4 best Google careers that will change your life.

A walk down the entire floor of the cooperative world provides a glimpse of the dynamics that have taken place in the workplace environment in recent times. Today, we see a lot of organizations transiting from physical workplaces to virtual ones while the operation of several others is hinged on a remote workforce.

These changes have also prompted the incorporation of new skill uptakes for effective integration into new technological transformations that are shaping the business’s digital frontiers.

Digitalized workspace is a rave in the world of business as many cooperating organizations are constantly taking steps to define their brand identities by using digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other microblogging outlets.

This demand for brand visibility across boards and top-notch productivity has seen an increased demand for a technological-driven workforce and this in turn has influenced the interest in new degrees or certificate acquisition. Google, with a keen eye for investment in human technological adaptability, has partnered with online platforms to launch the Google career certificates.

The Google career certificates are programs that are designed to provide skills in career fields such as data analytics, UX design, IT support, and project management through an online learning platform. Users are equipped with skills that qualify them for jobs in high-demand career fields and present them with relevant opportunities in their field of interest.

There are diverse types of Google career certificates which has been carefully curated to fit into the technology industry and the flexibility of the courses is such that no prior degree or experience is required for enrolment. Taking a concise approach to this topic, a summary of the Google career certificates will be outlined below for a more contextual view.

UX design professional certificate

The UX design is utilized by designing teams to build products that enhance the visual user interface experience, and the entry-level salary is $58,600. Their role is entrenched in every aspect of product designs, ranging from online user interface integration to the entire product setup. Acquiring skills in UX design equips you with an apt understanding of user stories, user journey maps, and persona development.

The ease of navigation for users on an application is the core objective of a UX designer and this process becomes unattainable without a clear understanding of how it works. Technically, the UX designer utilizes tools to create a user experience that is accessible, and comfortable with the ease of navigation.

The Google UX design professional certificate can be accessed on platforms such as Coursera and without prior knowledge or experience, the program has been designed with course modules that give a detailed description of the navigating tools required for user interface designing.

IT supports professional certificate

The level entry salary for IT support professionals is $50,800 and you will agree with me that every organization needs one. Getting a professional certificate in GOOGLE IT SUPPORT is important for people who want to acquire problem-solving skills to assist network and computer work effectively.

The GOOGLE IT SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE provides skills that make data administrative jobs seamless and less tactical. It is a good take for an overall system check as this gives users the skill to troubleshoot any technicality that might arise from system malfunctions.

It enables a full grasp of the operating systems and system administrations and with a better perspective of underlying issues, and IT support professionals can provide support to users.

Data analytics certificate

Every business or brand’s success is dependent on its data and statistics management quality, taking a detailed stock of data in an organization helps in decision making and directly impacts the future structure of the firm. A data analytics certificate, therefore, provides users with the skills for data collection and management.

A data analyst helps firms and brands organize their data for more effective and productive output and with an average entry-level salary of $67,900, it is a highly sought-after job, and every intending data analyst is sure to make a huge cut out of these statistics.


Here, the role of a project manager is broadly established and expressed in its significance in the corporate block. The major functionality of most firms is hinged on an efficient project manager because the person is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring projects within an organization are successfully delivered within the required time and resources.

The GOOGLE PROJECT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE is available on Coursera and can be undertaken to improve your project management skills and assist you in providing more relevance to your firm with the discharge of your duties. The entry-level salary is $59,000.

The value provided by Google through these courses is immense and a student who undertakes these courses will be fully equipped with digital workspace knowledge. Here are the benefits of becoming a Google career certified professional.



Google has partnered with Coursera to provide this seamless learning experience for just $39. There is no experience or prior knowledge of the GOOGLE CAREER CERTIFICATES required before the commencement of any of the certificate classes mentioned above.

The Coursera platform has a plethora of courses that are suited for different skill acquisition and thus people seeking to broaden their knowledge on emerging digital trends are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities and become a resourceful tool in your organization.


The technological reformations in the workspace environment have increased the demand for personnel equipped with the digital tools required for work efficiency and productivity. The need to acquire skills that will enable a worker to be at par with the current digital trends has compelled many to seek out sites and platforms providing courses on digital certificates.

Google has partnered with a couple of firms to commence programs that guarantee a career certificate in IT SUPPORT, UX DESIGN, DATA ANALYTICS, and PROJECT MANAGEMENT amongst others. The gap for a technological-driven workforce is closed by this continuous program by Google as many users have been provided with various digital skills to enhance workplace performance.


The Google career certificates provide users with a one-on-one learning experience with the Google experts who are available on the learning platform to assist in making the learning experience worthwhile and great. The flexibility with the learning schedule is another added advantage as the user is given the room to work within the ambit of the provided timeline suitable to them.

The benefits of taking up a Google career certificate course are seen in the assigned roles the users are given at their workplaces and in the value that is consistently been added towards the growth of the establishment.

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