5 best careers without a degree

best careers without a degree

Pursuing a career path is a lucrative choice because it presents more opportunities and gives individuals a shot at a better life. So, what happens to people who are not privileged to have a chance at a career-driven life? Resign to fate and do nothing worthwhile?

Recent surveys have revealed that many iconic personalities have made remarkable feats without a school degree. They have gone ahead to become trailblazers in varying fields with amassed skills in sectors that have been contributing tremendously to global issues. From Henry Ford, and John D. Rockefeller to Steve Jobs, these were men who paved the way for innovations and technological advancements across the globe without an initial college degree or education.  

Can a career path be acquired without a degree? How sustainable are these career options if they are followed?  Although there are several career opportunities without a degree within the inked narrative of this subject topic, we will consider the best career paths that have met research standards and analytical statistics.

Best careers without a degree

  • Elevator Installer/ Maintenance Technician
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Theatre Makeup Artist
  • Power Distribution & Dispatchers

Elevator installer/ maintenance technician

Today there are many careers without a degree, many establishments are towering architectural displays of immense structural designs. Since most of these offices are situated on a premise that requires transition and constant bustling of activities, these work environments are provided with an elevator for ease of movement.

The need for installation and maintenance of elevators has witnessed a significant increase in their demand since the emergence of architectural infrastructures that has defined technological aid for the utilization of electrically powered hydraulic mechanism to convey people from one floor to another.

A recent survey has revealed that 13% of elevator installers have grown exponentially from 2014 and will continue to receive a positive review even till 2024.  If innovations within the architectural space continue to thrive, the structural adaptations within the housing sector will keep expanding its frontiers. The average salary for an elevator installer and repairer is USD 84,990.

Commercial pilots

Commercial pilots can be seen as careers without a degree, commercial pilots have been in demand for both private and commercial purposes. They enhance mobility and easy access to destinations by providing flight plans and coordinating planned routes for passengers. They also conduct regular inspections of the aircraft to ascertain airworthiness and durability.    

Since there is room for entry-level commercial pilots where there is an opportunity for growth and career advancement, several people have been encouraged to embrace this career path even without acquiring a degree. The continuous patronage by high-profiled aristocrats, high net worth income earners, celebrities, and people of affluence has driven the demand for commercial pilots to a reasonable height.

Earning an average salary of USD 78,740, commercial pilots have gone on to become one of the best careers without a degree because with in-depth supervision, acquired skills, and utilized information, it has become a career path for many enthusiastic pilots with a flair for the sky.

Criminal investigator

Will there ever be an end to crime? Perhaps someday but right now, there has not been a day without a hint of crime in the news. Killings, maiming, and all sorts of violence have surged in recent years, and it is necessary to implement laws and policies that curb this hike in crime. This is one of the best careers without a degree as the issue of crime has garnered attention and solution to crime-related situations has been expedited across the globe.

The criminal investigation is a career path that requires a keen eye for details and a good sense of perception as crimes are often committed with an intention to conceal motives and as such, investigators are expected to possess more than a college degree. A good intuition laden with strong psychological skills is a good place to start thus most criminal investigator jobs are recruited based on physical skills than degree certifications. Can criminal investigators be classified as one of the best careers without a degree?

Yes, in a society that is swamped with varying degrees of violence, crime, fraud, continued legal proceedings, and even interpersonal legal scenarios have caused a demand for criminal investigators. These statistics are expected to garner about 8,720 new jobs with the annual rate of workers rising to 0.91%, a figure that will not be on a decline up till 2029. From collecting and analyzing evidence and working on crime-scene investigations, their role has become undoubtedly crucial in the restoration of peace and stability in societies.  The average salary of a criminal investigator is USD 83,170 per annum.

Theatre makeup artist

Lights, camera, and actions! These words have been used over a million times to create amazing studio performances and these theatrical shows receive acclaimed reviews because of the amazing skills displayed on stage. The entire genre of the entertainment world is shrouded in providing productions that give viewers an experience worth their time.

The theatre makeup artist is one of the best careers without a degree, it can be learned, and skills honed over time. This career path is gaining traction across the globe and for a fast-growing career within the entertainment industry that is worth USD 75,730 annually, many people have begun to warm up to the concept of theatre makeup.

Careers without a degree In the United States, the entertainment industry was estimated to be worth over USD 678 billion in 2018 and is expected to soar exponentially in the next few years. The theatre makeup artist is responsible for the physical appearances of the actors because they provide costumes, and physique alteration techniques and enhance production routines.

If you are inclined toward screen productions and have a tendency for character transformation and costuming, then this is a career path that can be approached without earning a degree. The affinity for screen and stage competitions has become a passion that most people are excited about and with all the job openings in the industry, it is fast becoming one of the best careers without a degree.

The truth is that getting a college degree or that of an institution of higher learning is quite expensive except in a scenario where there is a scholarship slot or offer. Perhaps that is the reason for the huge statistics of unschooled individuals across the divide and having other careers that present opportunities that do not require degrees or certifications make job accessibility by less privileged folks much easier.

Power distribution & dispatchers

Cable transmission lines supported by pylons provide electricity and power supply but there is a team of personnel responsible for the effective distribution of power. Since the power distribution companies usually provide on-site training for employees thus enabling a platform that provides an opportunity for entry-level recruits to acquire the required skills needed to carry out assigned tasks effectively.

The provision of on-site training by the power distribution companies makes the job of power distribution the best fit for a career without a degree. The average salary of power distribution workers is USD 85,960 annually.