3 best ways to cancel BetterHelp and get a Refund

What is Betterhelp?

Betterhelp is an online mental health service provider. They offer professional therapy to people with various mental disorders; anxiety, addictions, sleeping orders, and family conflicts. Better help can be accessed by clients all over the world. You only need stable internet and an iPhone, iPad, and Android device. The services can be used through the website on your browser or downloaded and install the app.

Therapy Sessions are done via Live chat, text, and video conferences. Clients can access these live sessions anytime, anywhere on the internet.

Better help offers free trial sessions for new users. Once you register an account with them, they will allow you to trial their services for free. Then, if you are sure about the service, you can subscribe for a fixed payment. Betterhelp subscription costs $60 to $80 Per week.

When you subscribe to a plan, you need to be sure you still want to continue the plan before the subscription ends. For example, suppose you have a change of mind and need to discontinue the plan. Then, you must cancel your subscription manually before the end of your billing cycle. Or Better help will renew your subscription automatically, and you will be billed for it.

In this article, I will show how you can cancel your better help subscription on iPhone, iPad, and Android and via their website on your browser

You can also cancel your subscription by sending an email to better help @contactbetterhelp.com.

How to Cancel BetterHelp Subscription on your iPhone or iPad Device 

The first step is to open the setting app on your Device, then tap on your name.

  • Tap on the “Subscriptions” button.
  • (Note: If you do not see the subscription button, check for it on iTunes and the Apple store).
  • Tap on your Apple ID, sign in and scroll down to locate the “subscriptions button.”
  • Then, tap on BetterHelp (subscription) and Tap on Cancel.

How to Cancel BetterHelp on an Android device.

As a subscriber, don’t be tempted to just delete the app without canceling the subscription. Please note that you need to cancel the subscription, or else your billing cycle will continue. And Betterhelp will charge you.  

Follow these processes to cancel your BetterHelp subscription on Android,

  • Visit your Google Play app, and sign into your Google account.
  • Click on the menu and locate the “Subscriptions button.”
  • Click on BetterHelp, then “cancel the subscription.”
  • Follow other instructions to complete the process.

Once the cancellation process is complete, you won’t be charged for the next billing cycle.

How to cancel better help and get a refund

Better Help Refund Policy allows for a full refund to customers whose case is captured in their terms and condition for refund. For example, if you could not make a transaction successfully but were debited or are unsatisfied with the services. You can request a refund immediately. But there are laid down procedures to get a response to the complaint. First, you can take the simple step to contact BetterHelp at contact@betterhelp.com. In your message, make sure you state and explain a valid reason for a refund. Please note that a refund will not be granted if your complaint is not valid according to the terms and conditions.

BetterHelp’s response to refund requests is based on circumstances. In one instance, the customer will get a refund. In another instance, the request will be declined. These are a few stated in the policy.  

A new counselor will be assigned to customers whose complaint is poor services.

BetterHelp can extend the subscription plan without an extra charge in some instances.

They pay a partial or full refund in some instances.

According to BetterHelp terms and conditions, sending an email is the best way to start a refund request process. However, you can also use other options like contacting the Customer Service Team via phone call and live chats on their website.

You can call BetterHelp for a Refund over the Phone.

It might take so much time to get a response from email. Many unsatisfied customers would continue sending emails to the Customer Service team. If you need to get to BetterHelp as soon as possible, calling them on the Phone is the best way. Phone calls will make it easier for you to explain your situation and get instant feedback.

This is the official line to call BetterHelp

Dial 888-688-9296

But before you dial it, ensure your account details are in sight.

Although, BetterHelp did not state the best time to call her Customer Service Team. You can simply try calling during business hours.

You can chat with BetterHelp on their website online

BetterHelp has a live chat facility where clients can connect with customer service agents via a live chat session. You can simply contact them via the website live chat section. A Customer Service agent will respond to you.   

You can also fill out a complaint form on the website.

  • On the form, include the following details.
  • Your name and email address
  • Request for a refund by typing a message.  
  • Tap the option ” I have a billing-related question.”
  • Then, click “Submit”

You will receive a response from customer service via your email.

Betterhelp Reddit

Some reviews have a lot of positive comments about Betterhelp. Meanwhile, a few other Reddit says the Company is not professional and good enough in its services.

Below are a few reddits comments from prospective clients and therapists.

BetterHelp is horrible and unprofessional. Their charges are very high, yet their services are below standard. As a professional therapist and former client of BetterHelp, I can attest to this. Their Staff is not paid well, which makes them give quantity instead of quality. (Anonymous, ten months ago).

The Therapists are given so much work to do. They offer 24-hour access to a therapist. This makes it unrealistic for the services to be effective. The Company is run by Silicon Valley, owned by millionaires and billionaires who share patients’ private health information with third parties for marketing purposes. (Anonymous, ten months ago).

Their Services are awful. I agree; I spent $200 just to get help when my best friend passed away. The three (3) therapists assigned to me said they could not help me and pushed me off to the next therapist. I got only 5messages from all the therapists. The response I got was one or two sentences, sometimes incorrect grammar. They are a total scam. (Anonymous, ten months).

Betterhelp Controversy

BetterHelp has suffered so many controversial reports and comments littered all over the internet. There are many claims that the platform is money conscious and fake.

One of the most controversial issues was a report on the November 6 tragedy, a concert hosted by Houston rapper Travis. At least eight attendees died and countless were badly injured due to a massive crowd leading to a stampede. The host tried to save the situation by partnering with BetterHelp to provide a free therapy session for all the victims to help them heal from the trauma. However, this decision did not make a positive end, as both he and BetterHelp were dragged into using the tragic event as a medium to make a huge profit.

A TikTok user known as Jeff Guenther, a co-founder of the national therapist directory, also posted a video claiming that the rapper and BetterHelp are taking advantage of the AstroWorld tragedy to enrich themselves. And that his partnership with BetterHelp to provide 1month of free therapy services to the victims could earn him a huge referral payment from the Company.  

The Company has also been confronted for sharing patients’ private information with third parties. Although, BetterHelp states in their website policy that they disclose information to a third party only in the course of use in the platform and not for marketing or other purposes outside it.