Women | top best 9 high paying careers for women

In the place of attentiveness and devotion to tasks, women have proven to be productive in every field. Though saddled with domestic chores at home yet have embraced the most profiled career over the years.

At home, they are clad in aprons surrounded by kitchen utensils, tending to their families, and at the office, they are seated with executives driving narratives that are shaping many business empires. Crafted with an innate strength that stems from within, spurred by a desire to challenge stereotypes, they have been pushing the frontiers of excellence and paving the way for laudable industrial achievements.

In a world where innovations and digital mechanisms are steering the wheels of technological advancements, the inclination towards career jobs has been on the increase.

From Tabitha Babbitt who invented the circular saw, machine-cut nails, and other refining tools to Grace Hopper alongside Howard Aiken who invented the Harvard’s Mark 1 the computer in 1944, women have been charting the course for inventions even as they have formed an integral part of the business community, establishing a dominance that cannot be shaken.

Etched in many business fabrics are the prints of several women who have registered their presence in businesses, contributing to societal and economic development through diverse feats. Although, some have chosen to pursue more specific job roles thus taking up more arduous roles and tasks. From boardrooms to merchants on the street, women have displayed apt business skills.

Apart from their apt business skills, they have moved on to workplaces that have encouraged career advancement and personal development. Here are some of the high paying careers for women.

Registered nurse

Nurses have always assumed a caregiver role since the time Florence Nightingale instituted the profession. They have offered comfort and healing to as many that have graced their presence. They are responsible for supervising the care delivered by other health care workers.

It is a profession that offers job flexibility and convenience thereby enabling its workers to offer their services in different environments. Their working environment can be fast-paced, full of activities, and at other times, it is extensively filled with a relaxed note as the atmosphere is serenaded with soothing words which aid the healing process of their patients.

Registered nurses help to manage physical needs, prevent illnesses, treat health conditions, and assist in recording relevant information required in making treatment decisions. The nursing profession has its structures, and many have carved a niche for themselves in one of the following. The average salary for registered nurses is $67,490 per year

  • Family Nurse
  • Adult-Gerontology
  • Neonatal Nurse practitioner
  • Pediatric Nurse practitioner

Nursing career path

Here are the various career paths in nursing

  • Certified Dialysis Nurse
  •  Nurse Anesthetist
  •  Nurse Midwife
  •  Nurse Case Manager
  •  Nurse Educator
  •  Nurse Practitioner
  •  Nurse Researcher
  •  Informatics Nurse
  •  Endocrinology Nurse
  •  Pediatric Nurse
  •  Travel Nurse
  •  Chief Nursing Officer


This is another field that is highly dominated by women. It has about 76.39% of women in its field. As a branch of medicine that is concerned with the control, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the disorder, injury, and disease in animals, it is an area that is populated by women because of their love for animals and lack of gender discrimination.

The veterinary doctor is one of the highest-paying jobs for women with an average salary of US $103,220 and these statistics will not be on the decline as the room for more entries for women has continued to soar. There is an opportunity for them to earn more when they assume more specified roles in veterinary medicine.

Physicians and surgeons

The field of medicine has always needed workers as the demand for medical care has continued to surge. Recently, the outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic threw the world into chaos, an overwhelming case in the medical field was witnessed, and the medical field was seen grappling with the growing case of casualties amidst a shortage of medical workers.

In 2019, most of the medical students in the United States were made up of women with over 50.5% of its medical student population. The percentage of entry for women is 40.27% with an average salary of US $97,656.

Physician assistant

These are medical practitioners that work under the directives of a licensed physician. Their job roles are sectioned under the development and management of treatment plans, prescription of medications, and might be allowed to diagnosis illnesses.

Most women have navigated their way into these career fields through nursing or acquired college degrees. The percentage of women in this field is 70.64% with an average salary of US $91.67 per annum.

Management analyst

These are also known as management consultants and their roles are much more than perfunctory as they advise the organization on applicable methods that can be used to enhance the structure of its operations for maximum performance.

Women, who are known for their assertiveness are found in large numbers in these positions as the statistics of women in this field is about 43.79% with an average salary of US $78.884 per annum.


Talk about intuitiveness and a high sense of emotional intelligence, women that are psychologists are known for their apt sensitivity and concise method of approach towards emotional subjects. They are more empathetic than men and a bit more observative.

The number of women in this field of career is 81.58% while the average salary per year is the US $74.932.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapy is a medical field that is recognized globally and has its professionals located in various parts of the world. Their mode of operation entails the use of assessment intervention to develop recovery and maintain meaningful activities or occupations of individuals.

Occupational therapists that are women are about 85.87% with an average salary of US $74.932 per annum.

Public relations manager

They serve as an intermediary between a company and the public by providing useful information for public consumption. They enhance brand recognition and ensure their service delivery towards their clients or customers is well organized. Women are good public relations managers because they are perceived as good communicators and better negotiators.

There are 69.44% of women in this career field with an average salary of US $72.748 annually.

Human resource manager

A human resource manager is personnel in charge of developing a strategic approach for the efficient management of people in a company or organization. They also manage the staffing process in an establishment and develop the training

required for employees to understand their job responsibilities.

Women have been championing many wins in the business world, branding their names across plaques crested by hard work and sheer tenacity.  As long as business enterprises continue to drive economic growth across the globe, women will be there taking their place in boardrooms and establishing their presence in diverse careers.