11 Simple and Effective Ways to Cancel Your Peloton Membership

Having an at-home workout routine is incredibly necessary, to say the least, especially during this period when the world is grappling with a lot of changes. Few people anticipated the Covid-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home order but owing to health and safety reasons, people had to embrace this norm to stay alive.

Many people kept fit and continued with their workout routine from the comfort of their homes utilizing their Peloton Membership subscriptions. They enjoy personalized routines tailored to their needs, streamed live fitness classes on-demand, and access to high-energy workouts on the go. According to statistics, since the pandemic is easing off gradually, many have returned to their gym membership routine and there is an increased demand for online workout cancelation.

As good as the Peloton membership sounds or looks, some people would not want to continue with its services and therefore are compelled to seek out ways to cancel. Are you a fitness enthusiast with a Peloton membership and are you looking to cancel your subscription? Here are the steps to follow

How to cancel your Peloton Membership from your device

  1. Proceed to your peloton account
  2. Navigate to your profile section on the dashboard
  3. Select the profile picture at the top right of the navigation page
  4. Toggle between the options to access the MY ACCOUNT option
  5. Select the SUBSCRIPTION option
  6. Hit the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION option 
  7. Go ahead and confirm your cancelation 

To cancel your Peloton Membership through the website

  1. Navigate to the Peloton official website
  2. Proceed to log in to your account with your registration details
  3. Look out for the SUBSCRIPTION option 
  4. Click on it and follow the prompts
  5. There will be a drop-down menu displaying all your membership options
  6. Select PELOTON MEMBERSHIP and toggle to select the cancel option beside it
  7. Click on the CANCEL PELOTON SUBSCRIPTION option.
  8. Confirm your cancelation 

How to cancel Peloton Membership (Unlimited) offline

Do you not have access to the internet, and you want to cancel your Peloton subscription? Yes, it is possible to cancel offline without internet access. To cancel, here are the steps to follow

  1. Reach out to Peloton customer support at 1-866-679-9129 and ask to speak with customer personnel. Follow the prompts and initiate your cancellation process

How to cancel Peloton Membership (Digital) 

Did you subscribe to your Peloton Membership using digital devices such as Roku, IOS, Android, FireTV, and Web, and you are looking for ways to cancel your subscription? We got you covered with these simple and effective steps. So, let us get right to these steps

How to cancel your Peloton Membership on Android devices? 

  1. Open your android Google Play Store
  2. Proceed to log in to your profile’s icon which is hidden among the three horizontal lines often described as the MENU ICON
  3. Select the MENU ICON and choose the PAYMENT & SUBSCRIPTIONS option
  4. Follow the drop-down menu to access your list of subscriptions to different apps on the store
  5. Select PELOTON and click on the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION option
  6. Hit the CONFIRM option to validate your cancelation

How to cancel your Peloton Membership on IOS devices

  1. On your Apple device, go to the SETTINGS SECTION
  2. Scroll down to the list of added apps on your device to access a list of all your subscribed applications
  3. Select the PELOTON option
  5. Confirm your cancellation status

How to cancel your Peloton Membership on Roku TV

  1. Grab your Roku TV remote and press the home button
  2. Follow the prompts to access the Peloton channel
  3. Press the * icon on the remote to access a drop-down menu of all the channel’s menu option
  4. Select the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS from the list of menus
  6. There will be a display of a window indicating DONE
  7. Click on that displayed option to confirm your Peloton cancelation

How to cancel your Peloton Membership on Fire TV

  1. Proceed to the Amazon App 
  2. Toggle between the platform to access the MENU options
  3. Select the SUBSCRIPTION option
  4. Select the PELOTON SUBSCRIPTION option
  5. There will be a display of CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION next to it
  6. Click on the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION option
  7. Select the CONFIRM option

How to cancel your Peloton Membership online

  1. Proceed to the Peloton website
  2. Navigate to the members.onepeloton.com/preferences/subscriptions to choose your membership link
  3. Select the CANCEL MEMBERSHIP option
  4. Select the Subscription option to access your Peloton membership information
  5. Click on the CANCEL option

How to pause Peloton Membership?

Sometimes due to illness, injury, relocation, pregnancy, or any other reason, members are compelled to pause their subscription or take a break from the platform. So, are you prompted by a need to pause your Peloton subscription but do not know how to do it? Here’s how to initiate the process.

The good news is that you can pause your Peloton Membership for 1,2, or 3 months as the case may be but the pause can only start at the end of your current billing period. Please, note that while you take a break and pause your Peloton Membership, you will lose access to your live streaming services and on-demand classes. There will be no billing during the time of this break. It is also worth noting that your Peloton Membership can only be paused in full-month increments

How to delete your Peloton Membership

Remember when we mentioned that no company wants to see their customer go the same goes for Peloton. To delete your Peloton Membership, you will be asked to do the following

  1. Fill out a privacy request form by following a prompt on the website
  2. Proceed to select the DELETION/ERASURE option under the SELECT REQUEST TYPE
  3. Complete the form and submit it and the Peloton Privacy Team will review your request to help you initiate the deletion of your Peloton membership account

Please, note that before you proceed with deleting your Peloton Membership account, here are a few things to know

  1. Deleting your Peloton Membership account will be tantamount to the removal of your account and every associated information on the platform, including your workout history and achievements.
  2. If your subscription was done directly through Peloton, all your subscriptions will be canceled automatically
  3. If your subscription was through a third-party source, Peloton cannot cancel your subscription but you will be required to follow the same route to process your cancelation

How much is the cost of Peloton Membership

All access Peloton Membership is $44/Month plus applicable taxes

App membership is $12.99/Month plus applicable taxes

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