Get Out of Your Adobe Subscription: 6 Proven Ways to Cancel and Move On

Discuss the one-stop shop for all your creative tools, and Adobe comes to mind! They give creatives the brushstroke for their canvas by helping them deliver amazing content through their mind-blowing applications. Yes! Armed with an Adobe subscription, your creativity is sure to change tremendously. 

Sometimes, compelled by situations, keeping up with these subscriptions can present some difficulty which might prompt an abrupt cancelation. For example, do you have an Adobe subscription and wish to cancel it but need to know how to go about it? This article provides all the steps required to cancel your Adobe subscription.

How to cancel an Adobe subscription

To cancel your Adobe subscription, you must understand the cancellation terms of Adobe for all their plans. However, before we proceed with how to balance, let us look at the stipulated policies. 

  • A 50% payment balance for the yearly plan is applied if the subscription plan is terminated before its expiration. For instance, if you cancel your Adobe subscription in the ninth month, a 50% fee will be charged for the remaining months.
  • Your account is converted to a creative cloud-free membership if you cancel your Adobe subscription. Simply put, some features will become inaccessible.

To cancel your Adobe subscription, here are the steps to follow

Your Adobe subscription free trial or individual plan can be withdrawn through your Adobe account page

  • Proceed to log in at Choose the MANGE PLAN OPTION to access the project you want to cancel
  • Select CANCEL PLAN from the drop-down menu
  • There will be a drop-down list of reasons for cancelation. Please choose from the list 
  • Select the CONTINUE option
  • Follow the prompts to complete your cancelation

How to cancel Adobe subscription Teams plan

Are you looking to cancel your Creative Cloud for the team’s subscription? Here are vital things to note

  • Your product, storage, and service features will be downgraded. Here are the details

         Reduced Cloud Storage

  • Cloud storage is reduced to 2GB per subscriber; if the storage consumption exceeds 2GB, the subscriber must reduce their online storage or risk losing access to files stored in Creative Cloud.
  • Extended version history is downgraded to standard version history on your account.
  • Adobe keeps storing your original Lightroom images for a year after your Adobe subscription is canceled. A subscriber can continue to launch Lightroom to access their original files from Adobe’s cloud services.

    Restricted access to Apps & services

  • Desktop apps are downgraded and can only be accessed in trial mode.
  • Your ability to integrate with collaboration apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other productivity apps is affected. 
  • Mobile apps such as Aero and Fresco are downgraded to limited offers, with access to the apps available at starter or free levels.
  • Your Adobe fonts and Behance are also impacted as they are downgraded to the free tier. Subscribers lose access to paid services such as Talent and Portfolio.

    Impact on Admin Console Privileges

  • Access to Team Management is lost as you can no longer manage that using the Admin Console
  • access to support services and expert sessions is no longer active

How to cancel an Adobe subscription without a fee

Remember that at the beginning of this article, I mentioned that Adobe is graciously excellent with its creative tools, which was accurate to test. Although most creatives need help to shell out the cancellation fee, this is equivalent to losing out on the awesome features available on Adobe. So, are you among the many creatives looking for ways to cancel their Adobe subscription without a fee? We got you covered. Just follow our simple steps and be sure to get all the help you need.

  • Proceed to Adobe and sign in with your account details
  • Initiate the cancellation process for your current subscription
  • When given a discount offer to downgrade to another plan, select the cheapest plan 
  • Follow the prompts and once your membership is updated, begin the cancelation process again
  • After starting the cancelation process again, you will notice that the cancelation fee will be set at $0

How do I contact Adobe Customer service

     To contact Adobe customer service, here are the steps to follow.


(800) 833-6687

Support by product





Visit Adobe’s contact page through the website

Contact Address

Adobe Systems, INC.

345 Park Ave.

San Jose, CA 95110-2704

Adobe Stock


Adobe cancelation fee

To cancel your Adobe subscription, you should be well aware of Adobe’s cancelation policies. If you cancel within 14 days of your initial purchase, you will be issued a full refund, but if your Adobe subscription is done after 14 days, you will be charged a 50% sum of your remaining contract. The good news is that your service will continue until your current billing period ends.

How to cancel an Adobe Photoshop subscription

To cancel any Adobe subscription, the steps required are the same. So here we go again with the steps explained before

  1. Proceed to login to your account through the Adobe website
  2. Navigate through the page to access an overview of your subscription plans. Click on MANAGE PLAN from the drop-down menu. Here you can manage your account and make changes such as cancelation.
  3. Follow the prompts on your screen and proceed with canceling your Adobe Photoshop subscription.
  4. There will be a display of questions regarding reasons for cancelation. Select a reason and proceed with the cancelation process
  5. Adobe will flag a display of consequences if you choose to opt-out. Ignore this if your mind is made up and continue the process.
  6. Follow the drop-down menu to access a review page displaying every detail concerning your cancelation.
  7. Continue with the process and click CANCEL PHOTOSHOP SUBSCRIPTION.
  8. You will receive a confirmation message through your email confirming your cancelation.