How to cancel Papa John’s order | Updated

Papa Johns is an International Pizza Restaurant with over 5,000 pizza outlets spread across 45 countries around the globe, founded in 1984 in a small broom closet in Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States. The restaurant offers world-class pizzas that have given it an outstanding reputation in the food industry. Papa Johns is known for perfect services, tasty, innovative products, and recipes.

Apart from physical restaurant services, Papa Johns has an organized website online, where customers can make an order and get it delivered to them at their homes.

To order online, you can go to the Papa John’s website or the Papa John’s app, check on the menu, and place an order by calling any local store near you or following the procedures to order online. It will be added to your cart and delivered to the provided address.

Meanwhile, if along the line, you change your mind and want to cancel the order. Of course, you can, but this must be done within 45minutes after the order. Else you would be charged fully for the order, even though you canceled it. Also, order cancellation is impossible if the delivery is assigned to a third party.

If you succeed in canceling your order within the 45minutes window duration, you will be refunded in total between 7 -10 working days through the same payment method you used for the transaction.

Here is another option if you want to cancel your Papa John’s order online.

  • Go to Papa John’s,
  • Locate the contact of the local store you order from,
  • Call the local Papa John’s store you had placed your order in,
  • And tell them to cancel your order.

Papa John’s accepts the following payment methods; cash, credit, gift cards, visa, and check out.

You can cancel your Papa John’s subscription if you want to stop the services.

Follow these simple steps to cancel Papa John’s Subscription. 

  • Sign into your account via the website or app.
  • Click on the menu,
  • Select “Subscription”
  • Click on the Papa John’s Pizza and Delivery subscription you want to cancel, then click “cancel the subscription.”

How to change papa John’s online order

Papa John’s offers varieties of Pizzas and more; Meat Pizzas, Chicken Pizza, Veggie and Favorites, Lite Version Pizzas, Sides Dishes, Desserts, Chicken wings, and Drinks.

Customers who place an order for pick up or delivery might want to effect changes in the product ordered or the contact or recipient address.

You can make a change for another option if you call the particular Papa John’s, the local store you ordered, within 45 minutes after the purchase time.

Or you can visit Papa Johns’s website or log in through the app to change the order or address.

Below are steps to change your order on Papa John’s website.

  • Go to Papa John’s Website,
  • Log in to the account used for the transaction
  • Go to the order page and cancel the order.
  • Go to the menu to choose a new option.
  • Place an order again.

To change your address on Papa John’s Order. 

  • Go to the website
  • Click login
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Once you sign in, see your current address on the display page.
  • At the address bar, you will see “edit delivery address.”
  • Enter the new address and click “Submit.”

Papa Johns near me

Papa John’s Restaurants spreads across 5,000 Locations within 45 countries in the world. Every branch has universal trademarks, but prices may vary depending on the country or territory. Some offers might not be available online, while others are. For example, some toppings may be excluded, and some might offer special and unique toppings, etc. Also, location determines the delivery fee. Some locations might have limited delivery areas. It all depends on the location for various advantages and disadvantages. In some locations, customers are expected to pay all taxes applicable to the transaction.

You can locate a Papa John’s Restaurant by using a google search engine. Simply type “Papa Johns plus your location. You will see the address of the closest Papa John’s Restaurant. You can place an order on their website online, the order can be delivered to you at home, or you can go and pick it up at the local store.

If you want to place an order at Papa John’s Local store close to you, follow these simple steps.

Go to Check the home page; at the top of the screen, you will see the “menu” click on the “view menu,” and all the available products will be displayed, from pizza sizes to different toppings and side dishes desserts, and drinks. Make your choice and click “order now.”

Next, an order page will be displayed, you will see a form, fill in your delivery address, and the website will show you the price and offers available to your area. Again, ensure the “delivery” option is selected, not “carry out.”  

At the right corner of the screen, the Papa John’s Restaurant closest to you will display details showing if it is accepting orders. Then you can now proceed to make your order.

You can also proceed to select your choice of side dishes or toppings shown on the main page, or you can customize it to your taste by clicking the option” add and customize.” Next, you can choose your preferred size and how much sauce or cheese you would want. After you have added all, you want, click “add to order.”

Finally, click “checkout bottom” at the right of the page. An instruction to enter your email address and create a password will pop up. You can decide to follow up by creating an account or continue as a guest.

How to cancel my papa John’s account

Papa John’s online website has an organized procedure for customers to register as members or to just purchase as guests if they have created an account with the website. And no longer what to keep the account. You can log in to your account and delete the account, or you can follow the steps below.

Send a message via email to

Add your full name and account number in the message and state why you want to delete your account.  

Papa John Customer Service Representative will respond to the mail and delete your account as requested.