How to best cancel an offer on Mercari in seconds

What is Mercari

Mercari is a marketplace app that creates a shop online for people to buy and sell products. A Japanese e-commerce Company created the application in 2013.

In Mercari, you can access products at a very affordable price and display your products and connect to customers. In addition, the platform allows customers to bargain with their sellers. Buyers can bargain price and put an offer on the item. Meanwhile, the sellers can decline if the offer is unsuitable. But if the seller accepts the offer, then within a few days, the customers will receive the products.

The app accepts payment via a credit card or cash on delivery.

In instances where buyers made an offer but declined due to one circumstance, Mercari deals are final once the product is shipped. If the seller has not shipped the product, it is easy to call them to cancel your order immediately. Meanwhile, the seller can decide whether or not the deal will be canceled.

I will show you practical steps to cancel your order on Mercari.

  • Locate the “order status” of your order.
  • Then, tap “request cancellation.”
  •  Fill in or click on the reason for the cancellation request.
  • Next, Mercari will ensure they confirm whether the product has been shipped from the seller. The seller would respond within 24 hours of the request.  

If the request is granted, you will be refunded via the payment method used for the transaction.  


Contact the seller directly using the following methods.

  • Find the product listing in the app.
  • Then, choose the product you made an offer for.
  • Check the top right corner, and you will see the seller’s information.
  • Click on the seller’s information.
  • In the section for sellers’ information, you will see “contact sellers.”
  • In the contact sellers’ section, you can send messages, with your request or complaints.

There are situations when the seller’s information is unavailable on the platform. In this case, here is what to do; Contact Mercari Customer Service immediately. They are open to taking customers’ requests 24 hours round the clock. In addition, you can email, call or chat with them via the website. Customer care will provide you with the seller’s details.  

How to Get a Refund for Your Mercari Order

Mercari allows a refund if a buyer is unsatisfied with a product and returns it in good shape within three days. If, after three days, a request and return are not made. The product can’t be returned, and the request will be declined.  

Follow these practical steps to request a return:

  • Choose the option “get help” from the order status page.
  • Select “This is about returning my purchase,”
  • Next, select “I want to return my purchase.”
  • State a reason for your return.
  • Submit details of the product, including photos showing the item’s defect.
  • The seller would be shown the return request.

The seller must respond within 24 hours of the request. If they do not, Mercari will respond to the return request.

If I block a user on Mercari, will it cancel my offer

Mercari gives customers a platform to bargain and offer a price for products. Meanwhile, the buyer can cancel the offer if they are unsatisfied with the seller’s price or have a change of mind.

Customers who do not get a quick response as it concerns declining their offer might choose a shorter route: block the sellers in other to avoid being billed. Although, this is not part of Mercari’s suggestions. But it can be used by buyers to decline an unwanted purchase.

Mercari offers 

Mercari organizes its transaction systems to make it easy for buyers and sellers to negotiate effectively. Buyers can make an offer on a list of products by simply logging into the app. Search for the products, tap on the catalog, and click on the option “make an offer option.” Then, write the price you wish to pay for the product. If you want the transaction to be successful, check out the price list in the catalog. So as not to bargain unusually. Normally, it would take up to 2-3days for your order to be confirmed. Once your order is confirmed, you will be asked to pay for the product. You can pay via your credit card or cash on delivery.  

If you are a seller or wish to sell on Mercari, you should understand how the system works for buyers. Let’s see, what does an offer mean in the Mercari platform? For sellers, it is an act of sending in your proposed products and list so that your prospective customers can send you an offer. For the buyer, sending an offer price to the seller for a product you wish to purchase.  

Also, a buyer can only send an offer when there is a discount of 75% from the original price. Every offer on the platform is final, so to the seller, the way out is to decline the offer.

If your price list is fixed as a seller, be very specific in the product description section that you don’t want to negotiate with the price. Also, know that once an item is accepted, the product’s listed price will be charged to the buyers. So be very sure which is what price. You can’t change the price once the request has been accepted.

Note, for the sellers and buyers to maximize this application, they need to upgrade the app to the latest version.

How to make an offer to a Buyer on Mercari

Mercari is an online Marketplace that functions through an application. The platform connects buyers and sellers from different locations and places. The e-commerce facility allows buyers and sellers to negotiate; the sellers offer a product with a price list, and the buyers offer the sellers on items they want, stating the price for which they buy.

If you decide to buy from the platform, then you can make an offer by following these steps.

Download and Install the Mercari app through your Google play store or Apple store, depending on your device.

Or you can log in to the website,

  • Create an account,
  • View the products available and decide on what you want to buy.
  • Click on the option “Make an offer.”
  • Then, add to the cart.