Salary of a veterinarian in the US

A veterinarian is akin to animal doctors as they are professional medical personnel devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of health-related issues about animals. They are specialists, furnished with skills meant to provide the right health support for either our furry friends or other animals alike.

Roles of a veterinarian

  • Performs the diagnosis of ailments or determines the causative agents behind an illness
  • Analyze the animal’s health status and recommend treatment as required
  • Carries out surgeries and the administration of vaccines when the need arises
  • Give directive on the control and prevention of animal diseases
  • Counsel and proffer solution engendered steps to curb disease outbreak

Animals are as precious as any human and for peaceful coexistence in the ecosystem, nature tries to strike a balance between them.  Man must strive to maintain this equilibrium by creating an atmosphere that allows this blend to form a connective bond. Animal lovers, especially those enthusiasts driven by a passion to tend to this species can take up veterinary as a career path and champion a cause that resonates with animal welfare.

How to become a veterinarian

  • Have a passion for this career path. Nurture an enthusiastic disposition towards your choice
  • Have a goal-oriented mindset while in high school
  • Select the right college
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine and pursue your passion for the career
  • Apply for veterinary school to acquire skills relevant to this field of study
  • Complete the veterinary school and get the right certifications

Veterinarians’ specialists

The field of veterinary is a broad one as the scope of coverage is wide hence the need for specialists. Here are the various specialists in this career field

  • Anesthesia
  • Animal welfare
  • Dentistry
  • Behavior
  • dermatology


Anesthesia is an induced medical procedure that produces a temporary loss of feelings or sensations. It is an artificial step that creates a numb sensation, usually controlled, and monitored during a medical procedure. This procedure is carried out by a certified registered veterinary technician and for animals, anesthesia is often employed during treatments due to the lack of cooperation from the animals.

It is administered to aid the inducement of the animals before treatment. Veterinary anesthesiologists are in dire demand, and it is a career field that will not have a decline in the workforce if animals exist. For any person interested in a veterinary anesthesiologist, 3 years of continuous training is required to obtain the right certifications. They earn an average salary of USD 93,830 per annum

Animal welfare

As earlier mentioned in the previous section of this article, animals deserve protection and certain needs as well. An animal welfare specialist takes care of the animals and ensures that they are nurtured and groomed in all ramifications. This welfare is a composition of special attention paid to the animal’s nutrition, environment, behavior, and health.

The rudimentary inspection required to ascertain the general wellbeing of the animals is a function of this role. Animals differ in diverse ways and each of them requires special attention. From their feeding to specific trait characterization, all are needs that are met with care and keen observation. intending animal welfare specialists are required to attend a veterinary course and get good grades to obtain the specialist certification within five years. The average salary of an animal welfare specialist is USD 41,524.


Veterinary dentists are specialized in handling oral and dental issues about animals. They diagnose, treat, and offer consulting services to pet owners. Oral care for animals is mostly focused on the maxillofacial region. The demand for dentists in veterinary medicine is significantly high because of the ratio of pets or animals owned by individuals.

According to the report collated by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the need for veterinary doctors is expected to have a 19% growth by 2026, and with these collated figures, it is a career path that has garnered the attention that has continued to reiterate its significance. The average salary for veterinary dentists is USD 83,000 per annum.

Animal behaviorist

Animal behaviors are unique and typical to a certain behavioral pattern. They are responsive to the smallest stimuli and triggered by the tiniest sensations. Many of them, in a bid to protect themselves, exhibit traits that enhance their survival instincts. Animal behaviorists help to manage, prevent, and monitor animal behavioral patterns. 

To become an animal behaviorist, veterinary doctors must obtain an associate certified applied animal behaviorist certificate, a degree which is earned through a study in any biological or behavioral science course coupled with at least 2 years of professional experience in the field.  The average salary of an animal behaviorist is USD 69,751 per annum.

Veterinary dermatologist

These are specialists that are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of animal hair, skin, nail, hoof, and disorders within and around the mouth. A veterinary dermatologist analyses and develops dermatological products that are used for animal treatment.  Their roles are tethered to animal safety, health, and well-being and for that to be achieved, the veterinary doctors need to take on specific roles by becoming specialists in various veterinary fields to provide the required aid for the animal. The average salary of veterinary dermatologists is USD 157,452 annually.

Veterinary dermatology is divided into four major sections, and they are

  • General dermatology
  • Histopathology
  • Clinical dermatology
  • Comparative dermatology

Benefits of veterinarians

  • The field of veterinary medicine is a broad one and workers in this field of study can have a chance at diverse areas of specialization. They can specialize as veterinary dermatologists, dentists, anesthetists, behaviorists, and animal welfare providers. It is a full-scale terrain, ready for exploration and innovative ideas
  • The career path provides a considerable measure of job security. Man’s affinity for these furry friends has continued to soar and the job opportunities within this field have increased tremendously due to this factor.
  • Having a job as a veterinarian allows you to contribute toward a global concern, one that is premised on conservation and animal appreciation
  • There is an opportunity for career advancement and skill improvement.
  • Veterinary doctors enjoy huge networking and collaboration opportunities. They are provided with a platform that promotes partnership and integration across boards.
  • They provide, protect, and manage animal health situations thus making sure animals’ rights to live and contribute to the ecosystem are upheld most sensitively.
  • Veterinary doctors are part of a system that is contributing to communal support and wildlife sustainability. They are helping to maintain a balance in nature

Salary of veterinarians

The average salary of a veterinarian is USD 104,800 according to the figure collated by the Bureau of Labour statistics and with a mean hourly rate of USD 50.39