Best ways to cancel a Footlocker Order Faster

Footlocker is Sportwear Brand based in America. The company’s headquarters is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The company sells sportswear and footwear, a variety of Athlete brands like quality sneakers, tracksuits, backpacks, and many more. They have physical stores in operation in 28 countries, with an organized website that handles online purchases serving millions of customers across the globe.  

A buyer can easily order any of Footlocker’s sportswear online and get it delivered or shipped to their location. For example, a customer normally purchases a product online and expects the company to deliver or ship to their location immediately. In contrast, in other cases, a customer might have a change of mind. And decide to cancel the order. Unfortunately, if you want to cancel an order on Footlocker, it can’t be canceled once the order is processed.

How to cancel a Footlocker order

Contact Footlocker Customer Service via their live chat on the website or by phone call. To check if your order has been processed. This is because if the item has been processed and packaged for shipment, it is impossible for the order to be canceled.

When an order has been processed, Footlocker cannot modify anything. If the order has not been processed, the order can be tracked and canceled using your order number. But there is no 100 percent guarantee that the order will be canceled.

However, customers can return a purchased item they are unsatisfied with to Footlocker stores. The company’s returns policy allows purchase items to be returned within 28 days. The terms and conditions are that the item should be in its original form, unworn, and with the tags intact. The item can be returned through the returns courier. Your refunds will be processed and sent through the same payment method.

If you want to shop with Footlocker online, it is easy and affords you the luxury of receiving your item at your doorsteps.

Simply follow the steps below to get your item purchased online and delivered to you.

A Shipping Information showing the list of all countries available will be displayed; Choose the country where you, i.e., shipping country and language.

Input the particular product name you want to buy on the search bar. Then, select from the option of products displayed.

Choose the gender, category, size, and price.

Then, add items to the cart by clicking the “dedication button.”

Click on the cart to check out.

To complete the order, click on cart to review your shopping details. At this point, you can add a discount code if you have any.

Before you proceed, you will see a request to register an account with Footlocker if it is your first-time shopping on the website or an option to continue as a guest.

After the order process is completed, an order confirmation message will be sent to you via your email. You can also view your order details in the ” My Account” section on the website page.

As soon as your payment is received, the order shipping process will commence immediately.

A shipping confirmation email with the shipping tracking number will be sent.

The tracking details are also available on the “My Account” section on the website page.

Footlocker Cancelled My Order

There are situations where Footlocker cancels an order. You don’t need to worry. All you need to do is to contact the customer service team to make your complaint. The response could be that the order was canceled due to a technical and shortage issue from the company’s website or store. In most cases, the product ordered is out of stock, so the order will decline automatically.

In this situation, the company will give you a full refund of your payment. The refund process takes up to 3-5 Working days. After that, your money will be paid through your original payment method.

To know if Footlocker has proceeded with your order when you receive a confirmation email indicating the order has been accepted. The order number will be seen on the screen.

Once you have submitted your order by clicking the “submit button,” don’t click again.

For others, the issue is not a cancel order that incorrect details on the end of the customers. This would result in a breach in communication between Footlocker and the customer. For example, an incorrect email address will deprive a customer of receiving the confirmation mail from the Footlocker. Another scenario could happen when the user’s email has a spam blocker preventing the confirmation emails from coming in.

Footlocker processes an order within 24 hours of the purchase. If, after 24 hours, you do not receive a confirmation email. Contact them via a live chat on the website or call the customer service team.

Changing your order footlocker

Footlocker website shopping system is a designed and organized online store, and once an order process is completed, the order is quickly passed to the shipping company. This makes it impossible for the content of the order can’t be changed. The only option is to place a separate order and do a return of the first order, applying the terms and conditions of the company’s return and refund policy.

Footlocker order status

Footlocker’s website is organized in such a way that allows registered customers to view their status online. Registered users can sign into their account to track and monitor their order. You can do this even without the customer number and order number. You can track your order via the confirmation email or the official footlocker website.

This is how to view your order status.

  • Visit the website
  • Sign in using your email and password.
  • On your account page, click “My Orders.”
  • Once you ” click my orders,” all your previous orders and your current status will be listed.

You can also check the order status by simply entering your footlocker order tracking number using the web tracker on the website. All full details will be displayed, and you can check your parcel, shipping, the in-stock, shipping status, the estimated delivery date, and all other information.