How to Be a Good Boyfriend | Make her want you more

A male partner in a romantic unmarried relationship can be addressed as a boyfriend. In more formal settings, he is referred to as Fiancé or Betrothed.

Being in a relationship is not the end but making the relationship impactful and beneficial. A good boyfriend is a product of a good person. Who you are is reflected in your relationship with people this includes your partner.

A good boyfriend is a man who is first godly, visionary, sacrificial, committed, and considerate. 

Faithful men are not littered everywhere, but some have been found faithful although not perfect. 

If you want to know if he will be a good boyfriend and husband in a long run.  ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Does he submit to good authorities? 
  • Does he have a vision and work toward it? 
  • Does he fear God in his actions, decisions, and lifestyle? 
  • Does he do legitimate work or a job? 
  • Does his character match that of who makes a good husband and father? 
  • Is he financially responsible?
  • Is he a man of integrity?


Importance of being a good boyfriend. 

A boyfriend is a leader in a relationship setting.  This is because of the role he will assume when the relationship graduates into marriage; the head or leader of the family. Thus, He needs to have key qualities like submitting to the authority of God and men, being faithful, patient to lead and teach, being financially intelligent, selfless, etc. 

This article aims to enlighten men who seek to be better in their relationships on how best they can improve themselves. And other relationship tips that will benefit both men and women. Read to the end.

Understanding Your Girlfriend’s Needs 

One of the sole purposes of relationships is an avenue to serve another. It is not to exploit or abuse others in the name of feelings.   

As a boyfriend or fiancé, you should seek to meet the needs of your partner. Most men reduce these needs to only money and gifts. While money and gifts are good. There are other needs to meet in a relationship apart from these. 

Communication: Every woman needs a man that will hear her out, listen to her, and talk with her. 

Empathy: She wants you to always feel whatever she is going through. Empathy is not sympathy. You need to be able to carry her along and make her feel you are with her in hard times. 

Respect: Respect her self-value and worth. No woman wants to be with a man that disrespects her in words, actions, or decisions. She needs to be treated with honor. 

Trust: She will be confident if you can trust her. Women need to be sure they can be trusted. Apart from fidelity, she wants you to trust her with your vision, weakness, money, plans, etc.  

The need to help; women are created to help. As a boyfriend or fiance get your girlfriend Involved in your plans or project etc. 

Being Supportive

Every relationship should be a support system, the two parties whether boyfriend or girlfriend should be supportive. 

As a boyfriend, they are many ways you can support your partner.

Emotionally: You can support her emotionally, there are many ways it shouldn’t be premarital sex, giving her listening ears, a shoulder to cry on, and an assurance that you will stand in the gap is a good way to support her emotionally.  

Encouragement: This is very important to your girlfriend and your relationship. Two heads are better than one. Your words, your presence, and your materials can be of great support to your partner.

Being Present: It is good to spend quality time with your girlfriend. It helps build the relationship. Apart from dates, and outings, be present in times of difficulty, sickness, important events, etc. 

Being Attentive: A listening ear is a gold to women. A woman prefers a man who listens to her. It builds her trust in you and gives her assurance she is loved and cared for. 

Being Thoughtful and Romantic

Women are not moved by the big things, but it could be those little things that you neglect. Include her in your plan when going shopping, planning a surprise visit, or helping do those little things. Etc. 

Other ways are.

Surprises: organize a surprise birthday, when is her birthday, and a surprise gift delivered to her right at her doorstep.

Gifts: Every woman loves gifts, find out what she likes and buy them for her. 

Date Nights: Take out on special dates, a nice place she would love. 

Affection: express to her in words and actions how much she is special to you. In an unmarried setting, sex is not the normal way of showing affection but it is a beautiful way to express affection in a marriage setting. 

Building a Strong Relationship

Some things need to be in place in a relationship to make it strong and lasting.  

As a boyfriend, you need to develop yourself in these things to build a strong relationship. 

These are some.

Honesty: As a boyfriend build honesty as a lifestyle. Be truthful in all your dealings. It will contribute not only to your relationship but to other aspects of your life.

Loyalty: Be faithful to your partner, do not betray her in any way. In words, actions, or decisions. This is one way you can be a good boyfriend and future husband. 

Compromise: Learn how to let go for peace to reign. As a boyfriend, you are the leader in the relationship. You need to learn how to come to a common ground with your partner despite your position. You cannot lead effectively by being opinionated and authoritative. 

Commitment: Be ready to take positive steps at all times toward the growth of your relationship. As a boyfriend let your actions, words, and decision show your commitment to your partner. 

How can I be a better man for my girlfriend?

As a boyfriend, you be a better partner by listening to your partner, making adjusting where needed, and sacrificing more for her. 


What are the four types of relationships?

There are four types of relationships. 

  • Family relationships
  • Friendship
  • Acquaintanceships
  • Romantic relationships. 

What does every girl want in a relationship?

There are a lot of things a lady wants in a relationship but there are four key things that are of most importance irrespective of where they are from, be it black skin, white skin, red skin, etc. are.

  • Security
  • Love
  • Care
  • Respect

If you can provide these four things to any lady, then you will win her heart 100%.

What are the qualities of a potential husband? 

Here are some key qualities to look out for before you accept a man to be a potential husband.

Submission: try to find who listens and submits. If you are persons that want a godly marriage. Check if he believes, in and follows God’s principles. And check, he has someone he respects and listens to.

Faithfulness: Check out if he is a man of integrity. That is truthful in all his dealings. 

Visionary and hardworking; does he have a picture of where is going in life?

Compassionate: apart from you is kind to others.  

Fatherly: Does seem ready and equipped to be a father in case you need to raise one or more children.

A boyfriend needs to be prepared and equipped for a marriage relationship in the future. And all the rom the relationship. 

Build your character, build your vision, build your finances, and even emotional stability all these will produce a solid foundation for your relationship. You can read books and listen to men and women who values relationship and her rightly equipped in that area.

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