How to best delete photos on MocoSpace

Do you have a user account on MocoSpace and want to delete your photo or edit some of the features on your profile? 

Have you tried editing these features but keep having a tough time? Then, this post is meant for you!

This article provides detailed guidelines on how to solve issues relating to account management on your MocoSpace profile. 

The need for social connections has proliferated since the introduction of social network platforms. It has become an avenue for interaction, collaboration, and networking.

MocoSpace is a mobile social network launched on the 20th of October 2005. The platform has over 3 million subscribers and social features such as mobile games, instant messaging, photos, e-cards, and chat.

As a thriving social media space, it offers various services which cut across all nationalities and, as such, has a considerable number of subscribers as youths.

Do you have a MocoSpace account and want to delete an uploaded photo but find it difficult to do?

Well, do not fret because this article has you covered with tips on how to fix issues with photo upload, photo removal, editing of location on the app, contacting their help center, and several others.

To remove one or more photos from your account, go to the MocoSpace app and retrieve the album containing the images you want to delete. Select the MANAGE PHOTOS and follow the prompts. Choose the pictures you want to remove and subsequently click yes when asked to confirm the action, and the selected image will be deleted

  • On the main screen of the MocoSpace website, click on the PHOTOS tab at the top-right corner of the dashboard
  • Choose the image you want to delete
  • Click on the DELETE PHOTO option in the bottom-right corner

How do you upload pictures on MocoSpace?

Uploading a photo to your MocoSpace profile account is quite simple. Pictures are uploaded through the ADD PHOTO link on your photo page. Next, go to your settings page, where you can send a message with your photo to your upload code.

For users on Android or iPhones, photos can be uploaded directly by downloading the MocoSpace app from your Google Play Store or iTunes.

Please note that users are advised to acquaint themselves with the policies regulating uploading pictures on the social platform. 

Let us look at the content guidelines for photos on MocoSpace


The images uploaded cannot contain

  • Nudity
  • Drugs
  • Illegal weapons
  • Lewd gestures
  • Personal information such as email, full names, phone numbers, website
  • Hate speech of any kind or Slurs
  • Copyrighted materials

Please note that once a photo is rejected, it cannot be reviewed. Therefore, violation of these guidelines might lead to the removal of an account.

 Registering on MocoSpace is easy, head on to Mocospace website and fill out your details to create a user profile.

Your photos can be uploaded directly either through the PC version of MocoSpace or by SMS or email, and all images must follow the stipulated content guidelines required by the website. The photos can be png, jpg, or gifs, sized to 300KB.

They are also resized to thumbnails of 90px, with the quality and aspect ratio maintained accordingly. This is because resized pictures are the only viewable images on the mobile site, while on the PC, the images can be viewed by clicking on them.

For the upload of videos, the content must be in .3pg dimension and size 300KB.

How do you delete pictures from the line chat?

To delete pictures from line chat on your MocoSpace profile

Click the delete button on the photo’s message or use the message menu and choose delete photo

On the desktop app, select the picture you want to delete and click the ‘’X’’ button, or you can use the delete picture option beneath the photo’s info box.

On the line chat app, click on the image and the DELETE button.

You can also delete pictures by going through the PHOTO TAB on the app

To delete a photo using the MocoSpace photo tab

  • Open the PHOTO TAB and click on the image you would like to delete
  • Click on the SHARE BUTTON at the bottom of the screen
  • Confirm by hitting the DELETE OPTION

How to change location on MocoSpace

To edit your profile account on the app, you must launch the app on your device.

To change any settings on your account, proceed to the edit profile section to change your email, password, and phone number.

Go to the EDIT PROFILE section and make the preferred changes you desire. Next, click on the ABOUT ME SECTION and update your location, set your profile gender, and other information you wish to change.

So here is a breakdown of how it works.

Launch the app>edit profile>about me section>update your preferred shape.

MocoSpace Help Centre

contact the MocoSpace customer service for any help you might need concerning your account/profile issues

 MocoSpace contact information

MocoSpace Website

MocoSpace Help Center

Visit the contact page through the MocoSpace inbox or offsite email address, which can be Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc.

Toll-Free Number

(877) 323-4815

Corporate Office Address

JNJ Mobile Inc.

745 Atlantic Ave

Boston, Massachusetts


United States

Opening Hours

Additional Contact Numbers

Opt-out: Text STOP to 46626

Customer Service: Text HELP to 46626


+1(617) 542-1633

The MocoSpace social app,, like every other social network platform,, has features like other apps that connect and aid social interactions. Created during the popularity of and based on Issues about managing user accounts can be fixed with the helpful tips provided by this article.

Whether you want to delete pictures, change status, or edit any of your features, it is easily accessed when you launch the mobile or desktop app.

Deleting your photos can be done with a simple click and editing other features on your profile is also done without hassle.