The Ultimate Guide to Cancelling Your La Fitness Membership: 4 Best Ways to Do It

Taking steps to enhance your physical and mental well-being provides the right atmosphere to lounge on good health. It promotes mental and physical alertness, sharpens intellectual wit, and to an extent, supports the functionality of our organs. 

So, getting physically fit beyond the comfort of your home is a step in the right direction, especially with a curated fitness routine prepared by dedicated trained personnel with experience in the field. In addition, a La Fitness membership provides you access to world-class gym equipment and structured workout plans.

Are you a fitness enthusiast with a La Fitness Membership card but do not want to renew your membership? Have you made cancellation attempts, yet there has yet to be a headway? You do not need to worry, as this article is here to provide all the steps you will need.

How to cancel La Fitness Membership online

Sometimes, the bills keep piling up, and to stay afloat, we simply cancel the recurring accounts on our budgets, such as subscriptions and membership cards. If you are looking to cancel your La Fitness Membership online, here are the steps to follow

  • Proceed to the La Fitness website  
  • Navigate to the MEMBER TOOLS section at the top of the toolbar and access the drop-down menu
  • Select the MY LA FITNESS option and enter your information, such as email and password
  • There is a link for a cancellation form on the top right corner of the page
  • Follow the prompts and fill out the form with all the required information 
  • print out the form and fill out the details
  • please submit the form via their email or in person at any La Fitness gym facility

How to cancel La Fitness Membership in person

To cancel La Fitness Membership in person is the way to go, as this process allows for face-to-face interaction between a member and La Fitness employee. Additionally, details surrounding your membership termination are discussed verbally, unlike the fill-out forms printed online.

Paying a visit to La Fitness gym facility to process your membership cancellation allows you to either submit your online printout or collect a form from the facility while you are there. Inquiries can be made, and any hanging doubt cleared without much ado. 

Once at the gym and you have obtained a form for the cancelation of your La Fitness Membership

  • please fill out your details and submit them for processing 
  • proceed to the nearest La Fitness gym and submit your cancellation request

How to cancel La Fitness Membership Reddit

Reddit has the correct answer for people who want to cancel their La Fitness Membership. After some people tried sending mail but unfortunately had no access to their account information, they rallied the support of other Reddit subscribers on the platform and were able to receive help.

 How to cancel La Fitness Membership over the phone

To cancel your La Fitness Membership over the phone, follow the steps.

  1. Call La Fitness Customer care at 949-255-7200
  2. Once your call goes through, tell the customer care representative about your desire to cancel your La Fitness Membership.
  3. Please obtain a copy of the cancellation form, fill it in and mail it back to them 

How to cancel La Fitness Membership by Email?

To cancel La Fitness Membership by email, follow the steps. Please note that this process might take more time compared to other options.

  1. Send an email to State the reasons for your cancelation and mail it accordingly. Provide all the information used for your membership registration, such as 
  • billing address
  • phone number
  • credit card detail (last 4 digits on your card) 
  • full name
  • email
  • Birth date 
  • Home gym location

How to cancel La Fitness Membership by Mail?

This is the old traditional method, which works like any other method for canceling La Fitness Membership. If you like to take this route, then here are the steps to follow

  • Navigate to La Fitness website
  • Sign in to your account and proceed to the MY LA FITNESS section
  • Select the ACCOUNT INFORMATION option 
  • Print out the form with all the details you have provided

Mail the form to the following address

LA Fitness

PO BOX 54170

Irvine, CA 92619-4170

After the submission, wait a few days before calling the LA Fitness customer service platform to verify your cancelation.

La Fitness cancelation form pdf 2022

To get an updated La Fitness Membership cancellation form, please go to 

You can also visit the website

Visit any La Fitness gym facility and obtain a form in person.

La Fitness membership cancellation fee

 La Fitness operates a no-refund policy, but there are exceptions. For example, if your cancelation form is submitted more than five days before the next billing cycle, you are entitled to no further recurring billing, but if it is done less than five days, you will be charged for the next billing. In most cases, La Fitness refunds the additional billing.

How to check if my La Fitness Membership is still active?

To check the validity of your La Fitness membership, here are the steps to follow.

  • Log in to La Fitness website
  • Provide your details, such as email and password
  • Proceed to your profile to access your account details
  • There will be a drop-down menu. Follow the prompts, and you will see the status of your account in your membership dashboard.


If you are part of the La Fitness online community, then provide your information to the handlers, and you will be given an update on your account status.

Now that your pertinent question has been answered, there are vital things to note

  1. You cannot get a refund once you cancel your La Fitness Membership, although you are entitled to La Fitness services till your new billing period.
  2. You can pause your La Fitness Membership and return to it later, although charges are applied during the accounts freezing. Monthly subscribers are charged $10, while premium members are suitable to freeze their account for six months without charges but will be subsequently charged $35 for further steps.