Long term wealth creation that transcends one generation and trickles down to another is a result of dedication, purpose-driven investment, and hard work.

Amassing riches for momentary gain can be an inhibiting factor towards creating wealth because wealth is having an abundance of physical possessions which can be evaluated through valuable assets and investments.

Now, to tow the path that leads to the creation of wealth, there are decisive steps that must be taken to spur the intention into action. You cannot wish wealth into reality by mere lip service, it requires putting plans to action.

This article intends to expand on wealth creation, its principles, and the measures required for creating it. So here are a few tips that can serve as a guiding principle toward the creation of wealth that outlives you.


The easiest route to having a life of financial freedom is living a life that is goal-oriented, purposeful, and financially planned.

A man who earns an income can still have a life shrouded in misery if he does not live within his means. Incomes do not guarantee a wealthy estate if it is not gainfully invested.

So, making a concerted effort to drive your income further away from mere earnings to accrued wealth can become a reality with the following steps.


Financial freedom cannot be attained without a cost, it is driven by

  • DESIRE – The desire that drives the intent to create wealth must stem from within, spurring an individual to move beyond the level of earning income to building a wealth that can be sustained and transferred to the next generation must be cultivated.
  • PATIENCE – The patience to pursue wealth must be developed. The creation of wealth cannot be instantaneous as it takes time to build. Sometimes, the road to wealth creation is paved with a lot of phonies, from Ponzi schemes to get-rich-quick facilitators, all outdoing themselves in a bid to rob people of their hard-earned money through scams and fraudulent practices. Therefore, patience, hard work, and motivation are key ingredients required to help convey the desire to live a life of financial freedom.
  • DISCIPLINE – Financial discipline is the most important step in wealth creation. An accrued possession or asset can come to nothing if discipline is not applied. The financial discipline stems from having a detailed financial plan and sticking to it. Appropriate funds to what is important and not just wants, perhaps, set up a budget that captures your expenses and allots money to specific needs in tandem with your earnings. Living above your means can only be tantamount to living a precarious life.  This can lead to a life of indebtedness, entanglement with loan sharks, and indulgence in unhealthy financial decisions.


Since people are encouraged to make investments to secure an estate for themselves in the future, no one is advised to make unrealistic goals like building castles in the air.

Drawing up an investment plan that is within your means is a step of intent, one that is solely harped on your income and investment decisions. Let the financial goals be realistic, attainable, and relatable.

If you can invest in a few stocks, then start with that but if you have the fund for bigger investments like real estate, buying out a company, or even starting your own company, then go for that as well.

Just ensure that goals and investment plans are realistic because it is only realistic goals that are achievable.


 Another principle for wealth creation is to explore and exploit investment opportunities. Daily, the internet is awash with various jingles of investment avenues, all of them a blend of different structures laid out to aid people to make informed investment decisions.

Some of the investment opportunities are.

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Arts and collectibles
  • Real estate
  • Trade in gold and precious jewel commodities

So, to create wealth, an individual must be willing to test the waters of investment opportunities and exploit the gains that are therein.


The network of people we have around can either be under-minareted or spur our financial growth.

There are financial advisers, those trained to provide a guide on how to build and manage assets. These connoisseurs of talents can be approached to access financial education and wealth-creating knowledge.

Then, there are also the risk and investment managers, a team of seasoned financiers equipped with apt information about good bookkeeping and proper financial resource management. An individual who needs to acquire in-depth knowledge on these matters can work with a team of resourceful individuals to attain financial enlightenment.


Another principle of wealth creation is having an investment approach that is functional and has a good return on investment.

There are several investment opportunities out there, from those inked on papers to those iterated on various web-based platforms. Take advantage of these openings and align your investment intentions with the most suitable ones.

Be wary of phonies and fraudsters, do adequate research, and be well informed about the areas you are investing your funds.

Seek advice from risk and investment managers, and follow the market analysis to ascertain the viability of the investment before making any decision. 


At the beginning of this article, it was clearly stated that one cannot wish wealth into reality, it has to be accomplished through hard work and proper investment planning

Taking the necessary steps to back up the nurtured idea with action will certainly produce overwhelming results.  Setting up a budget will enable you to keep track of your earnings and expenses and prioritizing your needs above your wants will help curb extravagance. 

Matching your words with actions is a complementary effort that will pay off in due time.


Invest in key financial resourceful materials such as books. These can either be in eBook format, audio, or videos. Subscribe to YouTube channels and get a financial adviser.  These steps will arm you with the tools required for proper financial management.