Some call it a side job and others refer to it as a part-time job, whether we call it aside or part-time work, it simply defines the term without emphasizing contextual clarification, the phrase is a testament to the opportunities present within its terrain. Part-time jobs are work schedule that is done at a specified pace, often tailored to fit a particular time structure. The duration of work for part-time jobs is different from that of full-time jobs. Part-time jobs present flexible options hence the mass affinity for them. Statistics have shown that there has been an increase in the number of people working from home as a 140% spike has been significantly recorded. Several reasons account for this figure, from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the emergence of virtual workspaces, all of these have driven the demand for remote workers and further widened the gap for its patronage.

Daily, several people grapple with economical situations that have caused a huge constraint on their finances hence the need to resort to an alternative source of income. A part-time job offers much more than work stretchability, it enhances your time management skill and gives room for further pursuit. The best part-time jobs are tremendously present within the walls of various online job sites, most of these platforms are agog with prospective job propositions lurking around for intending job seekers. In this article, we will look at some of these part-time jobs with emphasis placed on the choicest of them all.


The social media manager is one of the best part-time jobs given its availability, the quest for online exposure with regards to businesses and other ventures in need of online presence has increased the demand for social media managers and content promoters. Business owners in a bid to promote their goods and services using platforms that enhance their visibility across boards, expand their customer or client base, and drive exponential growth, have sought out individuals skilled in social media content management. Employing the services of these people has helped a lot of businesses thrive and grow through the ladder of entrepreneurial aspirations. From blog enthusiasts to websites handlers, the need for content promoters has grown continuously over the years with many of these job offers going for as much as $28.5 per hour.


This job is one of the most lucrative as the need for online tutors keeps growing at a significant pace. It is an avenue for people willing to share their acquired knowledge with others who are willing to pay for such services. Offering tutoring services varies from one job site to another, although some of the online tutoring services depend on certain factors required by these job sites. The subject that will be taught is taken into consideration as well as the amount of time spent in providing the teaching lessons. Online sites such as Chegg Tutors, Tutor me amongst others are filled with diverse teaching opportunities, and any educational savvy person can accept one of these jobs and enjoy the satisfaction which stems from imparting knowledge. International relations and diplomatic ties have created a huge buzz around the learning of one or more languages because this equips people with cross-border language skills and enables a quicker adaptation to other nationalities. Online tutors for French, German, Spanish, and a plethora of other languages converge in a transitional ascent in every online platform, beckoning people to keen on upgrading their language proficiency to utilize the curated services available on their websites. Online tutors can earn between $15-$35 and this figure is subject to some factors mentioned earlier in this section of the article.


Freelance service is a term that is often misconstrued with remote working as the duo seems to have synonymous features. Freelance workers are hired for a specified duration while remote workers are contracted as either full-time staff or part-time staff to assigned roles in establishments, here, the workers are entitled to benefits and remuneration intended for a staff of the organization. Fiverr, Upwork, and several other job sites offer a variety of these services and range from writing gigs, to customer service jobs, and many more. Freelance writers are highly sought after by content creators and a wide array of these opportunities is lodged within the premises of these online job sites. Freelance writers can earn between $17-$21 per hour and with major writing gigs, the pay is overwhelmingly pleasant, it’s one part-time job that has less stress and a convenient work schedule.


Yes! You heard right; a fitness instructor is one of the best part-time jobs. Who does not crave a healthy body, I doubt if there is someone without a desire for a fit body? First, it does not have to do with bulging biceps and a toned abdominal structure, there are a lot of people concerned with the basic steps required for staying healthy and enjoying a quality healthy lifestyle. The COVID pandemic curtailed movements to curb the spread of the virus and this sedentary lifestyle caused a spike in weight gain throughout lockdown, many suffered depression due to isolation and a greater number drifted from the norm to a life shrouded in uncertainty. This scenario caused a respectable number of people to suffer a nervous breakdown, an experience that drove the need for online health and wellness services, therapists, and fitness instructors. Everybody needs a functional human system, and this entails the entire structure which constitutes the human frame, working in coordination and cooperation for an optimal body output. Fitness instructors provide users with a series of selected workout routines either in video or audio format, leveraging the number of subscribers to upscale the job.


Blogging is also one of the best part-time jobs because it can be done remotely or on the go with the aid of a laptop or smartphone, a blogger can reach millions of subscribers in a minute. Blogging is gradually becoming one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial ventures in the world today as this platform has enabled cumulative growth concerning a wider range of customer coverage. This job presents the most flexible work schedule and convenience, allowing owners to work at their own pace. Most bloggers attest to the profitability of this part-time job as consultants on these platforms make as much as $150 per hour on each session. If you have a flair for writing, it is a job worth considering.

Other best part-time jobs include real estate agents, logistics business, culinary services, virtual assistants amongst others. An intending job seeker can take advantage of this vast opportunity and make an extra income.