Some call it a digital diary and others call it an online journal located on a website, a platform where bloggers can ink their thoughts either for fun or profit purpose. The content of a blog includes pictures, text, animated Gifs, and videos. It follows a self-published style of writing which is usually informal, depicting a contextual approach based on the writer’s creative stance.

Ever since the concept of blogging was introduced in 1993, blogging has evolved over the years with several people tapping into this huge potential marketplace. To make money from blogging will require a tech-savvy finger, someone acquainted with the functionality of a website.  The defining feature of any blog is the frequency with which the contents are updated, giving any reader or visitor a fresh glimpse of something new whenever they visit the bog.

 Making money from blogs has become a business venture for many enterprising enthusiasts, the bulk of these individuals has taken advantage of this platform to project their businesses by leveraging on the digital exposure it presents. As enterprising as the idea of blogging sounds, an intending blogger must be adept at the job, of furnishing the website with content that will keep the readers engaged and enthralled.  For business enthusiasts seeking to make money from blogging, we have compiled some tips that will aid your venture.


A domain name is the physical name of a website and it’s an integral constituent of a website, giving the owner an identity, one that is tailored and suited for the blog need. Every aspiring blogger must get a domain name before proceeding with the launch of a website.

Here, an identity structured to meet your business objective is provided and this enables a more defined approach to the entire blogging process. Several online sites provide hosting for domain names and most times, these services are provided at a very considerable price. Sites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, HostGator, Bluehost, and Hostinger amongst others make these services available for as many people who would like to own a domain name.


According to Wikipedia, “a website is a group of web pages and related content that is recognized by a common domain name and published on at least one web server”. Making money from a blog isn’t just a piece of cake, the task of building a website for the business becomes pertinent as this provides the foundation for the launch of the enterprise. If you are not equipped with technology insights, then you might need to hire the services of a website builder.

Furthermore, there are sites with customized templates and designing tools that aid the entire web-building process. Intending bloggers can visit these sites, taking a cue from the various samples available on the platform to build their own. Sites such as Wix, Squarespace, network solutions, and several others have simplified the process making it easy for individuals who are not tech-savvy to participate in this important process.


The name of your blog is your corporate identity, something that defines your brand and gives you an edge amongst your competitors. Choosing a name for your blog should be given a priority as this earmark the beginning of the business pursuit. Names cannot be randomly selected to prevent intellectual property theft and that is why we suggest you follow the process we mentioned before this one to ensure that you have a name that is uniquely crafted for your business.

A blogger who intends to make money from blogging should have a blog name that is in tandem with their niche, one that is aligned with your objective and set goals. You should also make sure that your style of blog name is not too vague, it should not be something that wards off readers rather than engaging their attention. The target audience should be considered in the naming of the blog, for example, WebMD is a blog that provides curated articles and videos that gives its audience insightful information on health matters.


In recent years, blogging has become a venture of profit with several individuals embracing this acclaimed digital business place for the sole purpose of making good money. Running a successful blog that gives your audience a cutting-edge experience requires a tailored structure; one positioned to drive the intended traffic and bring you the much-anticipated income. Making money from your blog can be strategically achieved if you put the right things in place.


 A blogger can have a physical or digital product offering displayed on the website. This should be something tethered to the objective of the business and one that can provide the audience with retail offers if the need arises.  


Here, a blogger who wants to make money from blogging partners with other companies or businesses to promote a product or service made by these retailers or advertises and earns a commission in the process. Several businesses are leveraging this method to break even, especially with the emergence of online stores and digital retail spaces.

The pandemic further drove the need for virtual workspaces and digital marketplace, giving entrepreneurs the air of co-dependency as many have realized they need each other to thrive. A business specialized in providing a curated fitness routine will enjoy good affiliate marketing support with a health and medical blog such as WebMD because these are interrelated and gives its audience the same tailored benefit.


 This is simply the process of monetizing your blog by inserting ads and collecting revenues. Several online advertisers are constantly bidding for online spaces for their business ads, and you can leverage these opportunities by making your blog space available and enjoying some profit from it. 

Ads monetization sites such as Google AdSense, audience network by Facebook, ExoClick and several others have customized ads monetization templates for their teeming users. Any blogger who wants to make money from blogging can tap into these structured platforms and take the business to a whole new level.


A blog is not a platform with stationary content, a blogger must be consistent with his or her update as your readers are either engaged to your platform or less enthusiastic about your blog because of the kind of update you provide. Keeping your audience enthralled by your platform is a key requirement in the overall success of your business.