Salary for computer engineer in Canada

Computer engineers are technological professionals who deal with the design, repair, and maintenance of computer hardware and software. They have become remarkably significant since adopting digital devices and technologically inclined platforms.

The transition from analog to digital has made business and personal activities seamless and hassle-free. Computer engineers are tech-savvy enthusiasts who have decided to pursue a career in digital knowledge to acquire the skills and expertise required to understand the functioning of a computer system. Today, we utilize one form of digital device or the other promoting the embrace of technical knowledge in every ramification.

The computer engineers are skilled in designing microchips, processors, hard drives, routers, and several other system components. Finding a balance between the components of a system is a task that a computer engineer undertakes to promote continuous productivity on the user’s part. So, their roles are as integral as the computer system itself as their skills help to sustain and maintain its usage over time.

Career opportunities for computer engineers

Hardware engineer                     

These are trained computer professionals who have acquired the skills for designing, maintaining, and repairing computer hardware. Working with the physical components of a computer system, a hardware engineer can ascertain the working condition of the computer system and other technical infrastructure for the maximum efficiency of the hardware components.

Roles of hardware engineers

These tech-savvy enthusiasts analyze and eliminate hardware errors.

The hardware engineers develop hardware components such as processors and circuit boards.

They also run diagnostic tests on an operating system to obtain performance tests on a hardware component to ascertain their functionality.

Work with software developers to enhance system collaboration between the hardware and software components.

They also perform general hardware maintenance.

Computer engineers’ salaries vary globally because of economic disparity, technological expertise, and qualifications. For example, in the United States, the salary for computer engineers specializing in hardware engineering ranges from USD 86,000 to USD 136,000 but also varies across the country. For example, the salary for hardware engineers in Washington is USD 147,741, while in Tennessee, it is USD 58,642.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering is required for individuals interested in pursuing a hardware engineering career. They must also possess skills for the task ahead and a minimum experience of 2 years in hardware engineering. In-depth knowledge of hardware components is also required to enhance work efficiency.

Software engineer

These are the brain behind a computer system’s codes and technical structure. The software engineer utilizes tech-savvy skills to build software products that aid the functionality of an operating system. Software engineers are quite versatile in their roles and have been at the front burner of developing applications supporting digital devices.

Types of software engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

A quality assurance engineer tests and assesses the quality of applications. The skills required to become a quality assurance engineer are python, selenium web driver, etc. The salary for computer engineers with a quality assurance certification is USD 67,361 annually.

Video game designer

I bet we have all come across one video game or the other, and it is a market that is gaining recognition across the globe. A video game designer develops software that produces interactive and engaging games for customers. Software engineers who design video games should possess skills such as javascript, Directx, Unity 3D, and HTML5. The salary for computer engineers who design video games is USD 95,328 annually.

Security engineer

Security engineers develop software that protects a computer’s operating system from hackers and data theft. A security engineer should be experienced in python and reverse engineering skills and develop expertise in Ruby. The salary for a computer engineer who provides security coding for the protection of an operating system is USD 75,560 annually.

Front-end engineer

These engineers design software for user interfaces and develop a better user experience. From designing a landing page for operating systems to enhancing browser compatibility, these designers work to promote production efficiency and user satisfaction. A front-end engineer must have skills in UI & UI framework, javascript, CSI, etc. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary for a computer engineer who designs user interfaces is USD 92,910 annually.

Mobile developers

These software engineers design codes for mobile applications on digital devices such as tablets and smartphones. For software engineers to delve into the mobile application development field, they must possess IOS and android operating systems and Swift skills. The salary for a computer engineer who has decided to pursue a career in mobile application development is USD 93,901 per annum.

Network engineer

These are computer engineers equipped with technological tools and skills responsible for developing network hardware, network protocol, and operating systems utility frameworks. Computer network engineers are equipped with specific engineering skillsets, thus demanding their expertise, especially for clients who require their services. The salary for a computer engineer who handles the network framework for the operating system is USD 120,520 annually. A figure that varies across the states in the United States.


Provide expert advice on the development of network initiatives and infrastructure

Develop strategies to provide solutions based on identified problems or regular system troubleshooting

Collate data analysis that can improve future analysis and network solutions

Perform or supervise the installation of hardware and software devices on a computer system.

Types of network engineering pathway

  • Network manager
  • Network technician
  • Network specialist
  • Network analyst
  • Network solution architect
  • Network security specialist
  • Cloud networking architect
  • Computer architect

A computer architect is a computer engineer who specializes in an operating system’s structural framework. They help with the optimized performance of the computer system.

They design the framework for data communication networks and consider information security when designing the network. A computer architect also helps upgrade, install, and improve operating systems. On an average scale, the salary for a computer engineer who designs the architectural framework of a computer is USD 149,497 in the United States.

System engineer

This is the focal point of any computer operating system as they are responsible for system maintenance and repair. A system engineer inspects, repairs, and determines which solution is fit for a computer system that has an anomaly. They also recommend professional advice that is suitable for the repair of hardware and software problems. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the salary of a computer engineer specializing in system engineering is USD 151,150 per annum.