7 ways to best cancel Uber Pass

Who does not like the comfort of hailing a cab from their home? I bet we all do and that is the reason for the high patronage of the Uber taxi-hailing services. Commuting on road got an upgrade ever since Uber was introduced.

This allowed the transition from one place to the other without hassle. In a bid to complement its services, Uber launched Uber Pass to provide its teeming customers with access to save on the Uber and Uber eats apps. Here, they are disposed to enjoy discounts on Uber Flash trips, UberX, and food orders amongst other privileges.

A lot of people are familiar with Uber but not so many of them take advantage of special membership offers such as Uber Pass. To further buttress the importance of Uber Pass, let us analyze its benefits.

What are the benefits of Uber Pass Membership?

Having an Uber Pass membership presents the following benefits.

  1. 10% discount off every UberX, UberXL, and its associated comfort ride
  2. Enjoy an unlimited $0 delivery fee on your Uber Eats orders over $15.
  3. As a member, you stand a chance to enjoy 5% off Uber Eats orders over $15.
  4. You also enjoy a whopping 15% discount on every premium ride.
  5. You also have access to an unlimited $0 delivery fee on your grocery deliveries over $30

So, are you an existing or new customer of Uber but you are no longer interested in keeping your membership? Not to worry, since we have provided an insight into the benefits of Uber Pass, let us look at how to go through the cancelation of an Uber Pass membership. 

How to cancel your account Uber Pass.

Step 1

  1. Proceed to the Uber App
  2. Sign into your account with the details required by the app
  3. Look out for the Uber icon on the top left corner and click on it
  4. Follow the drop-down menu to access a list of options
  5. Select the AUTO-RENEW under the option.
  6. Follow the prompts to cancel your Uber Pass membership.
  7. When the instruction to cancel is displayed, hit the CANCEL option.

Alternatively, you can still follow this step to cancel your Uber Pass

Sometimes, some Apps will simply not oblige your cancellation reasons and thus the need for another approach. Here we will be using the Donotpay application.

Step 2.

  1. Proceed to the Donotpay website
  2. Log into your account to be able to navigate around the platform.
  3. Look out for HIDDEN MONEY option and enter your code.
  4. Follow the drop-down menu to start the cancellation process.
  5. You will receive a notification once your cancelation is done.

Furthermore, if all these methods fail, then contact Uber customer service for help or reach out to your bank to stop the recurring bill from happening. 

How to get a refund for an Uber Pass?

Ever subscribed to Uber Pass but decided to change your mind at the last minute? Then the pertinent question that lingers in many minds is usually centered on refunds. Can I get a refund for a canceled Uber Pass membership? Here is the good news, whether you canceled your Uber Pass on time, or your subscription plan was accidentally done, you can still get a refund if you were billed.

So here is how to get a refund for your canceled Uber Pass subscription.

  1. Go to the Uber application website.
  2. Log in to your account to access your profile from your dashboard.
  3. Follow the drop-down menu to access the MENU ICON
  4. Toggle between the options till you find the HELP ICON
  5. Click on the HELP ICON to access the Uber Pass option under the ACCOUNT & PAYMENTS option.
  6. Go ahead and click the SUBSCRIPTION CANCELING option to end your membership. 
  7. Then go ahead with the initiation of a refund request.

How much does Uber Pass charge?

Well, according to Uber policies, the Uber Pass Membership is only available to their existing customers. So, at $24.99/ Month, their members are entitled to mouth-watering discounts ranging from delivery to food orders. Available across all the major cities in the United States, Uber Pass can be accessed from any city where its services are available.

How long is my Uber Pass valid?

An Uber Pass subscription is valid for just one month and it is set on AUTO-RENEW hence the need to cancel before the next billing cycle if you want to discontinue the Uber Pass membership.

How to cancel Uber Eats subscription?

The truth is that every company was established for one simple reason, which is to make a profit and that is why it is often difficult to let their customers or subscribers go. When a customer presents a cancellation request, options are presented to dissuade the decision because they need YOU as a customer to push their ideas forward. Sometimes, a customer just needs to cancel or opt-out because of underlying situations that could have prompted their decision.

So, are you an Uber Eats subscriber and you want to cancel your subscription? Here are the simple steps to follow. Please, note that you can cancel your Uber Eats subscription anytime and still get to enjoy the features till the end of your current billing period.

  1. Proceed to the Uber Eats app 
  2. Log in to your account to access your profile icon from the dashboard.
  3. Follow the prompts to view your account information.
  4. Select EATS PASS to open IT
  5. Toggle the platform to view the MANAGE MEMBERSHIP option
  6. Select END MEMBERSHIP and follow the prompts accordingly

In summary, canceling your Uber Pass subscription should not be laced with so much hassle and that is the essence of this article. Here, we have provided simple but effective methods that will help you cancel your Uber Pass subscription without hassle.

Follow the outlined steps and proceed with your cancellation process and you will see how simple the entire process looks! Remember you can always ask for a refund if your subscription was accidentally done.