Awesome Salary of an interior designer         

From the Taj Mahal in India to the La Muralla Roja in Spain, these monumental architectural edifices have defined the essence of aesthetical buildings. The structural template employed before the layering of concrete is the basis for achieving good designs that meet the client’s desire. However, beyond the bricks and mortars, there is another aspect of a building that is not neglected. The interior of a building should appeal as much to the eye as the exterior hence the application of creativity and apt skills in the creative splurge of patterns and motifs.                                          

The salary of an interior designer earns USD 60,340 per year, with a median average wage of USD 29.01 per hour. It is worthy of note that the salary of an interior designer is also hinged on the project’s budget as the extent of work performed by the designer determines the earnings received. The tasks done by interior designers are enormous because they are employed to design and research the plans that forge the connection between the project design and execution.

Who is an interior designer?

An interior designer is a professional who helps create functional and visually appealing indoor spaces. Their work can range from consulting on color schemes and furniture placement to full-scale renovation projects. An interior decorator should have a good eye for detail, be creative, and have strong problem-solving skills. If you’re considering hiring an interior designer, here’s what you need to know.

What an interior designer does?

  1. An interior decorator consults with the client to grasp their specifications and the anticipated result to work by specific information.
  2. They also draw up the plans and budget required for a project. Here, the estimated budget can impact the salary of an interior designer as the payment earned after the project can be higher than the average salary earned by an interior decorator.
  3. They coordinate the hiring of other workers on the project and oversee their contributions to the project.
  4. These designers work on interior spaces to meet clients’ preferences and outcomes.  
  5. The designer work in tandem with the designed template to improve every aspect of the interior space. These are features such as the lighting, furniture, textiles, color, and other elements of aesthetical demands made by the client.

The above-shortlisted tasks are not the only duties carried out by an interior designer, but the ones above embracing the outlined roles of a designer in their entirety.

Types of interior designers

  1. Residential/Domestic Interior Designer
  2. Commercial Interior Designer
  3. Industrial Interior Designer

Residential/domestic interior designer

The residential interior designer tends to the aesthetical improvement of private homes and properties. The emergence of industrialization has caused a revolution in the style of houses built over the last decade. Nevertheless, individuals have continued to improve their preferences and adopt modern architectural designs to suit their standards.

During the acquisition of a property or the building of a new one, various steps are taken to have a furnished property with not just exterior finishing but interior accessories.

The salary of an interior designer who has chosen to become a residential designer is USD 47,990, and this is due to the service delivery offered to their customers. Pursuing a career as a residential interior decorator is quite a lucrative path because the patronage of aesthetical designs has significantly multiplied with the adoption of modern architectural styles.   

Furthermore, the adoption of luxury lifestyles by the rich and famous has driven the need for exquisite bespoke interior designs. These high-net-worth investors are constantly upgrading every aspect of their lifestyle to fit their economic status, including their housing needs.

They splurge on their homes and properties to achieve the desired taste hinged on their lavish way of life. So, an interior designer who decides to follow this career path with enthusiasm will make immense progress because the salary of an interior designer in this regard is enormous, with diverse career opportunities that can be explored.

Commercial interior designers      

Ever wondered about the massive patronage garnered by the real estate investment managers. It is a reason that is not farfetched because these individuals know their terrain and promote their businesses with keen interest and genuine passion. Commercial designers are equipped with the knowledge and skill required to improve the structure, design, and outlook of office space for either lease or use.

They also ensure that retail outlets, restaurants, complex centers, and several other commercial outfits are well designed in structure and outlays to position the business for good leads and customer patronage strategically. The commercial interior designer is a bit more technical than the residential designer because the former considers factors that concern the intending customers of the property. At the same time, the latter is focused on what an individual or the owner of a property want. 

Commercial interior decorators take factors such as the size of visiting customers, taste and client’s specification, and the budget allotted to the project. Then, after due consultation with the engineers and the customer, the designers set off with the task of collaborating the concept design with the project details to ensure there is harmony between the template and the actual scenario. The salary of an interior designer chosen to be within the commercial interior designing field is USD 51,775. Therefore, for every business brand that requires office space, commercial designers are always in the front row for job consideration.

Industrial interior designers   

Have you ever thought that every industrial environment is ample space for junkyards? No! These places have a well-laid-out structure from the beginning, even before the commencement of operations, and they are not just laid with beams and rods. It is terrain for interior designers who are detail-oriented and tech-savvy because the interior design of an industrial premise is not all about aesthetical features but more about operational safety and efficiency.       

So, industrial designers must possess the right skill to develop structures that promote workers’ wellness and safety. style is outweighed by operational excellence and expertise on a scale of preference. Hiring interior decorators that understand the essence of the job is the icing on the cake, as they will deliver according to structural specifications ad in line with industrial safety regulations. The salary of an interior designer foraying into the industrial interior design market is USD 128,210 per year, a highly sought figure by enthusiasts and new market entrants.     

average/yearly salary of an interior designer

The salary earned by these professionals has been highly premised on their immense roles and job actualizations. Working from the concept design to achieve designs that appeal to the public is a task that only a few know how to do. They employ skills that are hinged on acquired knowledge to draw, plan and coordinate architectural designs that tower above ground expectations, sometimes pushing beyond the anticipation of the client and resonating with the essence of the task they have been called to achieve.

The salary of an interior designer is USD 128,210 for industrial interior designers who earn the highest, USD 51,775 for commercial interior designers, and USD 47,990 for residential interior designers. These figures are subject to negotiation as the budget for the project can be used as a determinant for the anticipated earnings.