How to Cancel Sephora Order Successfully (100%)

Sephora is a French Multinational Company that retails skincare and beauty products. The brand is spread across America, with over 500 retail outlets and stores in 35 countries, earning international recognition.

Sephora has an organized website that allows customers all over the World to purchase products online. Customers order for and pay for both the product and shipping fee.

Meanwhile, if you need to cancel your order after a transaction, ensure you cancel the order while your order is still in progress if the product has been shipped, especially by a third party. You might not see the option of the “Cancel button.” which means your order cannot be canceled.

Sephora has organized procedures for online and offline customers if the need to cancel an order arises. These required processes must be followed before an order can be canceled.

For customers who want to cancel an order, you can cancel your Sephora order by either, sending a mail through Sephora’s official website or the Sephora app.

Steps to cancel an order on Sephora Website

  • Go to Sephora’s official website online,
  • Login into your account,
  • Check for the Order Details Page,
  • Look for specific orders or orders you want to cancel.  
  • Click the “Cancel button.” Your order will be canceled.

Note: if the cancel button does not appear, it means you won’t be able to cancel your order. This means your products have been shipped already. You can only cancel an order in progress.

If you have the app on your devices, you can also cancel your order in progress.

Steps to cancel Sephora order via Sephora app

  • Go to the app menu on your device
  • Locate the application.
  • Log in with your username and password
  • On your page, check for order details.
  • Look for the order you want to cancel
  • Click the “Cancel button,” and your order will be canceled.

To return your Sephora Order by mail, follow these procedures

  • At the mail, locate “Sephora Easy Returns.”
  • Input your order number and delivery zip code
  • Look for the instruction for the specific product you want to cancel or return, the contact details, and other necessary information.
  • Package the products properly in the Sephora product box or a good envelope. Don’t forget to Insert the original packing slip.
  • Request for mobile return code from the return’s website link. Or Print the Prepaid Return Label.
  • Return the package to the assigned FedEx location.
  • Ensure you “Returns Not Eligible for Mail-Back.”

Sephora Order Tracking

Sephora’s online website makes purchases for customers easy, and the online store is organized to make every purchase transaction simple, flexible, and accessible. Usually, customers who have just ordered a product online might want to cancel or follow up on their order. This is made possible by using the universal portal tracker.

If you have just ordered a product at Sephora online, a facility allows you to track your order online. In addition, you can track the status of your order by using the universal portal tracker.

I you need your order tracking number, the tracking number is found at the right of the order contact address, i.e., the recipient address listed under the shipping method.

After receiving the accurate order tracking number:

  • Click “My Account” and sign in.
  • Locate your recent order under order history.
  • Click on the option “order number,” and the detailed order page will be shown.
  • Copy and input the number in the search box, and your order product will be searched automatically.

Tracking information will be displayed, including tracking history and estimated delivery date.

Note: There is a difference between the order number and tracking number. If you want to track your order, you can do it on your Sephora order page.  

Sephora Customer Service

Sephora has an online customer service system that supports customers regarding transactions, complaints, complaints, and every form of inquiry about their products and facilities. Like every other customer service system, Sephora has a different medium through which customers can access them.

You can contact Sephora Customer Service via email, live chat, and phone call.

Via Email: Here, you need to go through the “Contact Us Form” on the website and send an email to Sephora stating your complaints or inquiries on the provided form. Ensure you fill in the required information to get the right response. Email is the best option for people outside the United States and Canada.

These are the major information contained in the Contact form.

First and Last name, email address, and subject.

Under the subject option, you will give the following details: product or order information, retail store information, complaints or compliment, General questions, website feedback and ratings, and review.

Due to the company’s many emails, emailing might not be the best option if you need immediate feedback. Communication is very slow, and it is more complex to describe complaints or inquiries. It sometimes takes a whole week for Sephora to respond to email messages.  

Also, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions that your data can be collected, processed, and made available to be reviewed by the customer representative.

By Phone: Contacting Sephora on the phone is quite cumbersome and stressful. However, it is the easiest way to get immediate feedback. At the same time, email might take days to get feedback. A mail can take a week to respond to. A phone call takes about half an hour to be connected to a representative.

The advantage of the phone is that it allows for two-way communication and more immediate feedback. In addition, you will be able to describe your issue more detailed and explanatory manner. This will make the response more effective.

Customers that are based in the United States or Canada can call Sephora Customer Service on 1-877-SEPHORA or 1-8-77-737-4672.  

Via a Live Chat Online: If you don’t want to send your complaint or inquiry via the two above options. You can contact the company’s customer service by engaging them in an online live chat. Go to the website to chat with Sephora online and locate “Chat with us.” The live chat makes it easier to respond. Unlike the other medium, you don’t need days or minutes to get feedback. Live chat is more convenient and effective than waiting days for email feedback or minutes on a phone queue.  

Sephora’s order was canceled for a refund.

Sephora has a listed term and condition that covers a refund for a canceled order. Meanwhile, its refund procedures depend on the transaction duration and procedures. For example, some might require a debit card refund payment; for others, online credit or gifts can be used only for future online purchases.

These are the different purchase situations and refunds terms and conditions.

  • When a product is purchased and returned within 30 days. A refund will be paid into the original debit or credit card used for the transaction.
  • If the return is done within 31 to 60 days, a refund will not be paid as usual, but an online credit will be issued to the customer. Online credit is only useful for future online purchases.
  • In the case of purchases returned in-store(offline).

As usual, if the order is canceled and returned within 30 days. A complete refund will be credited to the original debit or credit card used for the transaction.

But if a PayPal account was used, the customer will be issued a Sephora gift card as a refund.

Sephora refunds all purchases canceled within 30 to 60 days of the transaction. The refunds are made via debit or credit cards, online credit, or gift cards.

Sephora International Shipping

Sephora’s online store sells varieties of luxurious skincare and beauty products. Their brand of over 300 is used and known all over the World. But Sephora provides shipping services to only the United States, Canada, Japan, and Norway. This becomes a limitation to customers who reside outside of these countries.

Customers outside the mentioned countries can use other shipping services like Big Apple Buddy or Your Shopper. These companies can help you buy products on Sephora’s official website and ship them to you, wherever you are in the World.

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