowance, transport, and other benefits. 

Is Social Work in Demand in the USA?

The United is growing in both its population and economy as more and more skilled persons, students, and tourists migrate to the nation and this is influencing the demands for Social Workers.  

According to the records of the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics(BL  the field of Social will grow by 12 percent between 2021-2023.  And about 78,000 Job Openings will be available.  

Also, the American  System is organized in a way that there is a need for Social Workers in almost all sectors. Many workers are retiring and others might move to other fields. 

Social Services are in demand in Hospitals, Schools, prisons, orphanages, Family support centers, private organizations, etc.

How to become a Child Social Worker

To become a child Social Worker you need a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from a CSWE-accredited college or university. 

An experience in Child Welfare through an Internship or Volunteer program. You must pass the appropriate licensing examination for licensure.  

Requirements for Social Worker

The minimum requirement needed to become a social worker in America is a Bachelor’s in Social Work. 

Also, the prospect must do a degree evaluation under CSWE( Council of Social Work Education) and meet requirements according to the regulatory authority for social workers. The American system requires that a social worker should have a Bachelor’s or Masters’s Degree from a CSWE-accredited university.

Complete Field Work Hours Requirements.

A License from the Association of Social Work Boards( ASWB).

How many years to become a Social Worker

Social Workers are of great importance to the well-being of society. They help keep society sane by serving the physical, emotional, and mental needs of people. These services include; Providing a channel of resources for persons in need of material things like food, shelter, employment, clothing, etc, and emotional and psychological support to the mentally ill, abused people, and depressed, they also attend to family matters like domestic violence, divorce cases, adoptions, welfare, etc. Social Services are all about meeting the needs of people.   

Are you interested in becoming a Social Worker in the n United States? then the main concern that will come to mind is how to go about it. And one of which is how long it will take to become certified.  

The duration to become a certified social worker in The US will normally take four years entry level after High School, i.e an estimated four years of a Bachelor’s degree and which includes years of a graduate internship program or even post-graduate work experience, this depends on the peculiarity of the individual case.   

Important factors to consider are:  

Previous Education Background: You need at least a Bachelor’s Degree to practice social work in the US. If you do not have a degree in social work, it means your study years will determine the time duration to be a certified social worker. Bachelor’s degree takes four years, and a diploma takes a minimum of 10 months. 

Post-Graduate Work Experience:

Do you have previous work experience in Social work? This is another factor to consider. For you to be a certified social worker in the US, you need a post-graduate work experience of 2 years. 


You need to apply to the regulatory authority in charge of Social Workers in the US; ASWB( Association of Social Work Boards). This should take some time and procedures. 

These factors will determine how many years it will take to become a social worker in the US of America.

How to become a Social Worker without Qualifications

The minimum qualification to become a Social Worker is Bachelor’s degree. But you can start the journey towards becoming a Social Worker by seeking entry-level or volunteer positions in related fields, like healthcare, childcare, community development, etc. 

Choosing to be a Social Work Volunteer will give you access to close supervision under a licensed Social Worker and Field Work Experience. 

This is the only way you can be a Social Worker without a degree.

What degree is needed to be a Social Worker?

A Social Worker in the USA should have the following qualifications:

A degree in Social Work: Bachelor’s Degree or Masters’s Degree in Social work is required. In the US, you need at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work to be a certified Social Worker.  

The degree must be evaluated and approved by the Council on Social Work Education( CSWE). 

A License as either a Social worker or Clinical Social Worker under the Association of Social Work Boards(ASWB).  

Social Worker Subjects

These are some subjects to expect during a degree course in Social Work:

  • Introduction to social work practice
  • Introduction to fieldwork practices
  • Integrated social work practices
  • Sociology for social workers
  • Human growth behavior
  • Economy and co-operation
  • Social casework
  • Introduction to local self-government
  • Indian Social Problems
  • Population Education
  • Introduction to social work research
  • The social reform movement
  • Introduction to tribal life 
  • Participatory approaches in social work
  • Management of welfare organization etc.

How to become a Social Worker with a Psychology Degree

Psychology Degree will provide foundational skills for a Social Work Practice but you can not become a licensed Social Work without a minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. 

You can as well take a master’s in Social Work with your Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology to qualify. 

Social Worker Requirements High School

Social Workers are trained professionals that provide welfare, emotional, counseling, and health services to individuals, families, and communities. Social workers like other professionals should have had a formal education; which includes High School. 

To enroll in any Higher Institution to study Social Work or any other discipline, The basic requirement is High School Certificate.

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