Average Salary of a Teacher | United States

Teaching as a profession has existed for many centuries, as recorded by history. In medieval times, great philosophers such as Confucius was notable as the first renowned private teacher. Anthropologists believe that teaching started around 561 B.C, during the period when Confucius was an acclaimed first famous private tutor. He was an apostle of knowledge, and many became his disciples just because of the wealth of expertise deep within him.               

During that period, only the elite could afford to acquire an education. In ancient Greece, Greeks who were aristocrats were the ones who could hire private teachers to train their children. In the Middle Ages, the significance of education became increasingly appreciated by all and sundry, thus establishing learning institutions and educational structures.

Today, the impact of education is etched into every fabric of our existence as humans. From doing research based on nutrition to the biochemical analysis of the genetic coding embedded in every human being, education has opened new frontiers of learning that have challenged norms and beliefs.                

These channels of knowledge acquisition are the teachers, a group of intellectual individuals equipped with the tools and knowledge required to instill the same into another person. They are on the front burner of every profession, bequeathing relevant information structured to enhance a student’s diverse career pursuits. They make all other disciplines easy because they provide the academic or intellectual resources that pave the way for these career champions to emerge.          

Teaching is a broad field because it embraces all facets of learning. There are teachers of music, arts, sculpture, design, science, and a host of several others. Teachers are found within the walls of a classroom and on the street, living a purpose-driven life stitched through the timeless impartation of knowledge.


Resourceful Intellectuals                            

The role of a teacher is versatile as they are custodians of knowledge within a specific field of expertise. They are intellectuals with the relevant skills and knowledge required to provide teaching to others. These resources are transferred to students through a teaching process to enable them to acquire the same talent for future career endeavors. So, the role of a teacher is that of a pioneer as they act like a sailor in a ship and utilize good navigation skills to bring the boat ashore.


Teachers are as many mentors as they are tutors, providing academic resources and shaping the students mentally and physically to be prepared to undertake life’s lessons. Teachers mentor their students through the mental nourishment of the mind, body, and soul. They guide the students through a path of awareness and profound discovery of ideas that is fetched off the mental ability of their teaching prowess.                            

Teaching, mentorship, guidance, and counseling are intricately woven into the fabric of a teacher’s mind and, spurred by their profession, are likely to transfer same into a student.

Inspiring Leaders         

It is no mystery that the role of teachers has been pivotal in the development of ideas and the creation of ingenious inventions. Many great scholars and renowned inventors owe their mastery to the knowledge acquired from seasoned teachers. Moreover, these intellectual academicians have inspired a generation of leaders in various career fields across the globe. With these inherent traits, teachers have become pacesetters, leading many through uncharted territories to a horizon of a plethora of discoveries.

Creative Thinkers                         

The role of a teacher is primarily premised on a creative stance because they develop strategies that will effectively convey the information aimed at positioning a student for the proper access to the tutoring process. The result is information transfer, whether the teaching is done using a practical or theoretical approach. So, teachers have creative thinking skills to enhance their education and students’ listening ability.

Dream Motivators                                

Teachers are always the driving force behind most actualized dreams. They are behind the wheel, steering the student to accomplish remarkable feats. Every student who attends a school does so to acquire the knowledge required to furnish them with the resources for future career pursuits. Teachers nurture these dreams through years of diligent teaching and mentorship.

Types Of Teachers

Early Childhood Teachers                                 

These teachers are responsible for the early mental development of the child intellectually. From 0 – 4 years, these children are exposed to learning basics utilizing drawings and stories. Since the brain is in a developing stage at this point, it is pertinent that mental pictures are imprinted, which can be a collation of nursery rhymes, pictorial representations, and storytelling. These children are young and possess a peaceful mind, but if taught by a good teacher, their minds can become a vibrant canvas if iterated with the correct information required for their age.                           

Many are curious and eager to learn about things at this learning age, so early childhood teachers provide the essential learning template to prepare these young ones for the next stage in their academic pursuit.

Elementary Teachers                          

The primary teachers are equipped with the academic knowledge to instruct students between the ages of 5 and 10. At this age, the students are at a discovery phase where the mind is sharpened with skills to adapt to a future learning experience. These students are good with spelling and quite efficient with basic reading skills; hence the introduction to arithmetic and science engendered topics. The primary teachers provide guidance and direction to students with the help of resourceful coordination of the student’s learning ability.

High School Teachers                       

These teachers are more susceptible to teaching tasks as the students within this learning stage are either adolescents or on the verge of attaining puberty. Driven by hormonal impulses and peer pressure, these children can exhibit traits that are not in line with the expected behavioral pattern. The secondary teachers provide more than essential learning to the students of this age as they are also expected to instill values and morals that will guide the student’s actions.

Tertiary/Higher Learning Teachers                            

Here, total exposure to learning experiences will prepare the students for future career endeavors. Furthermore, the tertiary teachers in the higher institutions are mentors and academicians in various career fields. At this stage, the students are fully aware of life’s expectations and societal demands. They also have the information required to make them trailblazers in their chosen career fields. 

Salary Of A Teacher                  

In the United States, the average salary of a teacher is USD 55,890, with a median hourly wage of USD 25 – 33. Teachers are individuals who are constantly providing relevant knowledge for the intellectual development of students across boards. This single effort has birthed innovations, inventions, and ideas that are changing the course of humanity for the better across the globe.