The word disability is a term that has been defined in diverse ways across strata but has managed to maintain one common literary ideology. It is often used to describe a condition in which a physical or mental condition of a person limits the ability to conduct some activities effectively.

These constrain can either affect the physical or sensory perceptions and the overall effect on the disposition of the person can be said to be inhibitory. Statistically, a lot of people living with disabilities were not born with these impairments, many were victims of circumstance and life’s uneven odds.

Across the globe, countries have sought ways to enact laws that will embrace people living with disabilities, provide welfare packages that will improve their livelihood, and enable equal participation in nation-building.

Income source for people living with disabilities has been one that has stirred mixed reactions for a while as most of these people are thought to be living off government benefits and welfare incentives. People living with impairments are as able as those who are not, they have proven to be a force to be reckoned with as seen in several records in every walk of life.

From boardroom executives to world champions breaking sports records, they have redefined the word disability and coined a word that transcends the physical limitation, sprinting with zest as they conquer and challenge the norm across all divides. These disabilities are not limited to ambulatory difficulty but extend to those living with cognitive, hearing, and speech impediments as well.

Several policies have been promulgated to create an atmosphere of inclusion and provide benefits, but that does not mean that they do not work to earn a living. According to the American Community Survey Statistics based on Census Bureau Analysis of supplementary detailed tables, a breakdown of people living with disabilities working in diverse sectors was analyzed to further buttress the points earlier mentioned.

In this article, we will review these statistics


These are people who have a difficulty in movement or moving around but with the aid of medical devices such as walking, aids have become quite mobile as any other person. According to the American Survey Statistics, more than half of the people living with ambulatory difficulty work as

  • Dispatchers
  • Bus drivers
  • Chauffeurs/ cab drivers
  • Administrative assistants/ secretaries
  • Auditing accountants/ bookkeeping

And the list goes on and on thus emphasizing the active contribution made by these people despite the odds.


Cognition is the process embedded in every aspect of intellectual functions. it entails all forms of cognitive development which is a vital aspect of the brain that enables mental action and thought processes.

It is the seat of memory and knowledge acquisition and can present a challenge if its functionality is distorted. People living with cognitive impairments are not without skills as they are seen in various places of employment performing one task or the other.

Media science has further provided a panacea in the form of memory aids for cognitive impairment. These devices do not provide a permanent cure but are used to aid the cognitive process so people living with these disabilities can work and earn a living.

From the statistics collated by the Census Bureau Analysis of supplementary detailed tables previously mentioned, here is a list of jobs people living with cognitive impairment can do

  • Dining room/ cafeteria attendants
  • Bartender helpers
  • Farmers/ranchers
  • Mechanics/ service technicians
  • Heavy vehicle/ mobile equipment
  • Food preparation workers


These are individuals who have difficulty with hearing but just as earlier mentioned, these people are enterprising and efficient when assigned to job roles. They can work as

  • Farmers/ ranchers
  • Police/ sheriffs/ patrol officers
  • Operating engineers/ other construction equipment operators
  • Heavy vehicle/ mobile equipment service technicians


Speech impairment is the inability to speak fluently or clearly and this is experienced through

  • Apraxia of speech
  • Dysarthria
  • Lisping
  • muteness

individuals living with this disability can work as

  • Crossing guards
  • Refuse/ recyclable material collectors
  • Dispatchers
  • Bus /cab drivers
  • Accounting/auditing clerks
  • Chauffeurs
  • Groundskeepers

The list is endless as the job opportunities for people living with disabilities are huge. There are jobs for those of them who are willing to accept more challenging tasks. These present more intellectual commitment and resourcefulness and most of the people living with disabilities have taken advantage of numerous remote job hiring to earn a lot of money.

Some of these jobs are often done remotely and do not require a lot of movement or energy since it is done at home. These jobs are also structured to fit into the schedule of the employee, and this provides flexibility and comfort. Here is the list of remote jobs for people living with disabilities


This job is usually done with the aid of a PC or desktop computer, and it entails the entry of information that can either be in numeric or alphanumeric format. A data entry employee can work as a data processor, typist, or even a word processor. This job is a great one for people living with disability as it can be done from the comfort of your home with less need for movement.


Workshop assistants are required across several work locations as they provide support for technicians and workshop owners.


The love for capturing images and sceneries has helped many people earn quite a lot of money. This passion can be turned into a source of income as most websites rely heavily on the contribution of external photographers for their gallery updates. Take, for instance, Shutterstock pays its contributors for picture and video submissions and so, people living with disabilities can harp on this source of income to make some extra money.


This is another job that can be done remotely and pays a lot as well. From writing for blogs to proofreading written works, all these jobs are a good fit for people living with disabilities.

The source of income for these groups of people has continued to grow and expand as new opportunities are being discovered for them. Their tenacity and doggedness in the face of their physical constraints have continuously propelled the will to be outstanding in all their endeavors as they have consistently broken records and etched their names with indelible ink on the sands of time.