Average salary of Graphic Designer in Singapore

Graphic designers are relevant to every career as they play rudimentary roles in the vocalized presence of a brand. They provide a visual representation of an idea expressed through concepts inked by hand or graphic design software. A graphic designer’s salary varies from one field of career to the other, a stance that is based on employment status and negotiation.

The application of digital creativity has enhanced the need for graphic designers because of the craft and innovative skill employed in their artistic effect.

Who is a graphic designer?

Graphic designers are people that fuse art and technology to convey messages embedded in concrete, iterated designs that appeal to the viewer. As a result, illustrated designs are more pronounced and possess an exaggerated disposition that indulges a viewer’s mind while engaging their thoughts.


  • A graphic designer discusses the scope of a project with the client before the commencement of the task. They provide counseling services to clients on strategies to employ to achieve set objectives.
  • Ascertain design templates and reflect same on project
  • They convey the client’s intent on the design as recommended.
  • Develop the graphics and visual images required for the website, logo, and product design
  • Utilize the appropriate software package for the creative demonstration of the project
  • Align the graphical representation with the client’s expectations
  • Make suggested changes as recommended by the client.
  • Analyze and review the job for errors before publishing

Career field for graphic designers

Multimedia developers/ animators

These graphic designers utilize computer programming to create visually appealing creative content that upholds interactive interfaces such as websites, apps, and games. The multimedia developer also creates templates that allow an integration of software programs that projects an idea into a more visualized design.

They also perform multimedia artistic roles to create models that integrate movements triggered by illusional effects. For example, the animators used this process in storytelling for motion pictures. The average graphic designer salary for multimedia developers is USD 65,823 per year. Many people have taken these career paths because of the tremendous adoption of multimedia content across the globe.

Content developer

Today, almost every brand is represented on a digital platform to create awareness and drive traffic to their product sales. For such brands, creating content that reflects the company’s objectives is integral in the process of brand projection. A content developer is a graphic designer who incorporates the information a client provides to develop ideas that broaden the scope of discussion or area of interest.

From the street vendor to the wall street business owners, the idea of promoting their craft is hugely based on brand awareness and positioning. This brand awareness is created on digital platforms such as websites, social media pages, and other media platforms. To garner the right traffic to the web page, the right search tools are required for that purpose. Employing the help of content developers makes this task much easier as they are better equipped with skills for this process.  

To an extent, a graphic designer’s salary is a function of the accomplished task as the job can be negotiated to embrace the amount of time spent on a job. The average salary for a content developer is USD 59,000 per year.

Creative director

A creative director is a professional who manages a team of creative enthusiasts dedicated to designing products and ideas premised on a digital platform. They oversee the development of innovative ideas from conception to completion since the role of a creative director is hinged on the development of ideas and the implementation of strategies employed in creating projects from the ideation stage to completion.

Stitching the roles of different creative enthusiasts to create a fabric of ideas imprinted on a digital canvas requires skilled personnel, thus utilizing a creative director who works directly with the client to understand the customer’s perspective. They also direct the team of art creatives working on a project. These are the content creators, art directors, illustrators, and multimedia developers. The average salary of a creative director is USD 86,660, a figure hinged on the hiring company’s size and the employee’s experience level.

Visual image developer

A visual image developer is a graphic designer that uses an aesthetic template to build a relatable brand image that promotes the goals of a business. They work in synergy with the technical team and other creative professionals to take care of issues about the assigned projects. Their roles are visionary as they are the mastermind of innovative initiatives producing software-integrated interfaces for mobile applications.

They utilize creative software tools to design logos and infographics, provide the correct service delivery and align their creativity objective with the customer’s goals. They are employed by many motion picture developers who utilize visual representation to express ideas in elaborate digital projection. The average salary for entry-level visual image developers in the United States is USD 56,000, while in California and Washington, the graphic design salary is USD 104,460 and 108,169 annually.

Web designer

Web designers are highly sought after by many companies and brands to create the digital structure for the location of a business idea or the personal representation of a creative intent that is meant for the public view. A web designer prepares the content for a web by using tools that will promote the page’s objective and reiterate the ideology behind the website setup. The role of a web designer is quite versatile as they embrace the task of setting up a website in its entirety. Utilizing technologies and other web designing tools, they design websites by styling the website’s layout, interface, landing pages, and other functional carriers—web design tools such as HTML, CSS, and other web design resources.

These graphic designers also integrate programming sequences to ensure a more cohesive interpretation of the website software encodings by the user. Furthermore, the general page navigation structure is fully designed to be accessible and flexible for the user to avoid complexity during the program launch. A graphic designer’s salary for this career path is USD 35,000 -78,000 in the United States, a figure subject to employment situations, entry-level skills, and work schedule. Web designers are found in every walk of life, working in diverse sectors and promoting brand awareness and visibility. 

Working to have a brand embolden objectivity that is reflected across all the media platforms of the company is a task that web designers undertake to ensure a proper representation of the firm in the most appropriate way.