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Pacsun is an American Clothing brand. The name “Pacsun” is an abbreviation for Pacific Sunwear; they sell high-quality apparel like garments, pants, swimwear, jeans, and Jewelry for both men and women, not to mention other fashion accessories. The company has over 325 stores across America and serves customers all over the World through an organized online store and shipping facility.  

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So, you can shop with Pacsun anytime you want via their online store if you are not in the United States.

Meanwhile, if you are already a regular buyer on the Pacsun online store, and you are faced with a situation where you made an order but want to cancel it. This might be impossible because Pacsun process, package, and seal your order for shipping as soon as the order is placed. Once an order process is complete, Pacsun cannot cancel the order.

The option left for customers who cancel an order could be to contact customer service immediately. Then, the customers can track their order to see if it has been shipped. However, taking this step must be very timely.

Customers, therefore, should make sure they double-check their orders and all the details and information before they make the Purchase. This is because it can’t be modified once an order is submitted.

The best thing is to edit the order before submitting it, edit details like the address, and decide if you would remove, add or change any item.  

Pacsun ensures your property’s security by ensuring all shipments are sent to the provided addresses input along the transaction. Also, they ensure all orders are shipped within 24 hours of the Purchase.

If you have just ordered from Pacsun, you can track your order to know if the order was successful. A link is displayed at the top right corner of your account page. You can track your order by logging in to your account or the account used for the transaction. The customer receives an email to confirm every order made. Including a confirmation mail, notifying when the order has shipped, and tracking details to know if it has arrived or is still in transit.

Pacsun Delivery Method

Pacsun uses the USPS delivery method. All deliveries are done from Monday to Friday. Saturdays are public holidays exempted.

Pacsun Cancel Order Reddit

Customers complaints of Pacsun cancel orders. Quite several customers complained their PacSun order had been canceled without their pre-notification. They claim they had ordered from the company’s online store and waited for weeks without getting a response. Only to get an email later that Pacsun had canceled their order.

Here is a response from anonymous online clients

“My shopping with Pacsun online is terrible, my order had been canceled twice without any notification from them. I contacted the customer service team and got no response”.

Pacsun’s responded that some canceled orders are due to the many orders coming in daily, making it difficult for the company to handle all transactions daily. In addition, some might not be processed due to the long cue. And this might lead to automatic cancellation.

Pacsun Refund

PacSun has terms and condition that guides returns and refunds. While some purchases are eligible for returns and refunds, others are not. This depends on the item purchase’s time range, physical condition, and sanitary condition. For example, the company issues a full refund when the item is returned within 30 days of Purchase.

The refund will be done to the original payment method. That is via your debit or credit cards or any other cash method. But in the case where the returns are done after 30 days. The refunds will be done as Pacsun gift cards or merchandise returns cards. These cards can be used for future purchases online and in stores.

The company gives customers the luxury to return items they are unsatisfied with or items with fault. These items can return by mail or to the stores.    

Some items are not eligible for returns while others are,

Here are items exempted for returns as stated in Pacsun’s returns policy.

FOG (Fear of God) essentials; include women’s underwear, masks, and earrings. They are final sale items. Once the transaction is submitted, you can’t return them.

Items you can return.

Swimwear and footwear, you can return this product if it has not been used and the tags are still intact. Otherwise, it can’t be returned.

Suppose you want to return an item online. Pacsun’s website has an organized procedure to effect it. You can initiate a return request online by following this process.

  • Log in to the Pacsun website with your account username and password
  • Locate the Returns page
  • A field will appear, directing you to fill in your order number, email address, and ZIP code.
  • Next, Click Return.
  • Locate and choose from the item you want to return and state the reasons.
  • Then, Click on “Complete Return”

You will receive “a FedEXprepaid return label” via your email. Print the label and bring it along with the package to any FedEx location closest to you.

Pacsun Shipping

Pacific Sunwear of California (Pacsun) is an American clothing company that retails different kinds of clothing, footwear, and accessories for teens and young adults. The company is based in America and has over 325 stores across 50 states in the United States.

Its shipping services are only available to clients in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, prospective customers outside the United States or the United Kingdom can shop with via their online store website. The online store is organized in such a way that allows customers all over the World to view available items, select, and buy via the website.

Pacsun also gives free shipping services for purchases above $50. Although, their shipping service is only to specific countries. Customers outside the covered areas can still shop and use other shipping services available to their location. 

Customers in the USA can deliver their order within the day of Purchase. At the same time, international clients get their items shipped within four business days.

Pacsun does not offer international shipping services to all countries. They are available to specific locations within the United States and the United Kingdom. But there is a way out for customers outside the US/UK. You can still shop with Pacsun and get your item shipped to you were ever you are in the World.

Follow this simple process.

Sign up for an International Shipping Forwarder.

International shipping forwarder offers shipping services to people transporting items from the US/UK to all parts of the World. If you order an item from Pacsun from outside US/UK, then you can use this facility to ship the item to your location.

There are many international shipping services in the United States; among all is; they are the most popular shipping company in the US, offer the lowest fee rates, and are tax-free.

It is very easy to sign up with; once you sign up with, the exact cost of your shipment will be displayed before you proceed with the transaction. They also help prospective customers place orders on Pacsun.