Best ways to delete Astroneer saves

Have you just downloaded your favorite Astroneer game, and after several engaging interactions, you want to delete the game but experiencing a hitch about deleting the saved game? Unfortunately, the Astroneer match does not have a save management feature yet, thus the reason many users face a dilemma when they try to delete their Astroneer saves. 

This article provides helpful tips that will enhance your gaming experience with Astroneer, especially when it has to do with the management of your saved games.

How to delete Astroneer saves

open the game and proceed to the Astroneer save you want to delete. Please take note of the date and time listed on the game because this piece of information will come in handy when you need to delete the game on your computer.

On your computer, follow these steps

  1. Open your file explorer and proceed to your C: drive.
  2. Open the Users folder and select the user profile you are using to play your steam games.
  3. Make your AppData folder visible to get your saved files because, by default, the folder is hidden.
  4. Navigate to the top of the window and click on the tab called VIEW
  5. On the right-hand side of the page, there are three boxes labeled ITEM CHECK BOXES, FILE NAME EXTENSIONS, AND HIDDEN ITEMS.
  6. Tap on the one that says HIDDEN ITEMS, and the App Data will become visible to you.
  7. Proceed with this AppData>local>Astro>saved>SaveGames. This folder should contain your Astroneer saves


  1. Type %appdata% in the Search Menu
  2. Navigate to your Astro folder
  3. Open the SaveGames folder
  4. Select the files with the. Sav extension on the save game files.
  5. Click on the file/files you want to delete and hit the delete button on your keyboard, and you are good to go.

Please note that to make the process easy, ensure that you have enabled the ‘’Delete Save’’ option in the game’s platform.

Where are the saved files in Astroneer

The Astroneer save files can be found in your user data directory on your browser or PC. Navigate to windows explorer and go to a local folder. Click on it, and you will find the Astro folder inside the local folder. Tap on it and open the SAVED folder, which eventually has the SaveGames folder

Here is an example


  1. To access your Astroneer saves from Steam or Astroneer, you can find them on this path


Paste it into the address bar in your File Explorer

  1. Then to access your Astroneer Saves from the Microsoft Store version of the game

%LocalAppData%>Packages>SystemEraSoftworks>wgs>a folder that has a random letter and number>another folder with a random name

Here is another step

  1. Open your Local AppData folder Windows + R
  2. Paste %LocalAppData% into the browser and hit OK
  3. From your Local AppData folder, proceed to the packages folder
  4. Go to the folder with the name SYSTEMERASOFTWORKS followed by random numbers and letters
  5. Navigate to the was a folder and find a folder with long random words and letters
  6. Click on it and proceed to another folder with the same long random name and letters

How to delete Astroneer Saves Xbox

Do you have your Astroneer Saves on Xbox, and you are wondering how to delete your files? Here are helpful tips for you.

For data saved locally on your Xbox

  1. Click on the Xbox button on your game console
  2. Tap on the PROFILE AND SYSTEM option
  3. Navigate to Settings>System>Storage
  4. Click on the Manage Storage Devices
  5. Clear the Local Saved Games folder, and your Astroneer saves will be deleted 


  1. Click the Xbox button on your game console
  2. Choose the PROFILE AND SYSTEM option
  3. Navigate to Settings>System>Storage
  4. Click on internal Storage and hit the UNINSTALL THINGS option
  5. Follow the FREE UP SPACE prompt on your screen to delete any saved game of your choice.

For Cloud Saves on Xbox

  1. Navigate through the MY GAMES AND APPS on your browser or home screen
  2. Click on the MENU button on the game console
  4. Click on the SAVED DATA box and highlight the game you want to delete
  5. Click DELETE

These steps can be repeated continuously until you get rid of all the Astroneer Saves you do not want.

How do you delete a saved game file?

Having your Astroneer saves makes your gaming experience enjoyable, but it can become very problematic when you want to delete your saved game file and do not know how to navigate the process. To ease those worries, this post has you covered with our simple but helpful tips.

Step 1: Delete saved game file through Steam

  1. Log into the Steam client portal 
  2. Open the LIBRARY TAB in the top navigation menu
  3. Right-click the game you want to delete from the library
  4. Follow the drop-down menu prompt and click on MANAGE
  5. Following the following drop-down menu, click on DELETE

Step 2: Delete saved game file through Windows

  1. Navigate to APPS AND FEATURES or the CONTROL PANEL on the start menu icon and click on DELETE
  2. Locate the game you want to delete by searching for your game listing using install dates or name
  3. Then click on delete from the drop-down menu

To delete saved files manually

  1. Navigate to your computer’s file explorer 
  2. Open your Steam install folder
  3. Select the Steamapps folder and then open the Common folder
  4. Find the game you want to delete, search for it using the installed date or name
  5. Click on the DELETE option

How do you delete saves on PS4 or PS5?

To delete your saves on PS4 or PS5

  1. Navigate to Settings>Applications saved data management
  2. Select SYSTEM STORAGE>online Storage>USB Storage>Delete
  3. Choose a game and proceed to delete the preferred File
  4. Select DELETE and press OK to confirm your request


  1. On your PS4 homes screen, scroll with a d-pad or analog to navigate through the MENU icon
  2. Choose SETTINGS and then scroll to the STORAGE icon
  3. Select SYSTEM STORAGE>Applications
  4. Select the game saves that you want to delete

Your gaming experience will improve with our helpful tips on managing your game profiles and fixing issues that border on how to delete your Astroneer Saves and other account-related issues.