Best ways to cancel Quick Quack | updated

Quick Quack Car Wash is a company setting the pace in the car wash business today. It operates in Roseville, California, in Texas, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and several other locations spread across the United States.

Their services are top-notch, giving your car exterior that spanky-clean feeling. Using the best technology, Quick Quack has repositioned the concept of unlimited car wash membership with free vacuums stationed in Utah, California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.

How to cancel Quick Quack

You can cancel your Quick Quack membership at any time with these steps

  1. Visit the CONTACT US section on the navigation page 
  2. Fill out the form from the drop-down menu
  3. Submit the form 
  4. Look out for mail or response that confirms the cancelation of your subscription

You can also dial their customer care lines (888-772-2792) and speak directly with a customer care representative. Please note that your Membership will stay active through the end of your current subscription period.

What is an Unlimited Membership?

The Quick Quack unlimited membership subscription provides its members with limitless opportunities, such as frequent use of the company’s facilities at any location of their choice.

To purchase a membership subscription, here are the steps

  1. Visit the company’s website Sign up on the website
  2. Add your license plate number or VIN
  3. Choose a preferred Quick Quack wash package

How does the Quick Quack car wash work?

Using the Quick Quack car wash is relatively fast and easy. Once you get to their locations, a team member or Quick Quack staff will guide you into the car wash conveyor section. When a customer drives through the conveyor section, you will be asked to put the car in neutral, get your foot off the brakes, and hands off the wheel for a sparkling rinse.

Your car will be taken through several stages of washes, rinses, and coatings to reveal a clean, shined, and dried car in 3 minutes or less. Not to worry, the company uses technology-enhanced equipment to deliver innovative car wash services that have caught the attention of several customers who patronize them.

Using a brushless system and spinning wraps that are effective at dirt removal yet gentle on your car surface. Quick Quack also uses eco-friendly detergents to give your car a new look.

Why Quick Quack Car Wash?

Quick Quack Car Wash makes the entire activity fun and interesting with its value-added package. They offer fast service and indulge their clients with amazing mouth-watering goodies, which leave their customers satisfied upon patronage.

  1. They give their customers excellent service just within 3 minutes or less
  2. Affordable cleaning service and 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  3. Comfortable location for customers to relax while they have their cars washed.

Quick Quack Unlimited Car Wash Membership packages

The best (The Lucky Duck) Package gives you

  1. Rain repellant
  2. Triple foam
  3. Wheel bright and tire shine
  4. Undercarriage rust inhibitor
  5. Wax to seal
  6. 3-step paint sealant
  7. Duck Bath
  8. Ultra-Shine

               Quick Quack Better Cleaning Package

  1. Rain repellant
  2. triple foam
  3. undercarriage rust inhibitor
  4. wheel bright & tire shine

                 Good Wash Package

  1. Quick Quack Basic wash experience 

Can I clean the inside of my vehicle?

Quick Quack offers free vacuum cleaning for its customers, and this service is stationed in several parts of the country. They also provide free wipes at every location of their service centers to help keep the interior of your cars clean and smelling fresh all day.

Bothered about the size of your vehicle? No worries, as Quick Quack accepts all types of cars as long as they do not have a tire width that is greater than 13.5’’ and a length of 7’2’’

Here is a list of the approved items that can go through the Quick Quack conveyor section

  1. Storage pods on top of the vehicle
  2. Ladder racks
  3. Vehicles that are coated in hardened mud that breaks off in chunks
  4. Dually trucks
  5. Cars that have bike racks attached
  6. Trucks with beds that are not empty
  7. Non-standard hitches (some locations cannot accept any pitfalls)

Can I get a refund for the canceled Membership?

This company does not offer any refund for payments made in connection with their services. According to their terms and conditions, the car wash company does not offer and is not obliged to provide any refunds or credits.

Customers who have signed up with their Membership cannot, under any circumstance, demand or become entitled to a refund after cancellation or termination of Membership.

In summary, to cancel your Quick Quack car wash membership, you can take the following steps, as earlier reiterated

  1. Cancel your Membership directly on their website
  2. Call the Quick Quack customer service line (888-772-2792)

opt to speak with a Quick Quack customer care representative

Ask to have your recurring subscriptions canceled

Using the Quick Quack Website

  1. Navigate to the website and log into your user profile
  2. Tap the submit a request drop-down menu form in the top-right corner of the page
  3. Enter your email address and other details
  4. Enter CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP in the please choose your issue below section
  5. Enter your license plate number and your state of residence 
  6. Click SUBMIT

Please note that your Quick Quack membership will not be canceled immediately after you submit the above request but will take a few days to be processed. Therefore, to avoid subsequent billing, cancelation of Membership or subscription must be done three or four days before the next billing period.

Enjoying their services should not come with hesitation as they deliver on their promises, but if faced with issues concerning the cancelation of Membership and other related situations, following all the helpful tips outlined in this article will prove to be a helpful guide, one that will come in handy someday.