How to best cancel a Shein order

Have you ever purchased from a Shein store and tried to cancel your shein order, all to no avail? Then, settle in and go through this article as issues such as order cancelation, refund and shipping will be addressed.

As a leading brand in manufacturing women’s clothing, Shein has continued to garner attention across the globe with its multicultural style appeal. Moreover, its cutting-edge, dynamic style approach keeps improving with the latest fashion inspiration. This has endeared millions of customers to stay patronizing this fantastic fashion brand for its staple wardrobe options.

Buying on the Shein website is relatively easy but like every other retail store, it presents its issues sometimes. So here are helpful tips on how to handle the problems that might arise during a purchase at a Shein store.

How do I cancel a Shein order and get a refund?

It is possible to cancel your Shein order if the need arises, but that must be done before shipment. If the order has been shipped before you initiated the cancelation process, then you must follow the following steps

  • Log into your Shein account
  • Enter your email and password
  • Click on your account at the top right-hand corner of the website and check on your order status
  • Click on your order and select the one you want to cancel
  • Submit the order, and the refund process will be initiated

When a Shein order is canceled, the refund is made to a customer’s Shein wallet within five business days. After that, a customer can proceed with placing another order or create a withdrawal of the order value to their payment account.

The takeaway from the above statement is that a customer can cancel an order only if the parcel has not been shipped but once it has been processed for shipping, then a return/refund process must be initiated.

You must launch the Shein app to cancel your Shein order, select my orders, choose the specific one you want to cancel, and hit the cancel button!

Wait a minute! What if the order has been shipped, and a customer still wants to cancel the order? As stated earlier in the opening paragraph of this article, you cannot cancel a shipped order, but you can initiate a return/refund process. So, here are the steps required for that

  • Wait for the shipped item to arrive.
  • Ensure the item can be returned.
  • Proceed with the return process
  • Print the return label for the order
  • Attach the label to the item and send it back (please note that items must be returned in their original packaging without damage and unused)
  • Once the Shein order is returned, the refund is done within ten business days

You should contact customer service for a review of Shein’s return policy to give you a grasp of the steps to take. Well, here is a glance through Shein’s return policy

  • Customers are given a window period of 30 days to decide if the purchase is right for them. If that is not the case, a return process is initiated immediately within that specified duration.
  • Items such as underwear, lingerie, bodysuits, jewelry, pet supplies, and beauty accessories (except bags, scarves, and mermaid blankets) DIY supplies cannot be returned for hygienic purposes
  • They do not accept items that have been damaged or worn. SHEIN items that are returned must be unused and in their original condition
  • SHEIN items that have been selected as non-returnable and gifts cannot be returned
  • Items that are returned without following the earmarked procedure will not be accepted

Why can’t I cancel my Shein order?

To reiterate, you cannot cancel a Shein order that has been shipped. The best bet is to wait for your order to arrive and then initiate a return process for the refund of the order value.

The refund is done to your Shein wallet, which can be used for a subsequent purchase, or the sum can be transferred to your payment account. Please, note that a Shein order that has been confirmed, packaged, and shipped cannot be canceled. However, a customer can return the order and apply for a refund.

How long does SHEIN take to refund a canceled order?

Shein’s return policy plays an integral role in any return on its website, which is why it is highlighted here. The duration for a refund in a customer’s Shein wallet is hinged on several factors.

Here are the steps to take

  • Log into your SHEIN account.
  • Go to the MY ORDERS SECTION and select the return item button.
  • Choose the preferred item, state the reason for return, and submit
  • Select the mailing method and follow the prompt by providing the required information
  • The shipping company will contact you for pickup, or you send it to the stipulated SHEIN return center.
  • Once it is received by the center, the returned SHEIN order will be confirmed, and your status will be updated.
  • Refund will be done within seven working days. So, a refund will be done within seven business days, whether the order is canceled or returned.

Refund process

  • Refund is processed within 48 hours when SHEIN receives the returned order
  • If a customer opts for a SHEIN wallet, the order value is returned to their SHEIN account within 24 hours. Still, if the original payment account is selected, the duration for the refund takes up to 2-10 business days after SHEIN has initiated the refund.
  • A pickup service charge of USD 7.99 will be deducted from the refund that will be made to your SHEIN wallet or payment account.

Whether canceled or returned orders, refunds are subject to time, type of logistics used, and payment options. However, once your return has been confirmed, there is no need to worry, as SHEIN will refund the order value to you.

Can I edit my SHEIN order?

Yes, you can edit your SHEIN order.

For shipping address

  • The shipping address cannot be changed for orders that have been shipped and hence cannot be edited.
  • You can select MY ORDERS and edit the shipping address for a SHEIN order that is still awaiting confirmation and has not been shipped.

For editing sizes

  • On your Shein account, click on your orders and select the specific item to be edited.
  • For unpaid orders, proceed to cancel the order in MY ORDERS SECTION and replace the same with a new order with the correct size.
  • For paid orders that have not been shipped, a customer should contact customer service to assist with the size change.
  • For already shipped orders, the size cannot be edited. Wait for the order to arrive, and then apply for a return or refund. Then proceed to make a new purchase with the new size.

Whether you want to cancel, edit your order, or initiate a refund, all the processes are tethered to one point, your USER ACCOUNT. So, launch your SHEIN app and follow the prompts to fix any of these situations but if the issue is complicated, then kindly contact their customer service channels for assistance.