How to best cancel your vidgo subscription 

This live television offers a prepaid live stream of sports, shows, family series, movies, and news. Vidgo contains over 110 live sports channels and has access to 14,000 shows, movies, and hours of news content. In addition, they offer multiple streaming packages; English Premium, English Plus, and Spanish Mas, presenting viewers with content that covers both English and Spanish. 

Vidgo app can be downloaded, and an account can be created even on smartphones. Lovers of live sports and shows can enjoy easy assessment content on the go. 

Even though the platform is great, some viewers might want to cancel the vidgo account for reasons best known to them if you want to cancel your vidgo account. I will show you an easy way out. 

Steps to cancel my vidgo subscription

  • Visit
  • Login in to your account
  • Go to my account dashboard
  • Click on cancel subscription

Note: The automatic payment features will be turned off once your subscription is canceled. Your previous subscription will end at the end of your billing cycle.

 How to reactivate the vidgo account

Suppose you have previously canceled your vidgo account. And want to activate it. You don’t have to worry. You can reactivate it anytime you need the services. 

Simply follow these steps;

  • Open the app and locate the live stream tv
  • You will be directed to select your TV provider, search or select vidgo,

If vidgo does not show as part of the options, then you need to delete and reinstall the app again,

Log in with your vidgo email address and password. 

What is a Probiller Charge?

Probiller Charge has to do with subscription operations done online. Most people make the mistake of subscribing to a site or buying from a site without going through the terms and conditions. One of which could be an automatic payment subscription. It makes you a subscriber after your transaction on a specific website, which attracts monthly or weekly payments that are automatically deducted from your bank. 

Have you ever seen a surprise debit alert, a payment for a charge you were not aware of or pre-inform about? Probably above your budget, this could be really frustrating and confusing. You might be taking steps to query your bank officer, but hold on for a while, don’t be too fast. Pause and try to recall if you have done any online transaction or if a family member or friend had done so with your bank card number. It could be a probiller charge. 

Probiller charges when you have subscribed or purchased a service on a website that has automatic payment features. And or else you decline certain; charges will be debited from the provided account automatically. 

How can I stop Probiller Charge?

Kindly locate the websites you subscribe to, go to terms and conditions, and read through to know if a probiller charge is part of it. Suppose you can trace it and won’t want to continue. Go back to the subscription session and cancel the subscription. You can also delete your card number or pin from the site. 

Also, you can keep track of the times you give out your bank card number to family or friends to carry out an online transaction. Make sure you ask the users to check out the terms and condition of the websites they are using to see if it has auto-pay features. If it does, kindly tell them to decline the auto subscription. 

What is Vendo Service?

This is an international online payment service provider that offers e-commerce facilities like payment services for software and digital content, subscription payment management, payment summary updates, and updated payment methods. The payment facilitator uses the expertise of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to create tools for effective purchase management. 

They provide billing services for hundreds of companies online. Customers can manage purchases processed by vendo through vendo customer portal. Within the vendo customer portal, clients can perform the following functions;

View billing history, update payment details, reactivate purchases, cancel the subscription and recover subscription password.

Vendo does not share any data provided with a third party as this is against the company’s terms and conditions; a careful privacy policy. They comply with European personal data regulations. Using vendo for an online purchase is 100% safe, secure and confidential.

The platform sets a security system to ensure customers’ data and transactions are secured. The system includes; data codification, automatic session closures, and firewalls.

Vendo also offers PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), a set of conditions set down to protect the information of users’ payment card details. 

The services respond to customers’ complaints in a professional manner, although there are organized methods for customers to assess this facility. 

Vendor service subscription is set in auto payment mode, which means the subscription is renewed automatically and charges deducted from the provided card number. Likewise, you can cancel the auto payment setting by canceling your subscription. 

To cancel the subscription, simply login to vendo customers portal or request a cancellation using your email. As soon as your cancellation request is successful, you receive would an email to that effect. 

For online businesses who might be interested in the services, you can join vendo by creating an account. 

These simple steps will guide you to access vendo services; 

  • Go to vendo website @
  • Click sign up or create an account
  • Fill all required fields;
  • Full name,
  • Business email address,
  • Confirm your business email address,
  • Your legal company name
  • Your company location
  • Choose your industry
  • Your current business monthly processing
  • Your Skype ID, Phone, or Email address
  • Choose a secured password.

After this, you will get a notification from Vendo to the provided email address notifying you that your account has been activated and is ready for use. 

Ensure your email, Skype ID, and the phone is correct and active. This is because vendo can only communicate with you through the contact information provided. 

You can proceed to set up your account, making your first purchase or subscription. 

Vendo also offers different membership levels, and you can upgrade your membership following the designed terms and conditions.