How to be a Good Girlfriend | Tips for a Healthy Relationship. 

Relationship is a key aspect of human life. There is a need for both men and women to have quality relationships. 

A wise saying says that relationships are currency, the quality of persons you let into your life determines the value added to your life. 

There are many reasons for building relationships. It could be for business, mentorship, mere association, and then the big deal, Marriage Relationship.

A young man could approach a young woman for a romantic relationship, and if she accepts, she becomes his girlfriend.  Her relationship with him within this context is for the sole purpose of marriage in the future.  

This is not a causal relationship but an intentional relationship to build toward a marriage relationship.

Being a girlfriend in this regard is not for fun and sex, monetary gains and exploits. It is a deliberate decision you make after being convinced that you want to build a relationship with the man that will lead to marriage.

It is very important to count costs, and research the person spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and even socially before you accept the proposal.  

If you are not assured, or your intentions are not clear accept the person as a casual friend instead of agreeing to be a girlfriend.  

As a lady, you must build yourself in all areas of life so that you can add value to whomever you get into a relationship with. 

You can’t give what you do not have. You can’t be a good girlfriend if you are a bad person or have a bad character. Build character, build spiritually, build emotionally, and build financially these contribute a lot to the growth of your relationship. 


Communication is the life wire of every relationship. We can only relate when we communicate. Relationships cannot be without communication. The problem of many relationships is not lack of communication, but poor communication. This is because a relationship cannot be without communication. 

As a girlfriend in a relationship, you must learn how best to communicate with your partner. You need to talk when needed and keep silent when in otherwise situations. 

Communication is not all about speaking, it is all about sending or receiving a message that is adequately understood. If the message is not understood, communication has not taken place. 

Poor communication has destroyed many relationships and still doing so. 

These are a few tips on how best to maintain quality communication in your relationship.

Be Transparent: Do not keep secrets from your partner. Always be truthful and faithful even with your speech. 

Be clear with words: Talk to your partner politely and mutually about what they need to know. 

Do not talk when you are angry, or he is angry; wait for a suitable time to discuss the matter. 

Talk about everything: Do not cover things up or bury matters. Talk about everything. 

Listen Patiently: Learn how to listen to understand not just as an act. Listen with an open heart to understand the person. 


Trust is very important, it bonds and keeps relationships. As a girlfriend be intentional because you are convinced that you want to build a future with your partner. The foundation of your relationship must be built-in truth. What breaks trust are falsehoods, lies, deception, etc. 

Be very intentional because this is the foundation of your marriage, trust. Marriage is a sacred union, and this sacredness should begin from the relationship. The Bible says, “the two were naked and not ashamed”, this means total transparency.

If the end goal of your relationship is Marriage, then it is a big deal. Except for those who are playing around in purposeless relationships. 

Trust: being honest and transparent is an antidote to jealousy and insecurity in relationships. As a girlfriend train yourself to be transparent and truthful. 


The relationship is not all about going out on dates and going to places, it is not even an avenue for premarital sex. It is a support system. And the support should be mutual. 

As a girlfriend, you need to support your partner in the following key areas.

His vision, and goals. 

Spiritually: You should be able to pray over his life as much as you can. 

Financially: You should also support him financially and with wise advice.

Emotionally: You should give a listening ear to him and comfort him with words of encouragement. Sex is not part of this, sex is preserved and reserved in the union sealed before God and your parents. 

But the truth is that you cannot do all these if you are not equipped. You need to build yourself so that you can be a support system to your partner.

Also, in relationship compromise and teamwork is very important. 

Compromise brings both parties to a meeting point and keeps the relationship going. Some relationship has been destroyed because one or both parties refused to compromise. 

Compromise is simply letting go of what you believe strongly for another. While compromise is good, there is also bad compromise. As a girlfriend, stealing, pre-marital sex, killing, fraud, etc are examples of bad compromises. 

But there are many good ways you can compromise to help build your relationship. 

Teamwork is a major factor in relationships. As a girlfriend, you must agree to work alongside your partner toward a goal, vision, or project. 


Respect is very important in a relationship. Respect is esteeming and honoring a person. As a girlfriend know this, respect is for men what love is for women. Respect your partner and consider his feelings and opinions. 

A girlfriend should respect her partner in words, actions, and decisions. This is vis-a-vis. Mutual respect helps builds a lasting and healthy relationship. 


The relationship is first intra before inter. It means you first need a healthy relationship with yourself or within yourself before another person comes into your life. 

This is why you need to create time for yourself in a relationship. You need time for spiritual growth, mental growth, social life, etc. You need to rest and breathe. If you break down, you can’t function well in the relationship. 

As a girlfriend learn how to maintain a bit of independence apart from your relationship. Try to grow in all areas of your life aside from your relationship. At least to build a personality before marriage. 

A healthy relationship is a product of healthy persons. Your relationship is a reflection of who you are, if you are sick and dry spiritually do not expect a godly relationship and thus marriage. 

If you are sick in character, do not expect a nice and quiet relationship, and so on. 

That’s why you need to look before leaping into someone’s life in the name of a relationship. 

Here are a few tips for maintaining a Healthy Relationship. 

  • Be sure of what you want before you go in.
  • State your values, expectations, and goals to your partner. 
  • Be honest and transparent. 
  • Be committed and faithful. 
  • Support your partner in all good ways. 
  • Have a respected counselor you talk to from time to time. 
  • Have a goal and purpose for the relationship. 
  • Learn how to deal with conflict. 
  • Learn to apologize forgive and compromise. 
  • Respect each other.
  • Spend quality time together. 
  • Express Love and Care to each other. 
  • Communicate wrongs and expectations in a very polite manner. 


What do guys look for in a girlfriend?

A girlfriend should be someone faithful and supportive. Guys want to be where they are in safe heaven. 

What not to say to your partner?

Some persons make statements that may seem they are doing the other party a favor by being with them. 

Do not say this to your partner.

  • I am in this relationship because I have to manage you.
  • Look at Mr. A and Mr. B they are better than you.


How can I be a good girlfriend in a relationship?

A good girlfriend is committed, faithful, supportive, and respectful. You need to build yourself to the level that you can give all the above in a relationship. 

What does a girlfriend need in a relationship?

There are some key things a girlfriend needs in a relationship and here are some.

Security: She wants to be safe being with you. She needs to be sure that her future is safe with you; and that her interest and vision will not be shattered. 

Love and Care: She wants to see how much you sacrifice to make fine, spiritually, materially, emotionally, mentally, etc. 

Good Leadership: A woman desires a leader who can lead rightly. 

Support: She needs you to support her dreams, vision, and goals in every way you can. 

Communication: Every woman loves to communicate. To be heard and listened to. etc. 

When should I end my relationship? 

As a lady you need to end the relationship when

  • you are being abused either emotionally, verbally, sexually, physically, etc. 
  • When the relationship is heading in no direction.
  • When your values and beliefs do not align. 
  • When your partner is no longer committed. 
  • When your partner doesn’t seem to have a vision for his life and still not willing to do something about it.


A good girlfriend is not out to only benefit from her partner she is committed and supports the success of her partner. She seeks to do him good and not evil. She sees a future with her partner. 

Relationship is an integral part of human life. We can’t do without relationships. No matter the purpose of your relationship work Build towards keeping and building healthy relationships. The quality of your relationship life has a way of affecting other areas of your life.

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