How to cancel a cerebral subscription | New update

What is Cerebral?

Cerebral is an online emotional and mental health service provider. It offers professional medication prescriptions, care, advice, and possible treatments for depression, anxiety, and insomnia. In addition, the platform has packages suitable for anyone in need of expert prescriber’s visits, therapy, counseling, and prescriptions.

Cerebral offers three membership plans, each with stipulated monthly subscription charges. Like other online service providers, they use a recurring payment method. If you sign up and subscribe to any membership plans, you have agreed to the terms and conditions policy, including a recurring subscription payment.

To avoid stories that touch, make sure you read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions policy before you sign up for any plan.

Meanwhile, you can cancel your subscription at any time. But your cancellation will be activated at the end of the previous billing circle. In other words, this means you canceled only future charges.

Simple procedure to cancel a cerebral subscription;

  • Login to Users Account
  • Click “Cancel Subscription” in Users Account


  • Send a cancel request to email
  • You will get a response from an admin, showing you what next to do

Follow all the steps to confirm your cancelation

Note: If you do not cancel your subscription before the next billing circle, cerebral will charge you for it. You would need to wait again till the next subscription period. Only in exceptional cases applicable to the law would a refund be done.

Once you cancel your subscription, you can still have access to cerebral services until your current billing period ends and afterward ends.

Cerebral cancelation refund

Cerebral does not refund money once payment has been made on any purchase, whether an order of medication or a subscription. The paid transactions are final and not refundable. 

Subscription fees are not refundable too, paid transactions are final. Therefore, the only option is to cancel the subscription to stop future billing. Also, all medication orders are final once shipped by the pharmaceutical companies, please note once payment is made the medication nor the payment will not be refunded.

But there are exceptional cases, as applicable by law, a client can receive a partial or full refund. For example, this could be a situation where cerebral is at a drawback or decides to save her reputation.

Below are some scenarios,

Customers who could book an appointment with a therapist but did not, within an acceptable duration had the option to schedule an appointment but did not utilize any services. As a result, they are eligible for a partial refund of 30% of their subscription fee.

Those who could not schedule an appointment due to inadequate clinician issues are eligible for a full refund of 100%.

Other scenarios are;

  • If a client poses a legal threat
  • If customers threaten with leaving negative reviews on websites, cerebral will refund fully to protect her reputation.
  • The death of a client
  • Suppose a client complains about upgrading without understanding the financial terms and conditions attached. And have not used the provided services.

How to cancel cerebral on iPhone

For cerebral subscribers who access the service on iPhone but for one reason or the other want to cancel their subscription, just following an easy step will get you out. You can cancel your subscription anytime you wish.

These simple steps will get it done;

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click on your profile (Apple ID)
  • @The profile page, click on the subscriptions menu
  •  A list will appear; click “Cerebral- Mental Health
  • @ The bottom end of the page, click “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Make sure you confirm the cancellation by clicking the “cancel button.”
  • Once that is done, your subscriptions have been canceled.

Cerebral reviews

Cerebral has it when it comes to positive reviews. 85% of their clients give feedback on how cerebral services changed their lives. Loads of testimonies of how immediate, convenient, professional, and effective the facility is.

Here are a few comments from cerebral users;  

Everything from the therapist, coaches, and the support desk has been amazing. Even without insurance, I’ve been able to see two doctors a month. I also got my prescription for less than the conventional medical services. (Anonymous, one month ago).

The service providers are all awesome!! (Anonymous, two months ago).

The services are remarkable and beneficial. I appreciate this program. I admitted this is the much open I’ve been in a long time. Talking to people one-to-one can be hard at times, but I was able to write my thoughts and look over them. I am cool with the fact that I did not get nonjudgmental feedback. Your services are exceptional. (Anonymous, two months ago).

I have not gotten maximum assistance such as this. I mean that. I was so encouraged; I feel so much better now than I was when I first began with Cerebral. I can’t thank you enough. I feel great! (Anonymous, three months ago).

Wonderful assistance for immediate needs. This platform has made everything so much simpler, and I recommended Cerebral to many friends and family. (David, three months ago).

Cerebral service is very different from my experience with nonbeneficial counseling sessions. This has made a difference in my mental health! I love my experience with my counselor, Lindsey Glovin, and the whole Care Team! I can communicate at any time, and they always respond to messages within a proper time. I recommend this platform to anyone battling mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. (Anonymous, three months ago).

I thank my counselor and their support for my care. Thank you for listening to me. I realize that we are led in the right direction! (Anonymous, three months).

Yesterday’s session was so helpful, and I appreciate Hannah for that wonderful session. Thank! It was my first ever positive experience with therapy. (Anonymous, three months ago).

For months I have been trying to get help, and cerebral has made this so easy for me. I want to take a minute to thank you for making this service available. (Anonymous, three months ago).

My Team has assisted me by bringing tranquility back into my life. The CBT therapy has been beneficial. I am improving by the day. I understand more about myself and know “what issue” and “why” behind my actions and reactions. I have recommended cerebral to many friends and family again and again. I wish people would benefit from your outstanding services. I will keep thanking you all for my journey so far. Yet we’re not achieved all. Still in progress. (Anonymous, three months ago).