Perfect ways to delete Trulia account | Updated

Are you having issues with the management of your Trulia account? Do you want to delete your profile but do not know how to go about it? This article has helpful tips for all the problems with your Trulia account.

Trulia is an online real estate business hub famous for its rental properties and listings. It is the ideal destination for information on homes, exquisite neighborhoods, and fabulous living residences. 

Furnished with a splendid view, visitors to the website are given a tour through the most sought-out properties listed on the Trulia app. You can buy a home, browse through neighborhoods to find a listing, or rent a home. 

When you set up a Trulia account, you enjoy fantastic benefits that increase your chance of exposure and property listings.

  1. Set up your account, manage your Trulia listings and contacts, and send automated listing reports to the sellers on your account and listing alerts to prospective buyers.
  2. Display your properties, locations, awards, testimonials, and experience.
  3. Be in control of your Trulia leads by tracking potential sellers and buyers.
  4. Get great recommendations from family, friends, and clients and expand your sales outreach.
  5. Leverage Trulia’s social search platform and reach a wider audience 
  6. Interact with your clients and prospects in Trulia’s advice section
  7. Have a full display of your contact information to aid easy access to your property listings by your customer

How to delete a Trulia account

Trulia, true to its name, allows its users to easily create and edit their profiles. Subscribers can even upload their pictures and post property listings and ads, which gives their customers unhindered access to explore the listed properties.

If a user wants to delete their Trulia account, here are the simple steps to follow

STEP 1: Delete your account by sending a form

  1. Proceed to Trulia’s website and log into your account
  2. On your dashboard, you will see a pop-up form that will require your details, such as name and email address
  4. State the reason/reasons why you want to delete your account
  5. Click the submit button and check your email for an update on your request

STEP 2: Delete your account by sending a mail

  1. Using the email associated with your Trulia account
  2. Send an email to Trulia customer service Use the subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.”
  3. Compose a mail that highlights the details of your request, emphasizing the need to delete your account

How do I remove a listing from Trulia?

Property listings on Trulia are often done through various sources such as brokers, agents, third-party feed providers, and partners and then directly from an MLS.

To remove a listing from Trulia, a user must go through the source of the listing to withdraw or cancel it. When that is done, the listing is no longer available across the board and will not reflect on Trulia. As a result, the listed property will be removed from your profile and subsequent market visibility.

To find out the source of the listing, scroll down the listing page and click on the “LISTING PROVIDED BY” section. Here, the start of the listing is stated, name of the agent and a link to the source website are also made available.

If a property is listed on Trulia and its parent company Zillow, that listing can be removed whenever you want. Simply log into your Trulia account to remove your listing, or you can ask your real estate agent to remove the property from the market/Trulia’s website.

Since Trulia is a subsidiary of Zillow, the parent company, to remove a property listed on Trulia, you must go through Zillow to initiate the process.

Here are a few points to consider when removing your property listing

  1. There could be underlying charges, especially when using a real estate agent. Be sure to have a grasp of the contractual fee between yourself and the agents. In the absence of agents and no offers, no charge is applied to removing your listings on Trulia.
  2. If you are removing your listing yourself, here are the steps you need to take
  • Open Zillow on your device or computer browser
  • Sign into your Zillow account
  • Open “OWNER VIEW” in your listing
  • Tap on “MORE” in “OWNER VIEW” and click on CANCEL LISTING
  • Indicate the status “NO LONGER FOR SALE.”
  • Select “UPDATE STATUS”

All associated photos will be deleted when the listing is removed from the account. If there is still a problem with removing your listing, contact Trulia customer service for help.

Can you share a Trulia account?

A Trulia account holder enjoys a lot of benefits and among such opportunities is access to tools that aid their sales and real estate venture. In addition, Trulia provides its users with all that is required to gain more visibility and reach a wider audience using their social various social media platforms.

Trulia recently launched the Trulia iMessage extensions to help users enjoy real-time collaboration with clients, prospects, friends, and family. So, planning and coordinating house tours, property details, and sales engagement just got easier.

To access the Trulia iMessage extension, a user must have the TRULIA FOR SALE OR TRULIA RENTAL APP installed on their device. Once you have installed the Trulia extension, your previously saved homes will appear on your iMessage app.

Share a property listing with your friends, client, prospect, and family.

  1. Tap one of your saved homes or property and share it with the selected contact on your iMessage 
  2. The recipient will see a displayed image when they receive the message, and further information will be displayed when they tap on the image.
  3. The recipient can share a preferred listing from your displayed listings with you. 

Get notifications of new homes for sale  

on your Trulia account, turn on Trulia alerts to get push notifications or emails when there is a listing, or be aware when your favorite property is listed or sold again. It is advised that a user selects alerts for rentals and sale properties and hits on the type of notifications they would like to receive

Trulia alerts

Trulia subscribers on iPhone and Android apps can now receive an alert of property listings near your location that has just been updated within the past 24 hours. This mobile update enhances engagement with prospects and clients and allows Trulia subscribers to explore the opportunities that abound within the real estate business community.

When you turn on your Trulia alerts on your mobile phones, you will receive emails and notifications about property listings and current updates. So, opt into this feature on your mobile device and get notified of current market listings. Enjoy the unique offer presented by this location-alert feature option on your app.

To enjoy our subscriptions across various social accounts, staying in charge of our accounts should be a top priority. So, managing your Trulia account should be without hassle as this article has you covered with useful tips that enhance your Trulia experience.