Deviation | 5 best ways to mass delete

Are you a subscriber to DeviantArt and want to delete your art deviation but do not know how to go about it? Did you post artwork in error, and are you looking for ways to delete it from the platform? This post has just the amount of information to provide you with the help you need

Art is life, and life is art. We all love art, if not in whole, but a shred of it. It is an expression of thoughts inked on a creative canvas. So, it is no wonder many people want to belong to a community of art enthusiasts and lounge on a plethora of creativity forged through thoughtful inspirations.

DeviantArt is the largest online platform that celebrates artists, especially creative artists and enthusiasts who want to share their art with the world and enjoy that of others. This unique platform which celebrates art and its essence has over 61 million registered subscribers known as Deviants. They upload thousands of artworks daily and leverage the business opportunities present on the platform. 

This article provides a guide on how to manage your account and solve issues that have to do with deleting deviation and 

How to mass delete deviations 

Have you made multiple submissions on DeviantArt and want to Delete the deviations, but that is a difficult task? We have you covered with our simple but helpful tips on how to do that. 

Here are the steps to follow if you want to delete your deviation on DeviantArt


  1. Proceed to the trashcan symbol located on the deviation you want to remove
  2. Hover the mouse over the group where the variation you wish to delete is located
  3. Click delete, and the interpretation will be removed permanently

STEP 2: 

  1. Sign in to your DeviantArt account and go to your gallery
  2. proceed to the tab
  3. Search for the deviations you want to delete
  4. Click the delete button in the top right corner of the selected deviations

Please note that there is no way to mass delete deviations from DeviantArt unless you click on each submission and then delete one art at a time.

How do you delete deviations on DeviantArt?

Using the DeviantArt platform has proven helpful to several subscribers, as asserted by various reviews. While many do not share this enthusiasm, there are several who have utilized the platform to push their art and attain great recognition.

If you are an art enthusiast or a content creator who uses DeviantArt and are wondering how to delete your deviations, then search no further, as we have compiled simple tips that will guide you.

As mentioned earlier, deviations on DeviantArt cannot be deleted in bulk but one at a time. Firstly, go to your gallery on your profile and select the deviation you want to remove. Next, click on the trashcan icon on the image you want to delete and proceed with removing the deviation. No DeviantArt staff or team member is allowed to delete your deviation, as the task is solely up to you.

Be certain of the step you are taking, as no deleted submission can be recovered by DeviantArt. For example, suppose you use the Google Chrome browser and have difficulty deleting your deviation from DeviantArt. In that case, you might have to enable the drop-down secondary popup menu that appears, asking you to confirm the deletion process.

You can ask Google Chrome help services for a guide on enabling this popup icon.

How do you get a deviation out of a group?

Removing a deviation from a group on Deviant requires these steps

  1. Navigate to the page of the deviation you would like to withdraw from the group
  2. Click on the FEATURED IN GROUPS folder on the right sidebar of the page
  3. Hover over the feature in the group’s section
  4. Tap on SEE ALL to scroll through a drop-down menu of the complete listing of the groups
  5. Hover over the group you want to remove your deviation from
  6. Tap the edit pencil icon
  8. Click OK when the dialogue box appears 

Subsequently, here is how to manage deviations in a group gallery.

How to manage deviations in a group gallery

If you have been privileged to manage a group gallery on the DeviantArt platform and have permission to keep your group’s galleries organized, then you can perform the following tasks.

From the group’s gallery or favorite tab

  1. Choose the edit folder icon near the top right of the navigation page
  2. Hover over the EDIT YOUR GALLERY BANNER at the top of the page
  3. Select the edit pencil icon in the top right, when you hover over the image
  4. Choose from the MOVE, REMOVE OR COPY options that will be displayed on the folder
  5. Click the Done icon once you have finished editing your gallery

Once you are in the group’s folder

  1. Choose the EDIT FOLDER icon at the top right of the navigation page
  2. Tap on EDIT DEVIATIONS because you are now in EDIT MODE
  3. Select the edit pencil icon that displays in the top right 
  4. Choose from the COPY, MOVE OR REMOVE option that will be displayed on the folder
  5. Click the DONE icon once you have finished editing your gallery

How to private your DeviantArt account

The idea of seeking a collaboration with a platform with a versatile display of artwork is to enjoy ample visibility, but this might not apply to everybody. For example, some people would not appreciate having all their deviations in the public eye but would want to keep some privacy.

Here are steps to follow to make your DeviantArt account private

  1. Navigate to your profile page
  2. Click on the activity bar
  3. Select EDIT in the upper right-hand corner from the drop-down
  4. Proceed to switch your MY STATUS setting to invisible to make your account private

If you have tried the above options and you are still experiencing a hard time, you should consider reaching out to the DeviantArt help center for support. On the support page is a box for inquiries with a drop-down menu highlighting answers to your queries.