How to best cancel a lululemon order

Have you ever thought of a one-stop shop for all your sporting gear and accessories, and are you wondering where you can make a seamless purchase without hassle? Well, you should ponder no more, as Lululemon has just the correct answer to all your sporting gear needs. 

Are you a new or existing brand customer, and you have made a purchase on Lululemon and, for specific reasons, want to cancel your lululemon order but do not know how to go about it?

Then worry no further, as his post has just the proper fix for the situation as it presents information that will aid with the process of canceling a lululemon order.

The art of staying fit works better with an intentional approach to achieving the best result that will be visible and worth the effort. Lululemon is a brand positioned to provide comfortable sports gear for style enthusiasts, especially for people who indulge in physical exercises such as sports and athletics.

 A tour through the lululemon website opens a page laden with thoughtfully curated sports apparel that cuts across all genders. It welcomes its visitors with a thirsty display of models adorned in various workout wear and lifestyle accessories, making the adoption of sportswear fun, comfortable and affordable. 

Below, this article will address critical questions that might arise before or after buying at the Lululemon store by providing helpful tips on cancellation and return processes. So here are some of the fundamental questions and their answers.

What happens if I do not get my lululemon order?

Yes, we have all had an order that was not delivered at a point in our lives, and we can attest to how distressing the scenario was, given the need and time allotted to that specific purchase. So, what happens when you place a lululemon order, and your purchase does not get delivered as scheduled?

Lululemon has that covered with the following options.

If you have placed a lululemon order and are anticipating delivery of your purchase, and due to certain underlying factors, the order does not get delivered as scheduled. Then reach out to the customer service department using the available information options on their website. 

Furthermore, you can visit the Guest education center (GEC) to use the self-service tips. In case of not receive your lululemon order, the brand will give you.

The total value of your order will be refunded via the original method of payment used in making the purchase when you provide the following details 

  • Full name 
  • Email address
  • Order and tracking ID
  • Shipping address

A refund will also be done when the dispatch team/courier company attempts delivery but fails on three occasions, the item is returned to the sender, and your total order value is returned to you.

How do I contact Lululemon customer service?

Are you shopping for the first time at the Lululemon store, or are you an existing customer and having a tough time getting across to their customer service representatives? 

Settle in with this post because you will find it helpful. 

When you visit the Lululemon website, a section helps with easy navigation of pages that enhance seamless contact with customer service representatives through a live chat or email.

When you click on the live chat option, a pop-up virtual assistant walks you through a short Q & session to enable the company to provide you with the most suitable answer. You will have to supply the following

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The question/message you seek to ask

You can also dial the customer care line (1-877-263-9300) to get an immediate response to all the questions that tug at your heart or send an email to

Can I return the lululemon bought online to the store?

To ensure the safety and well-being of purchases made in the store, the brand has policies that protect its customers and their interest. For example, here are the return policies when you make a lululemon order.

Certain conditions must be met if you want to return a lululemon order bought online to the store.

  • Returns can be done in person or via mail, and they are free.
  • Note that gift cards, face masks, and gear from the WE MADE TOO MUCH SECTION Cannot be returned because of its sales option, which is a final sale.
  • Items delivered in a box must be returned in good condition with proof of purchase attached.
  • Lululemon is not currently accepting the LIKE NEW PRODUCT section in the store. There is a portal called the LIKE NEW RETURNS PORTAL where customers can fill out a form to receive an authorization number and return instructions. A customer will have to pay for the return shipping fee.
  • If you made your purchase on one of the North American lululemon websites, then you can walk into any North American lululemon store and make a return.

Lululemon is positioned to help their customers enjoy a seamless purchase in their stores and thus establish the Guest Education Center (GEC), which provides self-service options to new and existing customers. There is also virtual shopping for customers who need help placing a lululemon order.

Now that we have provided you with help on how to return orders bought online to the store, let us look at other pertinent question that borders on the cancellation of orders.

Can I cancel a lululemon order before it ships?

Have you placed a lululemon order and want to cancel it before it ships? Well, that is possible, especially when the order is still pending, although the eligibility of your cancellation must be confirmed through information provided by the customer on the website.

A customer will have to submit information such as

  • Email
  • Password
  • Order number

Once the order you want to cancel pops up, click on cancel order in the top right-hand side of your order details. Note that once your lululemon order begins processing, you will not be able to cancel the order but will opt for a refund of the purchase value or place a new order.

All the information about canceling a Lululemon order is available in the website’s CONTACT SECTION. To cancel a lululemon order before it ships, a customer will need to

  • Visit Lululemon’s official website
  • Log into your account and follow the prompt
  • Locate the Guest Education Center on the website
  • Proceed to choose your cancellation method

To cancel a Lululemon order, the following methods can be used. Please note that your Lululemon order must be canceled within 1-hour of placing the order because, at this point, the charge is still pending and waiting to be dispatched. Canceling a Lululemon order is not without its hassle, as network and error messages can interfere with the process and rob you of the 1-hour window period provided by the company

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone 

So, go ahead and make your Lululemon purchase today without worries. This article has provided valuable tips that will aid in a hassle-free purchase and easy cancellation of your Lululemon orders.