Xfinity | 5 Easy steps on how to cancel your subscription

Xfinity is a digital cable service that provides internet, telephone, and other wireless services. They have been providing high-speed internet service coupled with great deals enjoyed by their customers in the United States.

Famous for its amazing features and plans which range from 50Mbps to 2,000 Mbps, subscribers are launched on a plethora of services with different price tags. Sometimes it could get difficult to keep up with your subscription hence the need to cancel.

So, if you are looking to cancel your subscription plan, here are the steps to follow.

Reach out to Comcast

  1. Proceed to dial Comcast retention at 1-800-Xfinity or 1-800-COMCAST
  2. Explain to the customer care personnel about your decision to cancel your Xfinity subscription.
  3. If prompted by the MENU options from the receiver, simply say CANCEL SERVICE

 Explain the reasons for canceling your Xfinity

  • When you finally get through to the Comcast retention department, proceed with your cancellation request
  • Prepare a valid reason so that when you are asked by the retention customer service personnel
  • Reasons such as relocation of Comcast’s area of service will persuade them to cancel your Xfinity subscription. Some other reasons that will work include
  • When a customer is moving to an area without Comcast service
  • Natural disaster
  • When a customer is moving in with an already existing Comcast subscriber
  • When the customer is unaware of the new address of relocation
  • Inactive account of deceased or incapacitated subscribers

Maintain your stance

  1. Like every other subscription service, Xfinity does not want to lose its subscribers hence the ploy utilized to persuade subscribers to stay when they decide to cancel their Xfinity plans.
  2. They will offer you free internet upgrades, free HBO, and other better deals to keep you committed to your plan
  3. Maintain a peaceful disposition while on the phone so you can enjoy a seamless cancelation of your Xfinity subscription.

Ensure that you return your Comcast equipment

  1. Once your Xfinity cancellation request has been resolved, make sure to return the Comcast equipment to your custody. In the absence of that, you might be charged or penalized. Look through your files or records of bills to access information about the equipment you should return. 
  2. This equipment can be returned either through a UPS store, Comcast store, or in a prepaid box. Ensure that you have proper documentation of these records

Confirm your Xfinity cancellation request

  1. Reach out to Comcast to confirm your cancelation.
  2. Request from the retention customer service personnel to ask if there is any unreturned equipment or outstanding service. Follow the prompts to cancel the subscription if things were not done properly  

How do you know when your Xfinity subscription ends? 

 At the point of canceling your Xfinity subscription, you can tell the customer service personnel to cancel your subscription at a date you would prefer, or you can decide on an earlier date as well. Remember that the cancellation process takes a few business days before it is confirmed.

Is there an early cancellation fee for Xfinity? 

There is an early cancellation fee for Xfinity, and it is calculated at the end of a monthly basis. The fee drops by $10 until it reaches $10 for the last current billing cycle

How to contact Xfinity Customer Service?

To contact the Customer service, here are the steps to take

Call customer service

(800) 934-6489

Customer Service

(866) 366-5756


 (855) 270-0379

  Xfinity Emails

Business Customer Service

 Legal, DMCA inquiries, privacy inquiries 

Xfinity Website

Xfinity Help Center

Visit the Xfinity contact page

Corporate Office Address

Corporate Cable Communications

Management, LLC

One Comcast Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

United States 

Other Info (Opening Hours)

Comcast Cable Cancelation Request

ATTN: Service Change Requests

1701 JFK Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Xfinity cancellation fee

To cancel your subscription, bear in mind that there are charges. Here is a breakdown of all the applied fees

  1. The early cancellation fee for Xfinity is $110 for a 12-month contract and $230 for a 24-month contract, respectively. For 12-month and 24-month contracts, the early cancellation fee for Xfinity is cut down to $10 every month. For 1-year contracts that are canceled mid-way into the plan, the cancellation fee is slashed to $50 rather than $110

The truth is that if you need to have your subscription canceled, follow the steps outlined above. Reach out to Comcast’s retention department and table your complaints.

Xfinity Installation Fee

To install Xfinity, the fee is $100 for the technical department to come and do the installation at your home. These services are extended to embrace technical help when the need arises. Here is a breakdown of the $100 installation fees

  1. Customer home service replacement, reconfiguration settings, and wire repairs
  2. Repair of broken equipment
  3. In-home customer self-help tutorial services

To avoid the $100 service charge, a customer can obtain a customer service protection plan

 Xfinity Broadcast TV Fees

The Xfinity broadcast fees range from $20 to $40 per month. These fees are utilized to obtain local channels like Fox, CBS, and ABC. To avoid being billed for these services, cancel the TV part of your cable subscription.

Comcast cancellation policy 30 days

Poised to deliver quality services, Comcast offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for services such as Internet, Pro Protection, Xfinity TV, and Voice Services. They also have a 14-day money-back guarantee for Xfinity Mobile services. The 30-day money-back guarantee is the coverage for service charges that were changed. If a subscriber’s previous packages are no longer available, help can be sought from the customer service personnel to get them back on board.

For the cancelation of Xfinity mobile services, subscribers have 14 days from the retail or shipping date to cancel their subscription, return their devices and receive a refund. A subscriber also has 14 days to exchange the device they deem faulty within 14 days after the initial purchase.

Xfinity cancellation form

To get the Xfinity cancellation form, please visit

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