Part-time jobs are also referred to as telecommuting, remote jobs, or home-based- jobs. These are jobs that are done from home or outside the office premise. The physical office space is converted into a virtual one using tech gadgets such as phones or laptops.

The location of the employee during the discharge of duties is subject to the employee’s decision and this can either be in a coffee shop, café, or home. The work schedule can also be structured to either be a full-time or part-time basis and the employees can offer freelance or permanent services.

For this article, we will be considering the part-time work-from-home job and leveraging the opportunities it presents. The need for remote workers has experienced a surge given the recent demand for virtual workers, especially with the COVID -19 pandemic which had a significant impact on economical livelihoods. Working as a part-time remote worker avail you the opportunity of enjoying flexibility and convenience. Here, you can work at your pace and establish your routine and schedule. We will look at some of these part-time work-from-home jobs as we dive into this space of virtual workspace, one driven by digital network and connection.


The dawn of virtual workspaces has influenced a shift in work patterns, many organizations are considering or taking up offers from more remote workers as this ensures the continuous offering of its services beyond the physical office building or walls. Customer service jobs and services are often required by firms that want to maintain a good customer-client relationship with their customers. These firms are seeking platforms that will drive sales-forward and produce a good return on their investment.

Firms, when setting up their website and other channels of ads, attention is drawn to a customer service pop-up section where customer service-related issues are discussed and resolved. It’s an integral part of any establishment hence the recruitment of individuals who are people-oriented and have a flair for customer service jobs. Sites such as HUBSTAFF TALENT, WE WORK REMOTELY, FLEXJOBS is daily saturated with these job jingles and individuals whose job desire resonates with the work conditions are harping on these opportunities and making the most of them.


Whether we are providing a service or product, the truth remains that the only means of projecting the visibility of this service or product is through sales. It is the driving force for any firm. Social media is buzzing with various advertisements, beckoning, and imploring visitors to the site for patronage, some are even cajoled into referring a friend for some rewards and coupons.

Taking up a sales job as a part-time work from home job is an ideal move as the worker is furnished with adequate sales techniques required for the job. From blue-chip firms to boardroom cooperation, there is still a need for sales and so the demand for this line of jobs has never waned but has remained progressive, leaning on social media channels to display their wares. You can check out sales part-time work-from-home jobs on sites like REMOTE.OK, SOLIDGIGS, VIRTUAL VOCATIONS, and others.


Well, the virtual workspace is driven by technology and digital service platform. Every online work is tethered to a digital framework, something that requires a tech-savvy hand and a drive for tech stuff. Graphic designing, creative writing, and customer service jobs are done on digital platforms, and one would expect a worker in this field to have a good pay given the immense digital exposure they get by the job role. Big tech companies such as MICROSOFT, APPLE, and META are daily imbued with the task of recruiting more workers as the demand for part-time workers has risen significantly.


The gap between the educated and uneducated keeps expanding as the years go by, there has never been a time when the world will be sufficient of teachers or lack those seeking intellectual growth and mental enlightenment. Online tutors, education, and training services are constantly required for the considerable number of people thronging the website in search of these jobs. We have websites such as TUTOR.COM, CHEGG TUTORS, UDEMY, and TUTOR ME amongst others are laden with teaching job opportunities and if you are gravitating toward imparting knowledge across the board, uninhibited by classroom walls and office, then this job is for you.


The medical and health consulting services are made of experts, those schooled in their field and armed with the knowledge of these firms. A website like WebMD is leveraging these virtual social media channels to push the frontier of digital medical services. Patients are free to seek medical help or advice without the fear of exposing their identities.

The virtual digital workspace for medical services is growing, making health services available to several people located in various places around the globe. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic further necessitated the need for these services as the health of several people was hinged on simple online medical consultation. It requires a high level of professionalism, and people who are skilled and tutored in this direction are allowed to work.


You will agree with me that every work that needs to take advantage of the social media platform or other digital platforms to drive sales must put up content that reflects the objectives of the organization. Content writers are highly sought after to produce iterated works displayed on these websites.

Data entry jobs for part-time work from home jobs abound on sites such as JUST REMOTE, DYNAMITE JOBS, REMOVE, OUTSOURCED. The data entry jobs can be typing, transcribing, virtual assistant, data entry clerk, and several others. Most of these underlined job descriptions are well embraced by several remote recruiting job websites and it is an avenue for anybody who seeks to explore the terrain of part-time work from home jobs.