Surfing the tide of balance between our work life and career is not a feat that cannot be achieved if partners are intentional about balancing their relationship and career goals. These won’t come easy as the two people involved in the relationship are expected to put in the hard work. Every human has got an emotional need to fill and nurturing healthy relationships helps us fulfill these emotional needs tugging at the sleeves of our hearts. Then our career or work-life equips us with the resources required to take care of our physical and emotional needs hence the need to ensure the two factors exist together in a non-discordant tune.

Firstly, partners must have a concise understanding of their career goals and ensure that values and interests are discussed to further reiterate their various perspectives. Finding a balance between our love and career life requires the support of the people involved in the relationship as their emotional wellbeing is hinged on the successful co-existence of the duo. Here are tips on how to balance our relationship and career goals.


It’s no news that effective communication is the bedrock of any successful relationship. Communicating and frequent dialoguing helps the couple discover the gaps in their love life and career and then find solutions to possible problems. The place of communication cannot be ignored as it’s the strings that pulls the chords. An orchestra requires the skills of so many individuals to pull off a powerful performance, one that leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of its audience. So, an effective communication keeps the spark alive between the couple and ensure they work together towards achieving a sustainable relationship and career life.


Seeing the true situation of a thing clearly empowers us to take productive action and manifest change. “When the purpose of a thing is not clearly defined, abuse is inevitable”. Couples should have a clearly defined priorities on how best to achieve a sustainable relationship and career life, they can talk about work schedules and family time, stating what time to allot to what and when. Trying to accord one more time over the other might spark reactions that might not support the growth of the relationship. A couple could decide not to take a 9 to 5 job because they need more time to spend with the children at home, all this can be discussed and analyzed to achieve the best result.


Couples should find a way of making time for the home front when its expected. Sometimes, they can take time off the gadgets and techs by spending time to nurture their relationship and family. Limit the screen time and tech moments to engage more with your spouse verbally. Learn to unplug after work, ease into mealtimes and fun periods at home, keep the work at bay if there’s no emergency. Many couples still have laptops and phones sprawled out on their beds, sending, and attending to mails even after work hence stealing from the time they should have spent with their spouse.


Diamonds are expensive piece of jewelry and could cost an arm and a leg to afford one. These pieces of ornaments are valued by their owners and well treasured. When something is of great value, we try to protect and preserve its worth. If couples value their relationships, they will work towards its sustainability and that will translate to achieving a successful career. Mutual respect should be established and well accorded, providing room for deeper connection and better understanding of their values and career interest.


Establishing healthy boundaries in a relationship helps partners have a more comfortable relationship rather than a stifling one as it provides room for clearly defined intentions. Boundaries will help them understand their specific needs without hurting each other’s need even as they pursue goals and objectives that serve their interest.


A tree root provides support for the other part of the tree. From the stems to the flowers, every part is nourished by the resources provided by the root system. Couples should support each other’s dreams and push each other to succeed. They should hold each other up in light and affirm each other from a positive stance, providing love and encouragement in the face of challenging situation. Career choices and perspectives might differ, and couples can learn to support each other’s dreams as they as they work towards finding a fulfilled path in their life and career.


Couples should learn to cheer their wins, support each other’s dreams and be there to provide a hand to hold in time of despair. Be there at every step of the way, heralding your journeys and nurturing your growth. This will enable a more robust relationship and career life.


Time is of great value and requires skills in its management. Knowing when to do what and when requires some time management skills. In our relationships and careers, finding a balance between these two important factors can be hinged on how much time is allotted to them. Creating quality time for family either for vacations, camping or just family outings will require intentional efforts geared towards creating an enabling environment for this to happen. Pursuing a successful career path takes input and productive efforts and that will require time as well, so it’s a case of having a good sense of time management to enable you juggle your relationship and career effectively.


Relaxation helps the mind work better providing a state of emotional balance. Couples can take out time for retreats and outdoor activities, share mind relaxing activities that eases stress. This will foster a better bound and closure thereby opening a path for a healthier conversation surrounding their work life and relationship.


Proper stress management enhances productivity and improves our general wellbeing, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stress can inhibit the release of good hormones required for happiness and a state of pleasant disposition, so its pertinent that we find ways of handling stress either from work or relationships. This helps in providing a balanced measure for these factors. These two factors are like a horse and a cart, they need each other to enforce movement.