Ever been to a wedding? I guess we’ve all attended one at a point in our life. The sound of bells tolling and the beautiful decorations that adorn the hall, the elegantly dressed bride and the spectacular groom turning heads with their sparkling disposition. The ambiance is one of great joy as two people decide to walk the long road called MARRIAGE. Here, there’s a fusion of interest and shared values, respect for each other’s opinions to enhance mutual respect and understanding. There are negative ways marriage will affect our careers if not looked into.

Every man and woman on the face of the earth who desires growth in life must set out to pursue these goals if the interest to achieve those specific dreams is in view and within the purview of this context, career pursuit is often seen among this list. Driven by the innate need to be successful and distinctive in their various field of expertise, man is seen making conscious and intentional efforts towards self-growth and personal development.  Marriage as one of the most important institutions on earth requires a deeper level of mutual understanding for two people to share the comfort of a home, raise good kids and enjoy a supportive relationship.

In a fast-paced world where most families work to pay bills while some pursue a certain career path as an escape from poverty, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to find a balance between their relationships and career hence a major reason for a spike in divorce cases. Here are some of the negative ways marriage will affect your career.


‘’The unenlightened mind naturally seeks out that which comforts it, real or not’’, when a couple does not share the same ideology especially when it comes to career choices and interest, there’s bound to be friction thus creating a rift in their support system.  Each person tends to have a subjective opinion about the situation and once interests are no longer aligned, objectives held by everyone become biased and unappreciated.


Partners are meant to provide support for each other as provided by the extent of strength or resources within their disposal. During the marriage, there’ll be moments of happiness and despair, a time of plenty and lack, and times when the true strength of the relationship will be subjected to pressure. Support and solidarity are expected of each partner as they wade through the water of unprecedented scenarios but if that is not the case, then that will have an impact on the life of a partner and in extension, the career as well.


Priorities should be quite clear, and intentions should be well interpreted to avoid misconceptions. Couples should learn to define their relationship goals and stay true to their objectives. The office and the home are two different places and though there might be times when the need to accord more support for one as against the other, we should be careful not to have misplaced priorities. The key factor is ensuring there’s a balance between the two by ensuring they receive the deserved attention as at when due.


In a marriage or any other relationship, communication is like salt, its absence is greatly felt and noticed just like you would notice the lack of salt in a dish. The meal has an unsavory taste, one that is bland and unpleasant. Couples who lack communication in their relationship or marriages stand the risk of disintegration. The partners in this type of relationship are often unhappy and this emotional state can be translated to their works or career life. Productivity at work will be affected and the drive to achieve might wane with time.


In an electrical circuit, there must be a connection between the negative and the positive wire for electrical transmission to happen. When couples become less enthusiastic about the things that bind them together, they are heading for the rocks. Affection should be kept alive by nurturing moments that fans the embers of their union. The spark in their romance should be kept aglow by making consistent efforts towards the growth of the relationship. Every form of discontentment is an emotional need that will seek an outlet, and if worn on the sleeves during the dispense of official duties or career pursuit, your guess is as good as mine.



An untreated wound if allowed to fester might become infected and spread to other adjoining body parts. This might produce unhealthy outcomes and sometimes present dire consequences such as amputation. Arguments might arise due to diverse factors and because couples are not expected to share the same perspective all the time might experience scenarios where their differences might become an amplified giving room to disagreements. Issues of this nature should be resolved within the shortest time as a prolonged stance might exacerbate the entire situation which might have a negative impact on other aspects of their lives.


The lack of finance to meet the immediate needs of a man presents scenarios that might be distressing and uncomfortable. With the current economic situation in most parts of the world, people are seen grappling with how to meet their basic needs. Heightened pressure from workplaces and the rush to fill a lot of economic gaps have caused a crevice in many marriages and relationships. Many are compelled to prioritize their source of income due to economic pressure rather than settle for a stable relationship.


When you shake a carbonated drink vigorously, there’s a reaction within the bottle as its content seeks an escape. Immediately the bottle is opened, the contents are expelled with force due to the pressurized carbon dioxide in the drink. Couples should have a constant check on their emotional health as this helps them keep tabs on the emotional wellbeing of their body. Pressures can either be external or internal but regardless of the causative factor, couples should always find time to unbundle these pressures as these can impede their efficiency at work.


There are professionals in every field and marriage as an institution is not exempted. In the face of brewing conflict between a couple, after exhausting the tips mentioned above, couples are advised to seek professional help from marriage counselors, those with in-depth knowledge on these matters should be consulted to proffer solutions. No one enjoys having a broken home hence the need to take adequate steps towards the fixing of the marriage. Couples should protect their mental health because only someone who’s stable emotionally can have a balanced work-life or career.


Acceptance of a situation is the first step towards achieving the desired result. Couples going through turbulent times in their marriage or relationship should first acknowledge the situation by identifying the pain points because this helps them have a full grasp of the scenario and apply the needed solution. The truth is that a happy couple will have a more productive career or work-life than an unhappy one. So, couples should strive to find a balance between their career and marriage as this will only improve the quality of their relationship.